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What does HVDS stand for?

HVDS stands for Hypergolic Vapor Detection System


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Mid DM DeveloPment Motor DM Data Manager DMA Direct MemorY Access DMA Direct MemorY Address DMC Drive Motor Assembly DMC Direct Maintenance Cost DMC Data Management ComPuter DMCF "Deservicing, Ma ntenan" DME Distance Measur ng EquiPment DME Distance-measuring equipment DMG Data Management Group DMIA Dual Multiplexer Interface Adapter DMIS Data Management Information System DML Developmental Instrumentation MDM-Left DMON Discrete Monitoring DMP Dump DMP DEU Message Processor DMP Deployable Maintenance Platform DMR Developmental Instrumentation MDM-Right DMS Data Management System DMS Docking Mechanism System (Subsystem) DMS Docking Module Subsystem DMS Dynamic Motion Simulator DMSS Data Management System Simulator (CVT) DN Down DN Discrepancy Notice DNA Does Not Apply DNLK Downlink (D/L preferred) DNLT Downlist DNO Descending Node Orbit DNP Dynamic Nuclear Polarization DO Discrete Output DOA DePartment of Agriculture DOC Department of Commerce DOC "Document, Documentation" DOD Department of Defense DOD Department of Defense DOD-STP Department of Defense-Standard Satellite DODD Department of Defense Directive DOE Department of Energy DOF Direction of Flight DOF Degree-of-Freedom DOH Discrete Output High DOI Descent Orbit Insertion DOL Department of Labor DOL Discrete Output Low DOMSAT Domestic Satellite DOMSAT Domestic satellite DOP Diver Operated Plug DOS Disk Operating System DOSIM Dosimeter DOT Department of Transportation DOT Deployment Operations Team DOT/CIAP DOT Climatic impact Assessment Program DOY Day of Year DP Double Precision DP Differential Pressure DP Development Phase DP Data Processing DP Double Pole DP Design Proof DP Deployable Payload DP Delayed Procurement DP&S Data Processi. ng And Software DP&SS Data Processing and Software Subsystem DP/DT Delta Pressure/Delta Time DPA Data Processing Assembly DPA Data processing assembly DPI Detail Program Interrelationships DPLR DOPPler DPM Dual port Memory DPN L Distribution Panel DPP Definition Phase Review DPP E)eve@opment-Right DPP Design Review DPP "Discrete Registe," DPP Dispatch BeliabilitY DPP D'isposit'lon Record DPP Data Processing and Software DPP Deployment Pointing Panels DPP Door DPP Discrepancy R12POrt DPP Data Processing System (Subsystern) DPP Data Processing Software System DPP Data Requirements and AnalYsis DPP Drive DPS Data processing system DPT Design Proof Test DPY Deploy DR Dead Reckoning DRA Data Release Authorization DRB Design Review Board DRB Design Requirements Baseline DRC Data Reduction Center DRC Discrete Rate Command DRD Document Requirement Description DRD Data Requirement Description DRD Detailed Requirements Document DRD Data Requirements Document DRF Data Request Form DRF "Digital, Radio Frequency" DRF Documentation Requisition Form DRG Digital Ranging Generator DRI Data Rate Indicator DRIRU Dry Rotor Inertial Reference Unit DRK Display Request Keyboard DRL Data Requirements List DRL Document Requirements List DRM Data Records Management DRM Design Reference Mission DRM Drawing Requirements Manual DRN Drain DRO Document Release Order DROG Drogue DRR Design Requirements Review DRR Data Recorder/Reproducer DRS Digital Range Safety DRS Data Relay Satellite DRS Data Relay Station DRSS Discrepancy Report Squawk Sheet DRT Design Reference Timeline DRUC Disposition Record Unsatisfactory Condition DS Data Storage DS& R Data Storage and Retrieval DSA Defense Supply