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What does IOP stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
IOPInternational Organization Partners
IOPIncrement of Progress
IOPInput/Output Processor
IOPInternational Office Products
IOPInput Output Pattern
IOPInvestors in People
IoPInstitute of Public
IOPInstitute of Publishing
IOPIntegrated Operating Plan
IOPIntegrated Occupational Program
IOPIntra Ocular Pressure
IOPIdeas on Purpose
IOPIndex of Production
IOPIntensive Outpatient Programs
IOPIntensive Observing Period
IOPInstitutionalized Older Persons
IOPinherent optical properties
IOPInterim Orders Panel
IOPInstitute of Pathology
IOPInorganic and Organometallic Polymers
IOPInstitue of Physics
IOPInput Output Privilege
IOPIndustrial Opportunity Partners
IOPInternational Organisation of Paleobotany
IOPInventaris Onbebouwde Percelen
IOPinternal operating procedures
IOPIntensive Observation Periods
IOPInvasion of Privacy
IoPInstitute of Petroleum
IOPInternational Opera Productions
IOPIntensive Observational Period
IOPInstitute of Phyics
IOPInstitute of Printing
IOPintensive observing periods
IOPIntelligent Object Picking
IOPIb Obel Pedersen
IOPInvoluntary Outpatient Placement
IOPInternational Organization of Paleobotany
IOPInput Output Pulse
IOPInput Output Processors
IOPInput Output Port
IOPIranian Oil Participants
IOPInstruments of Peace
IOPInstitut of Physics
IOPIntegrated Optics Package
IOPInput Output Priority
IOPInternational Organization for Plant
IOPIrrespective of Percentage
IOPInter ORB Protocol
IOPincreased oxygen pressure
IOPinferior oblique palsy
IOPinternal occipital prominence
IOPintra-occular pressure
IOPintra-osseous pressure
IOPisoproterenol oxidation products
IOPiterative optimization procedure
IOPInternational Organization of Palaeobotany
IOPIncome Optimiser Plan
IOPIntake and Output
IOPIzu Oceanic Park
IOPInstitutes of Politics
IOPimplant on intraocular pressure
IOPimplantation on intraocular pressure
IOPimplantation on intraocular pressure
IOPin ONH, intraocular pressure
IOPin others, intraocular pressure
IOPincidence of intraocular pressure
IOPincrease of intraocular pressure
IOPincreases of intraocular pressure
IOPincrements of intraocular pressure
IOPindex on intraocular pressure
IOPinfluence of intraocular pressure
IOPinfluence on intraocular pressure
IOPinhibitor on intraocular pressure
IOPinhibitors on intraocular pressure
IOPinsertion on intraocular pressure
IOPintensive outpatient rehabilitation program
IOPIOL)-implantation on intraocular pressure
IOPirradiation on intraocular pressure
IOPisoflurane on intraocular pressure
IOPisoflurane, on intraocular pressure
IOPisoproterenol on intraocular pressure
IOPPGA2-IE on intraocular pressure
IOPInterim Operation Plan
IOPIndividueel Ontwikkel Plan
IOPcompression/intraocular pressure
IOPInstruments of Power
IOPInteroperability and Performance
IOPInput Output Parameter
IOPInstrument of Payment
IOPInput Output Processes
IOPInternational Opportunity Program
IOPIowa Ordnance Plant
IOPInadvertent Overrun and Payback
IOPIntensive Operation Period
IOPIntensive Observational Periods
IOPIntensive Operations Period
IoPInsititute of Psychiatry
IOPImproving Organizational Performance
IOPInstitute of Optronics
IOPIndian Ocean Panel
IOPInternational Offshore Partners
IOPInterim Operations Plan
IOPInternational Organization of Plant
IOPInternational Odra Project
IOPInterim Operational Plan
IOPIndustrial Outreach Program
IOPIntegrated Organic Program
IOPInternational Organization for Palaeobotany
IOPInternet Only Papers
IOPInstitute of Ophthamology
IOPInstitute of Psychosynthesis
IOPIndustrial Operating Processes
IOPInst of Politics
IOPIlula Orphan Programme
IOPIndependent Order of Puritans
IOPInstructional and Outreach Program
IOPIntegrated Outpatient Program
IOPIntensive Operating Periods
IOPIndividual Operating Plan
IOPIntermediate Operating Plan
IOPIgnition Over Pressure
IOPImproving Organization Performance
IOPIncrement Operations Plan
IOPIndividual Olympic Participants
IOPIndividueel Ontwikkelings Plan
IOPIntegrated Operations Plan
IOPIntensive Observations Periods
IOPIndustry of Ph34r
IOPInnovatiegerichte Onderzoek Programma
IOPIntegrated Oceans Process
IOPInventory of Process
IOPIn and Out Processing
IOPIndian Ocean Panels
IOPIndividual Options Program
IOPInitial Operations Phase
IOPInner Ocean Publishing
IOPInternational Organisation for Palaeobotany
IOPIndustrial Organisational Psychology
IOPIndustrial Oversight Panel
IOPInterface Operating Procedures
IOPIncludes Original Photographs
IOPInternet Online Programs
IOPImpressionistic Oil Painting
IOPInitial Operating Period
IOPIntegrated Ocean Project
IOPintense observational periods
IOPIron Ore Processing
IOPIllini Online Page
IOPIllinois Outdoors Program
IOPInappropriateness Of Permit
IOPIncrement Operation Plan
IOPInstitute Of Palaeontology
IOPInterest Of Petitioner
IOPInterface Operation Procedures
IOPInternat Organization of Palaeobotany
IOPInternational Organization for P
IOPInvasive and Overused and Proble
IOPIssuance Of Permit