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What does IPP stand for?

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IPPInstalment Payment Plan
IPPImage Processing Pipeline
IPPInternational Passenger Protection
IPPInitiatives for Proliferation Prevention
IPPImproving Process Performance
IPPInstitut Panos Paris
IPPIntel Premier Provider
IPPInternet Presence Providers
IPPInternational Professional Program
IPPInternational Peer Program
IPPIndividualized Program Planning
IPPInternet Pilot Project
IPPInfant Parent Program
IPPInvestment Protection Plan
IPPIntegrated Partners Program
IPPInternational Petroleum Products
IPPIndustry Partnership Programs
IPPInternational Price Program
IPPInternationale Parlaments Praktika
IPPInstitute for Plasma Physics
IPPInternet Piracy Prevention
IPPIntroduction to Professional Practice
IPPIrving Pulp Paper
IPPIndependent Power Projects
IPPIceland Park Project
IPPIndigenous Peoples Project
IPPInstallment Purchase Program
IPPIntellectual Properties Policy
IPPInfinitivus Pro Participio
IPPIndependent Power Production
IPPInternational Paper Products
IPPInternet Policy Project
IPPIndustrial Pretreatment Program
IPPInternet Print Protocol
IPPIndividual Program Plans
IPPIllinois Prairie Path
IPPInformation Protection Platform
IPPInhibition of PP
IPPINDUSTRY Patent Protection
IPPIndividual Pension Plans
IPPIdiopathic Pulmonary Pneumonitis
IPPImport Performance Parts
IPPIndustrial Participation Programme
IPPIdeenschmiede Paul Paul
IPPInstallment Payment Plan
IPPInstitutional Partnership Program
IPPIntermountain Power Plant
IPPIndustry Preparedness Program
IPPIndependent Power Plants
IPPInternet Publishing Provider
IPPIntellectual Property Policy
IPPInvestment Planning Programme
IPPInvestors in People
IPPInstituto Profesional Providencia
IPPInstitute for Public and Politics
IPPInstitute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
IPPIndividual Power Producers
IPPIntegrated Participatory Planning
IPPinstituto pereira passos
IPPIndependent Power Providers
IPPImport Parity Pricing
IPPInternational Planned Parenthood
IPPIndividual Partnership Programme
IPPInterrupted Poisson Process
IPPIndustrial Partnership Programme
IPPInternational Program of Psycho
IPPInternational Pendulum Project
IPPInformation Protection Principles
IPPInitiative for Proliferation Prevention
IPPIntellectual Property Program
IPPInstitute for Professional Preparation
IPPInternational Peoples Project
IPPInstitute of Plant Protection
IPPInnovative Partnership Program
IPPIndividual Program Planning
IPPInternational Paper and Power
IPPIndia Population Project
IPPIntel Performance Primitives
IPPIndividually Paying Program
IPPIndustrial Pollution Prevention
IPPIndividualized Program Plans
IPPInstitute for Parallel Processing
IPPImproving Port Performance
IPPIndigenous Peoples Plan
IPPInternet Power Phone
IPPInstitute for Particle Physics
IPPInstitute for Political Participation
IPPIntegreret Produkt Politik
IPPImpact on Product
IPPInterest Project Patch
IPPInteractive Paper Project
IPPIndividual Partner Programs
IPPInternational Postgraduate Programme
IPPInternational Project Promotion
IPPIgbo Presidency Project
IPPInternet Protocol Processor
IPPInstrument Purchase Plan
IPPIncapacidad Permanente Parcial
IPPIntegrated Paint Process
IPPInternetowy Poradnik Podatkowy
IPPInjury Prevention Programme
IPPInternational Professors Project
IPPIowa Premium Pork
IPPIn Person Payments
IPPIndex Priemyselnej Produkcie
IPPInvestments Priorities Plan
IPPIndywidualny Pakiet Przeciwchemiczny
IPPidiopathic precocious pubarche
IPPidiopathic precocious puberty
IPPimminent premature parturition
IPPimmobilized pea protein
IPPimmunoadsorbent plasma perfusion
IPPimmunoreactive pancreatic polypeptide
IPPImpaired Professional Program
IPPImplanted programmable pacemaker
IPPImproving Prescribing Practices
IPPindependent practice plan
IPPindividual programme planning
IPPindole propanol phosphate
IPPInduration penis plastica
IPPInformative Pelishenko Protein
IPPinitial phase polarity
IPPinosine + phosphate + pyruvate
IPPinspiratory pleural pressure
IPPinspiratory positive pressure
IPPintermittent positive pressure
IPPintestinal perfusion pressures
IPPintrapulmonary particulate pollutants
IPPintraurethral pressure profile
IPPIrvine Paraprofessional Program
IPPisolated pelvic perfusion
IPPisolated posterior pituitaries
IPPisosexual precocious puberty
IPPImproved Piping Products
IPPInsight Prison Project
IPPIdea Projekt Produkt
IPPIndependent Power Provider
IPPImpact Player Partners
IPPIntoxication Par Phycotoxine
IPPIntel Premium Provider
IPP1-14C]isopentenyl pyrophosphate
IPPISP Philadelphia Pennsylvania
IPPInternational Power Partnerships
IPPIndependant Power Producer
IPPileal Peyer's patch
IPPileal Peyer's patches
IPPin the peripheral palisade
IPPindole-3-propanole phosphate
IPPinosine, pyruvate and phosphate
IPPinositol polyphosphate 1-phosphatase
IPPintermediate-term peak power
IPPintra-Peyer's patch
IPPInstituto Profissionalizante Paulista
IPPIntroduction to Programming Python
IPPInka Porter Project
IPPIndigenous Pastoral Project
IPPIMBA Professional Plus
IPPIntensive Prison Program
IPPIraq Perspective Project
IPPInitial Payment Period
IPPInteragency Prevention Partnership
IPPIndian Population Project
IPPInterfaith Paths to Peace
IPPIntegrated Products Policy
IPPIntegrated Plant Protection
IPPImmediate Postoperative Prosthesis
IPPInvasive Plant Patrol
IPPinternational product promotion
IPPIndigenous Pastoral Program
IPPInstitute of Packaging Professionals
IPPInnovative Power Products
IPPIntellectual Property Patent
IPPInterbay Peninsula Partnership
IPPInstitut Penyelidikan Perikanan
IPPInterventional Procedures Programme
IPPIdentity Preservation Program
IPPIndywidualny Puchar Polski
IPPInmate Placement Program
IPPInvestments Priority Plan
IPPImproving Peacebuilding Practice
IPPInformation and Publicity Plan
IPPInvestment Protection Planning
IPPIllinois Prairie Painters
IPPInstitute for Professional Practice
IPPIntellectual Property Patents
IPPInstitut Pengurusan Peladang
IPPInvestor in People
IPPIndustrial Partnering Program
IPPInformation Policy and Plans
IPPInstitute for Policy and Practice
IPPInternal Placement Process
IPPIndigenous Peoples Program
IPPInstituut Publiek Politiek
IPPIntegrated Partner Programme
IPPInternet Pinball Project

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Note: Acronym Finder has 115 verified definitions for IPP

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