Agency DSAD Data Systems and Analysis Directorate (JSC) DSB Document Status Bulletin DSB Double Side Band DSC Data Separator Card DSC Dedicated signal conditioner DSN Deep-Space Network DTP Detail Test Plan DTPR Detailed Test Procedures DTRD Development Test Requirements Document DTS Data Transmission System DTS Data Transfer System DU Display Unit DU Display unit DUA Digital Uplink Assembly DUC Digital Uplink Command DUM Dummy DUPLX Duplex DUPLXR Duplexer DUR Duration DV Designated Verification DV Differential Velocity DV Designee for Verification DVD Delta Velocity Display DVM Digital Voltmeter DVS Design Verification Specification DVS Digital Voice System DVT Design Verification Testing DW Data Word DWG Drawing DWI Data Word in DWS Disaster Warning Satellite DWV Dielectric Withstanding Voltage DY Deputy Director (KSC Directorate) DYN Dynamic [E] E East E LACS Extended Life Attitude Control System E LSC Earth Landing Sequence Controller E LSS Emergency Life Support System E&D Engineering and Development E&D Engineering and DeveloPment Directorate (JSC) E-E End-to-End E-MUX Electrical Multiplex E-P Electron/Proton E/0-ims E/0-Information Management System E/C Encoder/Coupler E/L Entry/Landing E/M Engineering Model E/O Engineering/Operations E/W Energy to Weight Ratio E/W Energy Over Weight EA Electronic Assembly EA Each EA Elevation Angle EAC Energy Absorbing Capacity EAC Estimate at Completion EAD ElectricallY Alterable Device EADI Electronic Attitude Director Indicator EAFB Ellington Air Force Base EAFB Elgin Air Force Base EAFB Edwards Air Force Base EAFB Edwards Air Force Base EAM Electrical Accounting Machine EAR Engineering AnalYsis Report EAS Equivalent Air Speed EAS Equivalent airspeed EAT Environmental Acceptance Test EB Emergency Box EB Electronic Beam EBC Emulated Buffer COMPuter EBCDC Extended Binary Coded Decimal EBD Eyeballs Down (+GZ) EBI Eyeballs in (+GX) EBL Eyeballs Left (+GY) EBO Eyeballs Out (-GX) EBR Eyeballs Right (-GY) EBS Emergency Breathing Subsystem EBU Eyeballs Up (-GZ) EBW Exploding Bridge Wire EBW Electron Beam Welding EC Element Contractor EC Engine Control EC Engine Cutoff EC Events Coupler EC Essentiality Code EC Experiment Computer EC Events Controller ECA Engineering Change Analysis ECA Electronics Control Assembly ECA Epoxy Curing Agent ECAS Experiment Computer Application Software ECB Engineering Change Board ECB Event Control Block ECB Events Control Buffer ECC Engineering Critical Component ECC Engineering Change Control ECCB Engineering Change Control Board ECD Engineering Control Drawing ECD Estimated Completion Date ECEP Experiment Checkout Equipment Processor ECF Equivalency Capability File ECF Element Charge Factor ECG Electrocardiogram ECG Electrocardiograph ECI Earth Centered Inertia (inertials) ECIO Experiment Computer Input/Output ECL Entry Closed Loop ECLS Environmental Control and Life Support ECLSS Environmental Control and Life Support System ECLSS Environmental control and life support system ECN Engineering Change Notice ECO Engine Cutoff ECO Engine Combustion ECO Engineering Change Order ECOS Experiment Computer Operating System ECP Explicitly Coded Program ECP Engineering Change Proposal ECP Engineering Control Proposal ECP Engineering Change Program ECR Engineering Change Request ECRA Engineering Change Request/Authorization ECS Environmental Control System (Subsystem) ECS Engine Control SYstem ECU Environmental Control Unit ECU Electronic Coupling Unit ECU Electrical control unit ED Explosive Device ED Edge Distance ED Engineering Directive ED Edit EDA Elevation Drive Assembly EDA Electronic DisPlay Assembly EDB Environmental Data Book EDC Engineering Design Change EDC(M) Electrochemical DePolarized CO (Module) EDCP Engineering Design Change ProPosal EDDR Electron DiPole-DiPole Reservoir EDF Engineering Data File EDLN Engineering DeveloPment Logic Network EDP Electonic Data Processing EDPE Electronic Data Processing EquiPment EDPM Electronic Data Processing Machine EDR Engineering Design Review EDS Emergency Detection System EDS Electrical Distribution System EDT Explosive Device System EDT Eastern Daylight Time EDU Engineering DeveloPment Unit EDV Electronic Depressurizing Valve EDW Edwards (TACAN Station) EDW "Edwards Air Force Base, CA (Deorb OPT site)" EE End Effector EECOM "EleCtrical, Environmental, and Communications" EECOM "Electrical, Environmental, Consumables, and Mechanical" EECOM Systems (MPSR) EED Electro (Electrical) Explosive Device EED Electroexplosive device EEE "Electronic, Electrical, Electromechanical" EEEU End Effector Electronics Unit EEG Electroencephalogram EEH EMU Electrical Harness EEIS End-to-End Information System EEL Electrical Equipment List EEM Earth Entry Module EENT "Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat" EERD Enhanced Entity Relationship Diagram EES Emei@gency Ejection Suits EES Ejection Escape Suit EES Escape ejection suit EET Entry Elapsed Time EETB Electronic Electrical Termination Building EEVT Electrophoresis Equipment Verification Test EFA Experiment Flight Applications EFCS Earth Fixed Coordinate System EFF Efficiency EFFGRO Efficient Growth (Computer Program) EFP ESA Furnished Property EFTO Encrypted for Transmission Only EG Entry Guidance EGA Evolved Gas Analysis EGC Experiments Ground Computer EGF "Electrical, Grapple Fixture" EGIL "Electrical, General Instrumentation, and Lighting E" EGRET Energetic Gamma Ray Explorer Telescope EGRS Egress EGSE Electrical Ground Support Equipment EGT Elapsed Ground Time EGT Estimated Ground Time EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature EGUN Fast Pulse Electron Gun EH/M Extension Hose/Moi!thpiece EHC Electrical Heating Control EHF Extremely High Frequency EHOT External Hydrogen/Oxygen Tank EHP Effective Horsepower EHP Electrical Horsepower EHR Earned Hour Ratio EHS Environmental Health Services EHX Experiment Dedicated Heat Exchanger EI Entry interface EIA Electrical Industries Association EIASN End Item Assembly Sequence Number EIC Experimental Intercom EID End Item Documentation EIDP End Item Data Package EIFA Element Interface Functional Analysis EIR Environmental Impact Report EIRP Effective lsotropic Radiated Power EIS Electrical Integration SYstem EIS Environmental Impact Statement EIS End Item Specification EIS Extended Instruction Set EIT Entry Interface Time EIU Engine Interface Unit EIU Engine interface unit EIVT Electrical and Instrumentation Verification Test EIVT Electrical Interface Verification Test EIVT Electronic Installation Verification Test EJN Ejection EKG Electrocardiogram (Record) EKG Electrocardiograph (Instrument) EL Elastic Limit EL Elevation Angle EL Elevate EL Electroluminescent EL MECH Electromechanical ELB Elbow ELDISC Electrical Disconnect ELDV Electrically Operated Depressurization Valve ELEC Electronic ELEC Electric ELECT Electrical ELECTR Electronics ELEV Elevon ELF Extremely Low Frequency (1 Hz to 3 kHz) ELINT Electromagnetic Intelligence ELMCH Electromechanical ELMS Elements ELMS Elastic Loop Mobility System ELS Earth Landing System (Subsystem) ELS Eastern Launch Site ELS Elevon Load System ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter ELV Earth Launch Vehicle ELV Electrically Operated Valve ELV Expendable Launch Vehicle ELVN Eleven EM Exception Monitor EM Emergency EM Engineering Model EMA Electromagnetic Analysis EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility EMCC Emergency Mission Control Center EMCD Electro-Mechanical Control Diagram EMCI Engineering Model Configuration Inspection EMD Entry Monitor Display EMEC Electromagnetic Effects Capability EMEC Electromagnetic Effects Compatibility EMER Emergency EMES "Electriral, Mechanical, and Environmental Systems" EMF Electromagnetic Force EMF Electromotive Force EMG Electromyograph(gram) EMG Surface Electromyograms EMI Electromagnetic Interference EMIS Emission EMK Emergency Medical Kit EMK Emergency medical kit EML Electromagnetic Laboratory EMN Engineering Management Network EMON Exception Monitoring EMP Electromagnetic Pulse EMP EquiPment Mounting Plate EMPGS Electrical/Mechanical Power Generation SubsYstem EMR Engine Mixture Ratio EMRL Equipment Maintenance Requirements List EMS Entry Monitor Subsystem EMS Engineering Master Schedule EMS Entry Monitoring system EMS Electromagnetic Susceptibility EMSS Electromagnetic Servoactuator SYstem EMT Electro-Mechanical Test EMU Extravehicular Mobility Unit EMU Engineering Model Unit EMU Extended Memory Unit EMU Extravehicular mobility unit EMU-TV Extravehicular MobilitY Unit - Television ENA Enable ENC Encode ENCD Encode ENCL Enclose END EFF End Effector ENDF Evaluated Neutron Data File ENG "Engine, Engineer" ENG ElectronYstagnogram ENGR Engineer ENGRG Engineering ENT Entry ENVIR "Environment, Environmental" EO Earth Orbit EO Earth Observation EOC End of Contract EOC Engine Order Capability EOC Engine-out Capability EOD Estimated on Dock EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal EODB End of Data Block EOF End of File EOG Electroculogram EOHT External Oxygen and Hydrogen Tanks EOI Earth Orbit Insertion EOL End of Line EOM Equations of Motion EOM Engineering Operations Manual EOM End of Mission EOM End of Message EOMF End of Minor Frame EOP Emergency Oxygen Pack EOP Experiments of Opportunity EOP Earth and Ocean Physics EOPAP Earth and Ocean Physics Application Program EOPO Equal Opportunity Program Office EOR Earth Orbit Rendezvous EOS Earth Orbit Shuttle EOS Emergency Oxygen Supply EOS Emergency Oxygen System EOS Extended Operating System EOS Earth Observation Satellite EOT End of Tape EOT End of Transmission EOW Energy over Weight EP Elbow Pitch EP Environmental Protective Plan EP Electrical Power EPA Environmental Protection Agency EPC Error Protection Code EPC External Power Contractor EPCDC "Electrical Power Conditioning, Distribution, and" EPCDC Control EPD Emergency Procedures Document EPD Electrical Power Distribution EPDB Electrical Power Distribution Box EPDB Experiment Power Distribution Box EPDC Electrical Power Distribution and Control EPDCS Electrical Power Distribution and Control System EPDS Electrical Power and Distribution Subsystem EPDS Electrical Power Distribution System EPDS Electrical power distribution subsystem EPDU Electrical power distribution unit EPG Electrical Power Generator EPL Electrical Power Level EPL "Electronic, Electrical, and Electromechanical Parts" EPL List EPL Emergency Power Level EPMS Engineering Performance Management System EPO Element Project Office EPOC External Payload Operations Center EPPS Electrical Power/Pyro Sequential System EPR Engine Pressure Ratio EPRN Emergency Program Release Notice EPROM Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory EPS Electrical Power System (Subsystem) EPS