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What does INS stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
INSInertial Navigation Systems
INSIvy Natural Solutions
INSImmigration Naturalization Services
INSIts New Standards
INSImmigration and Naturalisation Service
INSInformation on Special
INSIntegrated Nanostructured Systems
INSInvestors News Service
INSIs Needed for the Second
INSImmune from Suit
INSIntegrated Navigation System
INSInteroperable Naming Service
INSInternational Napoleonic Society
INSIntense Neutron Source
INSIntegrated Navigation Systems
INSInformation on SAFETY
INSInteractive Network Services
INSImplemented the Student
INSInto the Services
INSInteractive Network Systems
INSIndividuals by State
INSInternational Nuclear Safety
INSInformation Network Systems
INSInternships for Students
INSIntentional Naming System
INSIs Nothing Sacred
iNSInternetwork for Sustainability
INSImmigration and Nationalization Service
INSIndustrial News Service
INSIndian Nuclear Society
INSInternational Neuromodulation Society
INSInternational Necronautical Society
INSimpulse noise simulator
INSImmigration and Naturalizations
INSIntelligent Network Services
INSInfantile Nystagmus Syndrome
INSInformation on the Situation
INSInter Networking Systems
INSItalian Neurological Society
INSIPAQ Navigation System
INSInternational Network Systems
INSInertial Nav System
INSintegrated network sensor
INSIncident of National Significance
INSInternet Network Services
INSInformation Network Services
INSintegrated network server
INSIndustrial Network Systems
INSInterviews and Serving
INSIndian Naval Ships
INSInternational Nuclear Solutions
INSIntegrated Network Services
INSIndependent Network Solutions
INSinc nasdaq small
INSInter Nation Simulation
INSIntelligent Network Server
INSInertial Navigational System
INSinternational networking systems
INSIncoherent Neutron Scattering
INSInternational News Small
INSInterface Network Systems
INSInformation Notice System
INSIntertial Navigation System
INSInitiative in Southwestern
INSInertia Navigation System
INSIntelligent Network Solutions
INSIndian Naval Submarine
INSInfo in Stuttgart
INSIUPAC Numbering System
INSIntravenous Nursing Society
INSInternational Network for Social
INSintegrated ntwk sensor
INSIsrael Navy Ship
INSIcelandic Nutritional Survey
INSidiopathic nephrotic syndromes
INSidopathic nephrotic syndrome
INSinfantile nephrotic syndrome
INSinformatics nurse specialists
INSintegrated neighbourhood search
INSintercostal nerve stimulation
INSinterpersonal negotiation strategies
INSintracutaneous nociceptive stimulation
INSintramural nerve stimulation
INSIsrael National Study
INSIntravenous Nurse Society
INSInnovative Network Systems
INSInternational Nuclear Services
INSInterconnection Network Subsystem
INSInquiry in the Natural Sciences
INSInterstellar News Service
INSIndian Newspapers Society
INSisolated neutron stars
INSImmigrants of Smooth
INSIranian Nanotechnology Society
INSInternational Nursery School
INSIndependent Newton Support
INSiterative and non-stationary
INSIrish Naval Service
INSInnovative Nonprofit Solutions
INSInfusion Nursing Society
INSIndustries Necessities Supplying
INSIsraeli Naval Ship
INSinlet noise silencer
INSnonselective cation current
INSInternational Numismatic Society
INSIntegrale Normstelling Stoffen
INSintercostal nerve afferents
INSIndian Naval Service
INSIsrael Naturist Society
INSImmigration and Support
INSIndustrial Nitrogen Services
INSInterdisciplinary Neuroscience Society
INSIloilo Normal School
INSIncompetent and Negligent Service
INSInertial Navigation Set
INSIndustrial Networking Solutions
INSInformation for SBP
INSInternational Nurses Society
INSInertial Navigation Sensors
INSIon Neutralisation Spectroscopy
INSImmmigration and Naturalization Service
INSIntegrated Networking Solutions
INSImmigration Neutralization Service
INSIndigenous Nations Studies
INSIntegrated Navigation Simulator
INSInformation Network See
INSImmigration Network Services
INSinterdisciplinary natural sciences
INSIntegrated Navigational System
INSIssues National Standard
INSIams Nutrition Symposium
INSIntegrated Network Servicing
INSInternational Navigation System
INSInternational Numeral System
INSInteroperable Naming Services
INSIsrael Numismatic Society
INSIndian Navy Shore
INSIndigenous N Supply
INSInterial Navigation System
INSIgnoring National Security
INSInternational Ninjutsu Society
INSIndian Navy Ship
INSInternational and Naturalization Service
INSIraqi Neurosciences Society
INSImmigrations and Naturalization Services
INSIndependent NECA Services
INSIndian Naval Squadrons
INSIntelligent Notebook Systems
INSIdentified the Section
INSimage navigation system
INSImmigrant and Naturalization Services
INSImmigration Naturalizaiton Service
INSIncorporating NovAtel S
INSInnertial Navigation System
INSInternode Network Services
INSInterview and Successfully
INSInitial Navigation System
INSIntegrated Network Strategies
INSImpact Neighborhood Strategy
INSInver National School
INSI~m Not Superman
INSIcon Network Services
INSIllinois Nason Shaft
INSImmortal Network Services
INSIncoming Non Suspense
INSIndex to Netrek Sites
INSInerital Navigation Systems
INSInterim Naegis Site
INSItalian Nettuno Service