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What does IAG stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
IAGIraq Analysis Group
IAGInformation Architecture Group
IAGInter Agency Games
IAGIndustry Advisory Groups
IAGInternational Awards Group
IAGInternational Advisory Group
IAGIntegrated Algebra Geometry
IAGInternal Advisory Group
IAGInformation and Guidance
IAGInternational Apparel Group
IAGInter Agency Group
IAGITIL Advisory Group
IAGInternational Artist Group
IAGInterim Attorney General
IAGIraqi Assistance Group
IAGInstitute of Astronomy Geophysics
IAGInformation Age Government
IAGIturi Armed Groups
IAGinstituto austriaco guatemalteco
IAGInternal Affairs Group
IAGIndiana Association for the Gifted
IAGIndustrial Applications Group
IAGIndigenous Advisory Group
IAGIndependent Artists Group
IAGInformation Analysis Group
IAGInternet Access Group
IAGIslamic Advisory Group
IAGIntegrated Advisory Group
IAGInternational Academy of Gnathology
IAGInternational Association of Geomagnetism
IAGImpact Assessment Groups
IAGIndustrial Automation Group
IAGIndustrial Associations Groupings
IAGIraq Action Group
IAGInternet Advanced Group
IAGIsrael Academic Grid
IAGInternet Advisory Group
IAGIndividualized Apparel Group
IAGInstitute of Astronomy and Geophysics
IAGIndustrial Advisory Group
IAGIndependent Audit Group
IAGInnovative Automotive Group
IAGIntelligent Agents Group
IAGInternational Assistance Grants
IAGIndependent Authors Guild
IAGInterdepartmental Accounting Group
IAGInternational Analytical Group
IAGInfinity Assurance Group
IAGInsurance Aust Grp
IAGImplementation Advisory Group
IAGIndolyl Acryloyl Glycine
IAGInvestigative Accounting Group
IAGInstitute for Applied Geodesy
IAGInter Africa Group
IAGIndole acroyl glycine
IAGinsufflatable abdominal girdle
IAGintracytoplasmic acidophilic granule
IAGisolated adrenal glands
IAGinterim advisory group
IAGIndependent Action Group
IAGInternet Access Gateway
IAGInjury Advisory Group
IAGInstitute of Astronomy and Geodesy
IAGInternational Association for Geodesy
IAGInstitut fur Angewandte Geodasie
IAGInter Authorities Group
IAGInternet Agency Group
IAGInventor Associates of Georgia
IAGInstallation Adjutant General
IAGIBM Application Generator
IAGInternational Assistance Grant
IAGInternational Association of Geoanalysts
IAGInternational Association of Geomorphology
IAGInternet Asset Group
IAGIntroductory Adventure Game
IAGIndependent Advisory Groups
IAGInnovative Activities Grant
IAGInter African Group
IAGIssue Advisory Groups
IAGIssue Advisory Group
IAGInternational Association Geodesy
IAGInteractive Advertising Guidelines
IAGInterim Assessment Group
IAGImpact Advisory Groups
IAGInspection Advisory Group
IAGInformal Advisory Group
IAGInternational Association for Gerontology
IAGInstantaneous Automatic Gain
IAGInternational Association of Gerontological
IAGInternet Asia Group
IAGInt Assoc of Geodesy
IAGImpact Advisory Group
IAGIndo American Groups
IAGIndustrial Audiology Group
IAGInfrared Astrophysics Group
IAGIndustry Action Groups
IAGIntegration of Geodesy
IAGIsraeli Academic Grid
IAGInternational Airport Guide
IAGInvisible Art Glass
IAGInteragency Autism Group
IAGInternal Audit Group
IAGInternational Association of Geophysical
IAGInternational Affairs Group
IAGInternational Alliance Group
IAGInteroperability Advisory Group
IAGInfrastructure Advisory Group
IAGInsight Advisory Group
IAGInter Agency Agreements
IAGInternational Administration Guernsey
IAGInternationale Arnim Gesellschaft
IAGInstitute of Agriculture Genetics
IAGInternational Agreements Generator
IAGInvestment Alternatives Group
IAGIllinois Attorney General
IAGInstitute for Autonomy and Governance
IAGInternational Alchemy Guild
IAGInternational Association of Group
IAGIntroduction for Accountants in Government
IAGIFPRI Advisory Group
IAGInitial Assistance Grant
IAGInstallation Appearance Guide
IAGInternational Application Group
IAGInternet Association Group
IAGIonizing Air Gun
IAGIOSA Advisory Group
IAGinto Interagency Agreements
IAGinformation such as Interagency Agreement
IAGIndividual Author Guides
IAGIndustry Audit Guides
IAGInstitut fur Angewandte Geodaesie
IAGIntroduction to Applied Geostatistics
IAGIce Age Geology
IAGIcon Alliance Group
IAGIglesia Adventista de Guatemala
IAGIguana Acklins Ground
IAGIguana Anegada Ground
IAGincluding Interagency Agreements
IAGIndex to Ashanti Goldfields
IAGIndonesian Association of Geologists
IAGIndonesian Association of Geology
IAGInnuit Art Gallery
IAGInstitut fnr Angewandte Geo
IAGInstitut fnr Angewandte Geodasie
IAGInstitut fnr Angewandte GeodSsie
IAGInstitut fur Angewandte Geo
IAGInstitute of Applied Geophysics
IAGInstitute of Applied Geoscience
IAGInstitute of Applied Geosciences
IAGInstitute of Australian Geography
IAGIrelands Alternative Gothic
IAGIstituto di Analisi Globale

Note: Acronym Finder has 50 verified definitions for IAG