ExPerimental Power Supply EPS Electrical power system EPSP Experiment Power Switching Panel EPT Emergency Procedure Trainer EPT Ethylene Propylene Terpolymer EPTU Events per Time Unit EPWG Environmental Projects Working Group EQ Equivalent EQE Event Queue Element EQL Equal EQUIP Equipment EQUIV Equivalent ER Explanation Report ERA Electrical Replaceable Assembly ERAP Earth Resources Aircraft Program ERB Engineering Review Board ERBE Earth Radiation Budget Experiment ERBS Earth Radiation Budget Satellite ERC Event Recorder ERCA Electrochemically Regenerable CO2Absorber ERD Entity Relationship Diagram EREP Earth Resources Package ERG Ergometer ERNO "of European Consortium, VFW-Fokker-Mannheim," ERNO Germany (SPacelab Contractor) ERO Engineering Release Operations ERP Effected Radiative Power ERP Eye Reference Point ERP Effective Radiation Power ERPM Engineering Requirements and Procedures Manual ERR Error ERR CNTR Error Counter ERRC Expendability/Recoverability/Repair Capability ERS Engineering Release System ERS Entry and Recovery Simulation ERS Earth Recovery Subsystem ERSI Elastomeric Reusable Surface insulation ERSIR Earth Resources Shuttle Imaging Radar ERTS Earth Resources Technology Satellite ERU Earth Rate Unit ERV Expiratory Reserve Volume ES Experiment Segment ES Escape System ESA Engineering SuPPly Area ESA Engineering SuPPort Assembly ESA European Space Agency ESA ExPlosive Safe Area ESA European Space Agency ESA Explosive safe area (KSC) ESB Essential Switching Box ESC Escape ESCA Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis ESCU Extended Service and Cooling Umbilical ESD Experiment Systems Division ESD Emergency Shutdown ESDAC "European Space Data Center (Darmstadt, Germany)" ESDU Event Storage and Distribution Unit ESE Electrical Support Equipment ESE Electronic SuPport Equipment ESE EVA Support Equipment ESF Explosive Safe Facility ESI Electrical System Integration ESMC ETR ESMC "Eastern Space and Missile Center (formerly AFETR), also" ESO Event Sequence Override ESOC European Space Operations Center ESOW Engineering Statement of Work ESP Engine Service Platforms ESP Experiment Sensing Platform ESP Electroshock Protection ESPS Experiment Segment Pallet Simulator ESR Effective Sunrise ESR Engineering Support Request ESRIN European Space Research Institute ESRO European Space Research Organization ESRO European Space Research Organization ESS Environmental Support System ESS Essential ESS Experiment Subsystem Simulator ESS Effective Sunset ESS Equipment support section ESS Essential ESSA Environmental Sciences Services Administration EST Eastern Standard Time EST Estimate(d) ESTA Electronic System Test Equipment ESTA Escape System Test Article ESTEC European Space Research and Technology Center ESTEC European Space Technology Center ESTL Electronic Systems Test Laboratory ESV Emergency Shutoff Valve ESVS Escape System Ventilation System ESVS Escape Suit Ventilation System ESVS Escape suit ventilation system ESW Engine Status Word ET Edge Thickness ET Elevated Temperature ET Event Timer ET External Tank ET Elapsed Time ET External tank ET-SEP External Tank Separation ETA Environmental Test Article ETA Estimated Time of Arrival ETA Estimated Time to Acquisition ETA Explosive Transfer Assembly ETA External Tank Attachment ETB Equipment Transfer Bag ETC Estimate to Completion ETC "Greenbelt, Maryland (STDN Site)" ETC Earth Terrain Camera ETCO Equipment Transfer/Change Order ETD Electrical Terminal Distributor ETD Estimated Turnover Date ETD External Tank Door ETE End-to-End ETI Elapsed Time Indicator ETLOW