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What does HAL stand for?

HAL stands for Hypoplastic Acute Leukemia


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Hypoplastic Acute Leukemia: Review of 70 Cases with Multivariate Regression Analysis. Date: April 1987: Journal: Hematological Oncology: Excerpt...
Donald H. Berdeaux,Montana State University,Oncology,Diseases; Hypoplastic acute leukemia: Review of 70 cases with multivariate regression analysis (Citations: 2)
HAL is an acronym for hypoplastic acute leukemia HAN is an acronym for haloacetonitrile HANE is an acronym for hereditary angioneurotic edema
hand assisted laparoscopy; Heart Attacks in London [study]; hemorrhoidal artery ligation; hepatic artery ligation; hybrid artificial liver; hypoplastic acute leukemia
11 AML patients, 1 hypoplastic acute leukemia patient, 1 ALL patient, 1 MDS patient, 1 MPD patient, 11 NHL patients, 4 ATL patients, one Hodgkin disease...
HAL hand-assisted laparoscopy; Heart Attacks in London [study]; hepatic artery ligation; hybrid artificial liver; hypoplastic acute leukemia. hal halogen; halothane.
Member, Scientific Abstract Review Committee for the American Society; Berdeaux D, Glasser L, Serokman R, et al: Hypoplastic acute leukemia: Review of 70 cases.
Bock R, Jonge M, Korthout M, et al. Hypoplastic acute leukemia: description of 8 cases and search for hematopoietic inhibiting activity. Am Haematol 1992; 65: 247-52.
Ta-Chih Liu,: Remission of hypoplastic acute leukemia by low dose Ara-C. Kaohsiung J. Med. Sci. 7: 531-535. 9. Liuh-I Perng, Shyh-Shin Chiou, Ta-Chih Liu...
It can be concluded that hypoplastic acute leukemia is a distinct nosologic entity affecting primarily older patients with myeloid leukemia.
Leukemia is one of the leading journals in hematology and oncology; It has been suggested that in hypoplastic acute leukemia...
A hypoplastic acute leukemia (HAL) patient with a pericentric inversion of chromosome 16, inv(16)(p13q22) is reported.
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[81], and hypoplastic acute leukemia [10, 78, 132] are used. Laying the emphasis on the disease stage at clinical presentation has allowed...