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What does IPR stand for?

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IPRInstitute for Process
IPRInfo Prod Research
IPRIntellectural Property Rights
IPRInternacia Pedagogia Revuo
IPRInternational Policy Research
IPRIntelligent Pattern Recognition
IPRImplementation Progress Report
IPRIntellectual Property Reviews
IPRInstitute for Plasma Research
IPRIntelectual Property Rights
IPRIndependent Project Review
IPRInterrupt Priority Register
IPRImmaterial Property Rights
IPRImager Process Review
IPRIn Process Review
IPRin-process review
IPRIndependent Public Radio
IPRInvestment Policy Reviews
IPRIrrational Public Radio
IPRInpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation
IPRInternet Printing Protocol
IPRInstitute for Public Relations
IPRIndustrial Property Registration
IPRImpact of the Proposed
IPRIntellectual Propriety Rights
IPRIs of Paramount
IPRInstitute for Philosophy and Religion
IPRInterlochen Public Radio
IPRIndoor Plumbing Rehabilitation
IPRIowa Public Radio
IPRIndependent Police Review
IPRIndependent Peer Review
IPRIn the Patent Regime
IPRInstitute of Pedagogical Research
IPRInternational Property Rights
IPRIntegrative Public Relations
IPRInteractive Photorealistic Rendering
IPRIn the Prefusion
IPRintelligent property rights
IPRIntegrated Photonics Research
IPRIndividual Performance Review
IPRInstitute of Personnel
IPRIntellectual Property Rigths
IPRInstitute for Penal Reform
IPRIndependent Procurement Review
IPRID Password Recovery
IPRIndie Press Revolution
IPRInitial Period Rate
IPRItalian Poetry Review
IPRInvestment Program Resources
IPRImpacts of Revised
IPRInterpersonal Process Recall
IPRInches per Revolution
IPRIn Press Releases
IPRIntegrated Placement and Routing
IPRInterllectual Property Rights
IPRInternet Protocol Router
IPRInstructional Performance Requirements
IPRInability to Produce
IPRIndiana Public Radio
IPRInstitute for Physical Research
IPRInternationales Privatrecht Rechtsvergleichung
IPRInstitute for Puerto Rican
IPRInstitut Polytechnique Rural
IPRisolated pentagon rule
IPRIn Process Reviews
IPRIndependent Pet Rescuers
IPRInflation Pressure Retention
IPRInstitute for Polymer Research
IPRIntellectual Property Reports
IPRIndependent Project Records
IPRIn Progress Reviews
IPRitaliana ponti radio
IPRInstitut Perubatan Respiratori
IPRInternational Professional Resources
IPRInstitute for Public Representation
IPRInstitute for Philosophical Research
IPRInstitut Polytechnique Rurale
IPRInternational Progress Report
IPRIndependent Professional Review
IPRideomotor praxis representation
IPRimidazoline preferring receptors
IPRimidazoline-preferring receptor
IPRimidazoline-preferring receptors
IPRImidazolines Preferring Receptors
IPRimmediate phase reaction
IPRimmediate phase response
IPRimmediate-phase response
IPRimpedance pulmonary rheogram
IPRimplant position record
IPRIndividual Problem Rating
IPRinduction partial responders
IPRinitial portal revascularization
IPRinstantaneous pulse rate
IPRinsulin peak response
IPRinsulin-production rate
IPRIntegrated Patient Record
IPRintegrated percentage response
IPRintermediate penicillin resistance
IPRintracellular pathogenesis-related
IPRion parametric resonance
IPRInitial Priority Rating
IPRInterrupt Pending Register
IPRInter Public Relations
IPRInternet Plan Room
IPRInca Pacific Resources
IPRInstitut Pierre Richet
IPRItself in Practicing
IPRIntelligent Power Routers
IPRInternational Publishing Rights
IPRInternational Professional Roster
IPRInstitute of Plasma Research
IPRInception Phase Report
IPRirritant patch test reaction
IPRInstitute of Psychiatric Research
IPRInternet Performance Reporting
IPRIrish Pub Radio
IPRInitial precision and recovery
IPRInstantaneous Precipitation Rate
IPRIntellectual Property Reporter
IPRInstitute of Practical Research
IPRIssues and Protocols
IPRIndustry on the Proposed
IPRInternal Pointer Record
IPRInformation Provider Reference
IPRinterim progress reports
IPRInstitute for Police Research
IPRInstitute for the Puerto Rican
IPRInitial Project Reports
IPRInstitute of Parks Recreation
IPRIntellectual Proprietary Rights
IPRIndependent Printer Review
IPRInternational Probate Research
IPRInitial Project Review
IPRInstant Product Replacement
IPRInternational Policy Roundtable
IPRIowa Percentile Rank
IPRIleum Peristaltic Reflex
IPRImproved Packet Radio
IPRIntegrated Performance Review
IPRInteractive Photo Realistic
IPRInventory Program Review
IPRIron Pier Recordings
IPRInverse Participation Ratio
IPRIntellectual Power Resources
IPRInternal Processor Registers
IPRInterpersonal Process Recording
IPRIndustrial Petroleum Reserve
IPRInitial Problem Report
IPRinsurance payment report
IPRInteroperability Program Report
IPRimplementation project recommendation
IPRInjector Pressure Regulator
IPRInstitute of Population Research
IPRInstitute of Production and Robotics
IPRInstitute Polytechnique Rural
IPRIt Politica Rifondazione
IPRImportance Performance Ratio
IPRIndependent Projects Records
IPRInstitute of the Public Relations
IPRInstructional Program Review
IPRIntellctual Property Rights
IPRInternational Policy Reports
IPRInternational Public Radio
IPRInstitute of the Pacific Rim
IPRInternational Petrochemical Report
IPRIndividual Participant Request
IPRIndividual Percent Retained
IPRInitial Positive Rate
IPRInnovative Purchasing Resources
IPRIntelligence Production Requirements
IPRIntelligent Peripherals for Robots
IPRIndywidualny Pakiet Radioochronny
IPRIntegration Problem Reports
IPRInternational Publishers Representatives
IPRIII in Process Review
IPRIlija Prkacin Rohrleitungsbau
IPRInteractions of Proteins
IPRInternational Pharmaceutical Research
IPRInternet Paintball Resource
IPRIndividual Project Reports
IPRInfrastructure and Privatisation Report
IPRInstitute for Protection
IPRIntellectual Proprty Rights
IPRIntelligence Policy and Review
IPRIrish Publishing Record
IPRIsolated Pacing Request
IPRII In Process Review
IPRIndiana Prevention Resource
IPRInitial Pressure Regulator
IPRInternational Panorama Resources
IPRInstallation Performance Results
IPRInternal Project Review
IPRImage Processing Routines
IPRIncentive Price Revision
IPRInstitute for Petroleum Research
IPRIls Program Review
IPRImproving Peer Review

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Note: Acronym Finder has 63 verified definitions for IPR