External Tank Lift-Off Weight ETM ElaPsed Time Meter ETP Equipment Test Plan ETR Eastern Test Range (ESME preferred) ETR Eastern test range ETROD Eastern Test Range Operations Directive ETS Energy Transfer System ETS External Tank System (Subsystem) ETS Electrical Test Set ETSS External Tank Separation Subsystem ETVA External Tank Vent Arm EU Electronic Unit EU Engineering Units EU Experimental Unit EUROCOMSATE European Consortium Communications Satellite EUV Extreme Ultraviolet EUVE Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer EV Electron Volts EV Expendable Vehicles EV Extravehicular EVA Earned Value Analysis EVA Extravehicular Activity EVA Extravehicular activity EVAL Earth Viewing Applications Laboratory EVAL "Evaluate, Evaluation" EVAP Evaporator EVATA Extravehicular Activity Translational Aid EVC Extravehicular Communications EVCON Events Control (Subsystem) EVCS Extravehicular Communications System EVCU Extravehicular Communications Umbilical EVD External Visual Display EVF Equipment Visibility File EVLSS Extravehicular Life Support System EVM Earth Viewing Module EVMU Extra Vehicular Mobility Unit EVO Engineering Verification Order EVS Equipment VisibilitY System EVS Extravehicular Suit EVSC Extravehicular Suit Communications EVSS Extravehicular Space Suit EVSU Extravehicular Space Unit EVT Engineering Verification Test EVT Extravehicular Transfer EVVA Extravehicular Visor Assembly EWA Estimated Warehouse Arrival EWE Emergency Window Escape EWO Engineering Work Order EWR Engineering Work Request EX Executive Management Office (KSC Directorate) EXC Experiment Computer EXCH Exchange EXEC Execute EXH Exhaust EXO Experiment Operator (in Spacelab) EXP Exposure EXP Expand EXP Experiment EXPEN Expendable EXT Experiment Terminal (Operator Console on Spacelab) EXT Extension EXT External EXTD Extend EXTER External EXTGH Extinguish El End Item El Engineering Instruction El Entry Interface El Environmental Impact El Electronic Interface El Electromagnetic Interference [F] F Forward F Fahrenheit F Failure F Farad (SI Unit of Capacitance) F Female F Front F LCA Forward Load Control Assembly F&E Facility and Envii-onment F/0 Fuel/Oxidizer Ratio F/A Failure Analysis F/A Fuel-Air F/C Fit Check F/C Flight Controller F/C Fuel Cells F/D Fill/Drain F/E Full/Empty F/F "Fill/Full, Full/Fill" F/R Flared Rudder FA Failure Analysis FA Final Approach FA Final Assembly FA Flight Aft FA Flight Critical Aft FA Fully Automatic FA Flight aft FA/COSI Final Assembly and Closeout System Installation FAA False Alarm Avoidance FAA Federal Aviation Administration FAA Federal Aviation Agency FAB "Fabricate, Fabrication" FAC Facility FACI First Article Configuration Inspection FACO Fabrication and Acceptance Checkout FACO Factory Acceptance Checkout FACO Factory Assembly and Checkout FACO Final Assembly Checkout FACS Facilities Control FACS Finance and Control System FACT Flexible Automatic Circuit Tester FAD Final Approach Display FAF First Aerodynamic Flight FAIR "Fabrication, Assenibly, and Inspection Record" FAL First Approach and Landing (Test) FAM Familiarization FAMOS Flight Acceleration Monitor Only System FAO Flight Activities Officer FAP Final Approach Plane FAR Failure Analysis Report FAR Federal Aviation Regulation FAR Final Acceptance Review FAR Flight Acceptance Review FASCOS Flight Acceleration Safety Cutoff System FAT Flight Attitude Table FAWG Flight Assignment Working Group FAX Facsimile Transmission FB Feedback FB Final Braking FBAS Fixed Base Aft Station FBC Fluidized-Bed Combustion FBCS Fixed Base Crew Station (SMS) FBS Firefighters