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What does IPM stand for?

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IPMIndividual Project Management
IPMInternational Product Management
IPMIntellectual Property Management
IPMInteractive Policy Making
IPMIntegrated Performance Measurement
IPMInstitute of Popular Music
IPMIncyte Project Manager
IPMIncreases Profit Margins
IPMInternational Programme Manager
IPMInstitute for Privatization and Management
IPMInformation Processing and Management
IPMInternet Performance Marketing
IPMInterface Personne Machine
IPMImproved Pest Management
IPMInformation on Plum
IPMIntegrated Pesticide Management
IPMIndeks Pembangunan Manusia
IPMIndependent Professional Management
IPMIn Perpetual Motion
IPMIntegrated Planning Model
IPMInternetwork Performance Monitor
IPMIntegrated Product Model
IPMIntelligent Platform Management
IPMInterior Project Management
IPMIndependence Party of Minnesota
IPMInstitute of Personnel Management
IPMInternational Partnership on Microbicides
IPMIndustrial Park Manufacturing
IPMIntergrated Pest Management
IPMInternational Peace Monitors
IPMIndex to Printed Music
IPMInspection and Maintenance
IPMInternational Plowing Match
IPMIncremental Process Model
IPMIntegrated Plant Management
IPMIs Published Monthly
IPMincremental phase modulation
IPMInternal Parasite Management
IPMIntegral Pest Management
IPMInverse Problem Methodology
IPMImplementation in Maryland
IPMInterface Pressure Mapping
IPMIndustrial Personnel Management
IPMI Pest Management
IPMIntellectual Property Mobilization
IPMInsect Pest Monitoring
IPMInnovative Pest Management
IPMIntelligent Power Modules
IPMInternational Partners in Mission
IPMInstitute of Physics of Materials
IPMIntroduction to the Practice of Medicine
IPMInstrument Performance Monitoring
IPMImmigration Program Manager
IPMIntegrated Pest Mgmt
IPMInquisitions Post Mortem
IPMinner peace movement
IPMInstitute of Personal Management
IPMInternational Presidents Meeting
IPMInvestment Partnership Management
IPMInformed Portfolio Management
IPMInternet Performance Monitor
IPMInstitute for Physical Measurement
IPMInstitute of Policy Management
IPMInternational Partnership Ministries
IPMIndian Police Medal
IPMInstitute for Prison Ministries
IPMInvasive Pest Management
IPMInternational Pest Management
IPMIT Project Management
IPMInstitute of Physics and Meteorology
IPMInch per Minute
IPMIdaho Pest Management
IPMInternational Personal Management
IPMInstitute for Personalized Medicine
IPMImpact Property Management
IPMInstitut Physikalische Messtechnik
IPMInternet Poetry Magazine
IPMInterim Policy Memorandum
IPMIndustrial Pharmacy Management
IPMInsight Power Manager
IPMIntervention Project Management
IPMInstitute for Psychosocial Medicine
IPMImpossible to Program Machines
IPMIntelligent Pest Management
IPMIntegrated Performance Management
IPMIntegrated Production Management
IPMIntercessory Prayer Ministry
IPMInternational Peer Mentor
IPMInstitute for Problems in Mechanics
IPMIonization Profile Monitors
IPMInteractive Presentation Manager
IPMInstitute of Professional Management
IPMInstitute for Physics of Microstructures
IPMIncome Producing Management
IPMInline Power Modules
IPMInternal Permanent Magnet
IPMInternationale Pflanzen Messe
IPMImage Processing Module
IPMInternational Prison Ministry
IPMIntra Plant Maintenance
IPMIMPACT Pest Management
IPMInterventional Pain Management
IPMIndigenous Peoples Music
IPMInstitute for Polling and Marketing
IPMIntegrated Pond Management
IPMIndustria Poliuretanica Montecosaro
IPMInternational Poster Management
IPMIkatan Pelajar Muhammadiyah
IPMIncline Property Management
IPMInnovation Performance Management
IPMIntel Plat Mgmt
IPMIGBT Power Modules
IPMIa positive moieties
IPMIa-positive moiety
IPMindividual protective means
IPMindividualized pharmacokinetic monitoring
IPMinflammatory pancreatic mass
IPMinformation processing methodology
IPMInfusible platelet membrane
IPMinfusible platelet membranes
IPMinner perivitelline membrane
IPMintact plasma membrane
IPMintegral probability model
IPMintegrated parasite management
IPMinteraural phase modulation
IPMintermittent passive motion
IPMInterpersonal Perception Method
IPMintraductal papillary mucinous
IPMIntranodal palisaded myofibroblastoma
IPMintravascular protein masses
IPMisolated papillary muscle
IPMIso Propyl Myristate
IPMIn the Parameter
IPMInternational Prison Ministries
IPMInternational Precious Metals
IPMInternational Pump Manufacturing
IPMInter Personal Messaging
IPMIntelligent Performance Monitoring
IPMIndigenous Performers Management
IPMInstallation Pest Management
IPMInsurance Policy Management
IPMInvited Paper Meetings
IPMIntegrated Pest Managment
IPMethanol-isopropyl myristate
IPMEtOH)/isopropyl myristate
IPMIntregrated Pest Management
IPMIncidental Phase Modulation
IPMInstitute of Pest Management
IPMInformation Publishing Management
IPMInspection Procedure Manual
IPMIntelligent Protection Management
IPMIndividual Protective Measures
IPMInstitute for Public Management
IPMinspection and preventive maintenance
IPMInstitute of Polymeric Materials
IPMIndividual Prayer Ministry
IPMInternational Public Management
IPMIndustrial PC Modules
IPMInertial Pointing Mode
IPMInput Period Measurement
IPMIntegrated Partner Management
IPMIntelligent Policy Management
IPMInformation Policy Model
IPMInstitute of Physical Metallurgy
IPMInter Personal Message
IPMIndividually Paying Members
IPMIndek Pembangunan Manusia
IPMInformal Planning Meeting
IPMInstitut Perikanan Malaysia
IPMIntegrated Pest Managements
IPMInter Personal Messages
IPMIdiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis
IPMIntegrated Post Management
IPMInstant Photo Messenger
IPMInstitute of Polymer Mechanics
IPMIndeks Pembangunan Masyarakat
IPMIndirect Parts Management
IPMInstitute of Place Management
IPMIntegrated Production Modelling
IPMIncreased Profit Margin
IPMInstitute for Pastoral Ministries
IPMIntegral Projection Models
IPMIntelligent Product Manuals
IPMInstitute for Privatisation and Management
IPMInstitut Pertanian Malang
IPMIntegrated Power Monitor
IPMIndependent Practising Midwife
IPMInternal Pressure Molding
IPMInternet Protocol Module
IPMinner peace music
IPMInstitute of Psychosocial Medicine
IPMIntelligent Portioning Machine
IPMInappropriately Prescribed Medications
IPMInstitute of Physics of Microstructures
IPMInternational Preparatory Meeting
IPMInternational Popcorn Management
IPMInspection Plan Management
IPMIntegrates Pest Management
IPMInstitute of Professional Managers

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Note: Acronym Finder has 74 verified definitions for IPM

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