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What does LZX stand for?

LZX stands for Lempel Ziv EXtended


This definition appears very rarely

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Lempel-Ziv Extended (LZX): An LZ77-based compression engine, as described in, that is a universal lossless data compression algorithm. It...
1.1 Glossary. The following terms are specific to this document; Lempel-Ziv Extended Delta (LZXD): A derivative of the Lempel-Ziv Extended (LZX)...
Offline Address Book (OAB) Format and Schema Protocol Specification; Lempel-Ziv Extended (LZX) Lempel-Ziv Extended Delta (LZXD) little-endian mailbox
Lempel-Ziv Extended Delta (LZXD) compression provides a mechanism for both the compressor and the decompressor to refer to a common reference set of data.
Offline Address Book (OAB) File Format and Schema; Lempel-Ziv Extended Delta (LZXD) locale mail tip mail user mailbox offline offline address book (OAB)
GSfx Wizard is a powerful and easy-to-use tool to generate these archives; Lempel-Ziv eXtended, a strong compression algorithm (it easily beats Zip...
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