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What does IOM stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
IoMIslands of Myth
IOMInstallation Operation and Maintenance
IOMInstitute of Medicines
IOMInstitution of Materials
IOMInstitute for Ocean Management
IOMInstitution of Medicine
IOMInformation and Operations Management
IOMInstitute for Objective Measurement
IOMInternational One Metre
IOMIntra Operative Monitoring
IOMInternational Organisation of Migration
IOMInvestigations Operations Manual
IOMInstitute of Organizational Management
IOMinstallation operation maintenance
IOMInstruments of Movement
IOMIris on the Move
IOMInternational Office Management
IOMInternational Organization on Migration
IOMInstitutes of Medicine
IOMImprovement and Member
IOMInternational Organization for Migrations
IOMInnovative Optische Messtechnik
IOMIntelligent Output Management
IOMInternational Observers Mission
IoMInstitution of Mechanical
IOMInternational Office of Migration
IOMInput Output Module
IOMIntra Op Monitoring
IOMInternet Outreach Ministry
IOMIntegrated Offender Management
IOMIndex and Options Market
IOMInverse Ocean Modeling
IOMInternational Organisation on Migration
IOMIntegrated Object Model
IOMinstituto oscar masotta
IOMInternational Office for Migration
IOMInternational Organization for Migrants
IOMInsitute of Materials
IOMIndex and Option Market
IOMInstituto Oral Modelo
IOMInstitute for Occupational Medicine
IOMInternational Organization for Mycoplasmology
IoMInflicts of Masterchief
IOMIndiana on the Move
IOMInternational Organization of Migrations
IOMInternational Organisation for Migrations
IOMInvestment Options Menu
IOMInput Output Microprocessor
IOMInsoluble Organic Matter
IOMInstitue of Medicine
IOMInstitute of Meteoritics
IOMImages of the Month
IOMInstallation and Operation Manual
IoMInstitute of Measurement
IOMidiopathic orbital myositis
IOMinferior orbital meatal
IOMinside-out membranes
IOMInstitute for Optical Monitoring
IOMInstruments and Observing Methods
IOMInstitute of Ministry
IOMInternational Organization Migration
IOMInstallation and Operation Manuals
IOMImage Output Module
IOMInstitute of Medicine's
IOMInternal Organization for Migration
IOMIntra-operative neurophysiologic monitoring
IOMIntraoperative electrophysiological monitoring
IOMInternational Opportunities Month
IOMIndependent Outdoor Media
IOMIndividual Ordinary Member
IOMISDN Oriented Modular
IOMInstall Operate and Maintain
IOMintraoperative monitoring methods
IOMIllusions of the Mind
IOMInstalled Operated and Maintained
IOMIntergovernmental Organization for Migration
IOMInstitution for Mental
IOMIndian Ocean Monsoon
IOMInput Output Manager
IOMIndustrial Operations Management
IOMInternational Oranization for Migration
IOMInterface Object Model
IOMInverse Ocean Modelling
IOMIndex of Markers
IOMInformation Operations Model
IOMInsulating Oil Management
IOMIndependent Order of Mechanics
IOMIncomplete Orthogonalization Method
IOMInput Output Modules
IOMInstall Operate Maintain
IOMInternation Organization for Migration
IOMInternet Outreach Ministries
IOMInformation Operations Management
IOMInstrument of Mainstream
IOMInt Organization for Migration
IOMInstitute for Outreach Ministries
IOMIntenational Organization for Migration
IOMInternational Organiation for Migration
IOMInternational Organziation for Migration
IOMImperial Order of Muscovites
IOMinstalling operating and maintaining
IOMInteractive Operations Management
IOMImage of the MTI
IOMInquiry and Order Management
IoMInstitute of Madness
IOMIndonesian Onesimus Ministry
IOMInspectors Operations Manual
IOMIllinois Office of Mines
IOMIllinois Oilfield Metadata
IOMImagination Online Magazine
IOMImplementation Of Measures
IOMIncome Opportunities Magazine
IOMIndependence Of Myogenesis
IOMIndex Of Members
IOMInformation Overload Management
IOMInnovators in Optical Measuremen
IOMInsitute of Medicine
IOMInspector Operations Manual
IOMInst of Materials
IOMInst Of Mineralogy
IOMInstitue Of Mathematics
IOMInstitute Of Mathematics
IOMInstitute Of Mechanics
IOMInstitute Of Mineralogy
IOMInstitute Of Mining
IOMInstitutes Of Mineralogy
IOMInstitution Of Mining
IOMInstitutul pentru Ocrotirea Mame
IOMInternational Oceanography Meeti
IOMNational Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine