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What does ILC stand for?

Acronym Finder has 79 verified definitions for ILC

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ILCIn Line Compounding
ILCIndonesia Linux Conference
ILCInternational Labour Conference
ILCincarnation lutheran church
ILCInter League Cup
ILCIndian Labour Conference
ILCIntelligent Lighting Creations
ILCInterActive Learning Center
ILCInternational Language Centers
ILCInvasive Lobular Carcinoma
ILCIntegrated Learning Centre
ILCIslet Like Clusters
ILCInternet Learning Centre
ILCInternational Legal Center
ILCIndependent Living Council
ILCInternational Library Conference
ILCIntegrative Level Classification
ILCInternational Liver Congress
ILCInformation and Learning Center
ILCInternational Language Communications
ILCInternational Learning Center
ILCInternational Legal Counsellors
ILCIndigenous Languages Conference
ILCInternet Literacy Consultants
ILCinternational limousin council
ILCInternational Liaison Committee
ILCInteractive Learning Centre
ILCInternational Lebanese Committee
ILCIntelligent Living Corp
ILCIndustrial Laser Community
ILCInternational Leninist Current
ILCIt Lavoro Consulenti
ILCInfiltrating Lobular Carcinoma
ILCIslamic Learning Center
ILCIntermountain Logging Conference
ILCIndependent Living Centres
ILCIndependent Loss Control
ILCInformation Literacy on Campus
ILCinternational logistics conference
ILCInternational Logistics Congress
ILCInternational Labour Congress
ILCIntelligent Line Cards
ILCImperial Land Company
ILCIntegrated Logistics Centre
ILCIn Line Coupler
ILCIllinois Legislative Council
ILCIngrian Lutheran Church
ILCInternational Law Center
ILCInternational Longevity Centre
ILCinternational laser center
ILCIndependent Learning Correspondence
ILCInternational Leadership Council
ILCInternational Laboratories Corp
ILCInternational Legal Consultants
ILCIndustry Liaison Council
ILCIntensive Learning Center
ILCInternational Languages Collection
ILCInternational Learning Community
ILCIndependent Living Coach
ILCIndian Livestock Census
ILCIndividual Learning Centre
ILCInternet Learning Center
ILCIndividualized Learning Center
ILCInternational Liason Committee
ILCInternational Linguistics Center
ILCInteractive Learning Centers
ILCIndustrial Loan Companies
ILCIndustrial Loan Corporations
ILCIllinois Lock Company
ILCIntelligent Logistics Concepts
ILCInternational Lunar Conference
ILCIndustrial Latex Compounds
ILCInteragency Liaison Committee
ILCInterprovincial Lottery Corporation
ILCIndustrial Liaison Council
ILCInternational Laser Centre
ILCInternational Love Corporation
ILCIntegrated Load Center
ILCIndustry Leadership Council
ILCINTERLINK Language Centers
ILCInland Logging Company
ILCIndigenous Land Councils
ILCItalian Language Courses
ILCInt Linear Collider
ILCIncome and Living Conditions
ILCIrish Leaving Certificate
ILCavidin-biotin-immobilized liposome chromatography
ILCichthyosis linearis circumflexia
ILCimmature Leydig cells
ILCimmobilised liposome chromatography
ILCimmobilized liposome chromatography
ILCimmunity load coefficient
ILCImpaired local contractility
ILCinactive liver cirrhosis
ILCInferior Lethal Coefficients
ILCinner length correction
ILCInner London Consortium
ILCinteractive laser cytometry
ILCinternal leaf-crown
ILCinternal lethal concentration
ILCInterval laparoscopic cholecystectomy
ILCintramammary lymphangiosis carcinomatosa
ILCinvasive lobular cancer
ILCinvasive lobular cancers
ILCinvasive lobular carcinomas
ILCisolated laryngeal candidiasis
ILCIstanbul Leprosy Centre
ILCInternational Leased Circuit
ILCInternational Limousin Congress
ILCInternet Learning Centers
ILCIndustry Liaison Committee
ILCImplementation Liaison Committee
ILCInformation Leasing Corporation
ILCIL-11Ralpha-locus chemokine
ILCinfiltrating breast lobular carcinoma
ILCinfiltrating lobular breast carcinoma
ILCinfiltration of Langerhans cells
ILCinnermost layer of cementum
ILCInterstitial laser-induced coagulation
ILCinvasive lobular breast cancer
ILCinvasive lobular breast carcinoma
ILCinvasive lobular breast carcinomas
ILCipsilateral dorsolateral column
ILCInterlutheran Literature Commission
ILCInternational Lottery Commission
ILCIndustrial Loan Charters
ILCInstallment Land Contracts
ILCintermediolateral cell column
ILCIstituto Linguistica Computazionale
ILCIncludes the Lutheran Church
ILCInternational Laser Clinics
ILCInternational Leased Circuits
ILCImprovement Location Certificates
ILCIndonesia Law Center
ILCInfiltrating Lobular Carcinomas
ILCInstituto Linea Cuchilla
ILCIndependent Living Ctr
ILCwith lobular carcinomas
ILCIchthyosis Linearis Circumflexa
ILCil11ra locus chemokine
ILCIndustry Leadership Conference
ILCIntegrated Logistics Center
ILCInternational Lifeboat Conference
ILCIdle Load Compensator
ILCIntelligent Lighting Controls
ILCIntensive Language Centre
ILCIntergenerational Learning Center
ILCInternational Lutheran Conference
ILCIntegrated Learning Centers
ILCIliamna Lake Contractors
ILCIntelligent Lighting Controller
ILCIdea Logical Company
ILCInternational Library Centre
ILCInnovative Learning Concepts
ILCInuvialuit Land Corporation
ILCInstruction Location Counter
ILCIn Line Configuration
ILCInstruction Length Code
ILCInternet Law Colloquium
ILCInternational Laws Committee
ILCIon Liquid Chromatography
ILCIndustrial Laboratories of Canada
ILCIndustry Logistics Coalition
ILCInter Laboratory Comparisons
ILCIndigenous Learning Company
ILCIndustrial Liaison and Consultancy
ILCInstructional Leadership Collaborative
ILCInternet Language Company
ILCInfinity in Logic and Computation
ILCIntensive Learning Centre
ILCInclusive Learning Communities
ILCIndividual Lot Certification
ILCInmate Liason Committee
ILCInstitute for Leadership and Change
ILCIntermediate Learning Center
ILCInternational Latex Company
ILCInternational Leisure Consultants
ILCIndustry Leadership Center
ILCInsurance Law Center
ILCImmunization Leaders Course
ILCInnovative Lighting Corporation
ILCInternational Liaison Communication
ILCIslamic Letter of Credit
ILCIncorrect Length Code
ILCIndiana Learning Collaborative
ILCInfinite Lung Capacity
ILCInnovative Learning Center
ILCInternational Linguistic Centre
ILCInternational Livestock Congress
ILCIsland Learning Centre
ILCIMAN Learning Center
ILCImperial Landing Craft
ILCInstituto Lindolfo Collor
ILCInterface Layer Component
ILCInternational Law Consultants
ILCIP68 in Line Connector
ILCInformation Life Cycle
ILCIntegrated Logistics Capabilities
ILCInternational Leprosy Congress
ILCIn Line Converter

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Note: Acronym Finder has 79 verified definitions for ILC