Breathing System FBV Field Base Visit FBV Fuel Bleed Valve FC Fit Check FC Flight Computer FC Flight Control FC Flight Critical FC Fuel Cell FC Flight control FC Flight critical FC Fuel cell FCA Fluids Control Assembly FCA Frequency Control Analysis FCA Functional ComPatibility Analysis FCA Functional Configuration Audit FCA Forward controller assembly FCAF Flight Crew Accommodations Facility FCAP Flight Control Applications Program FCC Federal Communications Commission FCC Flat Conductor Cable FCC Flight Control Computer FCC Flight Crew Compartment FCCP Firm Contract Cost ProPosal FCD Flight Control Division (JSC) FCDB Flight Control Data Bus FCE Flight Control Equipment FCE Flight Crew Equipment FCEF Flight Crew Equipment Facility FCEI Facility Contractor End Item FCF First Captive Flight FCF Flight Critical Forward FCF Functional Check Flight FCFM Flight Combustion Facility Monitor FCH Flight Controllers Handbook FCH L Flight Control Hydraulics Laboratory FCI Flight Control Indicator FCI Functional Configuration Identification FCIM Flight Control Interface Module FCIP Flight Cargo Implementation Plan FCIT First Computer Interface Tester FCL Freon Coolant Loop FCL Freon Coolant Line FCL Freon coolant loop FCMU Foot Controlled Maneuvering Unit FCN Function FCO Final Checkout FCO Functional Checkout FCOH Flight Controllers Operational Handbook FCOS Flight Computer Operating System (Orbiter) FCOS Flight Control Operational Software FCOS Flight Control Operating System FCOS Flight control operational software FCOS Flight computer operating system FCP Firm Cost Proposal FCP Failure Correction Panel FCP Fuel Cell Power (Plant) FCP Flight Correction Proposal FCP Fuel cell power plant FCPS Fuel Cell Power System (Subsystem) FCR Final Configuration Review FCR Flight Configuration Review FCR Flight Control Room FCR Flight Control Room FCRA Fecal Collection Receptacle Assembly FCRT Flight Display CRT FCS Fecal Containment System FCS Flight Control System (Subsystem) FCS Flight Crew System FCS Federal Communications System FCS Flight control system FCSM Flight Combustion Stability Monitor FCSS Fuel Cell Servicing System FCT Flight Control Team FCT Fuel Cell Test FCT Flight Crew Trainer FCTB Flight Crew Training Building FCTF Fuel Cell Test Facility FCTS Flight Crew Trainer Simulator FCU Fluid Checkout Unit FCW Format Control Words FD Fault Detection FD Flight Day FD Flight Deck FD Flight Director FD Freeze Dried FD Feed FD FunCtion Designator FD WMR Food Warmer FDA Fault Detection and Annunciation FDA Flight Deck Assembly (FDF) FDAI Flight Director Attitude Indicator FDB Fahrenheit Dry Bulb FDDB Function Designator Data Base FDF Flight Data File FDF Flight data file FDI Fault Detection and Identification FDI Fault Detection and Isolation FDI Failure Detector Indicator FDIIR Recompensation FDIIR "FaLilt Detection, Isolation, Identification, and" FDIR Recovery/Recognition FDIR Fault Detection identification/Isolation and FDL Flight Director Loop FDLN Feedline FDM Flight Data Manager FDM Frequency Data Multiplexer FDM Frequency Division Multiplexing FDM Frequency division multiplexer FDO Flight Dynamics Officer FDO Fee Determination Official FDOR Flight Design Operations Review FDR Final Design Review FDR Flight Data Recorder FDR Functional Design Review FDRI Flight Director Rate Indicator FDS Flight Design System FDS Flight Dynamics Simulator FDS Flight Dynamics Software/System FDS Fluid Distribution System FDS Functional Design Specifications FDS Flight Design and Scheduling FDSC Flight Dynamics Situation Complex FDSC Flight Dynamics Simulation Complex FDU Fluid Distribution Unit FDX Full Duplex FEA Failure Effects Analysis FEAT Final Engineering Acceptance Test FEB Forward Equipment Bay FEC Field Engineering Change FEC Forward Events Controller FED Flight Events Demonstration FEDP Facility and Equipment Design Plan FEID Flight Equipment Interface Device FEID Functional Engineering Interface Device FEM Finite Element Method FEMCPL Facilities and Envir- Measurement Comp. Parts List FEP Floral Ethel Propane FEP Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene FEP Front End Processor FERD Facility and Equipment Requirements Document FES Flight Element Set FES Flash Evaporator System FES Flash evaporator system FESL Failure Effects Summary List FET Field Effect Transistor FET Flight Elapsed Time FEWG Flight Evaluation Working Group FF Flip Flop FF Free Flight FF Flight Forward FF Flight forward FFBD Functional Flow Block Diagram FFC Final Flight Certification FFD Fixed Format Display FFD Functional Flow Diagram FFM Free-Flying (Experiment) Module FFP Firmed Fixed Price FFTO Free-Flying Teleoperator FH Flex Hose FHC Flight Half Coupling FHD Fixed Head Disk FHF First Horizontal Flight FHO Failed Handover FHP Fuel High Pressure FHS Forward Heat Shield FI Flight Instrumentation FI Formal Inspection FIAR Failure Investigation Action Report FID Failure Identification FID Flight Implementation Directive FIDO Flight Dynamics Officer FIE Flight Instrumentation Engineer FIFO First in-First out (High Speed Data Buffers) FIG Figure FIIG Federal Item Identification Guide FIL Filament FILE Future Identification and Location Experiment FIO Furnished and installed by Others FIR Fuel Indicating Reading FIS Facility Interface Sheets FIT Fault Isolation Test FITH Fire-in-the-Hole FIV Fuel Isolation Valve FKB Flight Display Keyboard FL Fail FL Feed Lines FL Flowline FL Forward link FL MECH Fluid Mechanical FLAP Flight Application Software FLC Federal Library Committee FLC Forward Load Control FLCA Forward load controller assembly FLD Field FLEX Flexible FLG Flag FLG Flange FLLK Frustum Lifting Lug Kit FLN Fuel Line FLOT Flotation FLP Flap FLPS Flight Load Preparation System FLR Flare FLR Failure FLS Flight Surgeon FLSC Flexible Linear Shaped Charge FLT Flight FLT Floating FLTR Filter FLTSATCOM Fleet Satellite Communications FLUOR Fluorescent FLW Fellows (TACAN Station) FM Frequency Modulation (Modulated) FM Flight Model FM "Frequency modulation, frequency modulated" FM/FM Frequency Modulation/Frequency Multiplexing FM/PM Frequency Modulation/Phase Modulation FMA Failure Mode Analysis FMAHTS Flight Manifest and Hardware Tracking System FMANTS Flight Manifest FMC Food Machinery Corporation FMCF First Manned Captive Flight FMDM Flex Multiplexer/Demultiplexer FMEA Failure Modes and Effects Analysis FMEC Forward Master Events Controller FMECA "Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis" FML Fault Message Line FML Final Materials List FMO Flight Medical Officer FMOF First Manned Orbital Flight FMOFEV First Manned Orbital Flight with EVA FMOFPL First Manned Orbital Flight with Payload FMR Field Modification Request FMR Function Max Rate FMS Food Management System (Subsystem) FMSP Frequency Modulation Signal Processor FMSP FM signal processor FMT Flight Management Team FMX FM Transmitter FND Facility Need Date FNL Final FNT Failure Notification Telex FO Objective FO Fail Operational FO Fiber Optics FO/FS Fail-Operational/Fail-Safe FOB Flight Operations Building FOB Free on Board FOC Focus FOC Full Operational Capability FOD Flight Operations Directorate (JSC) FOE Flight Operations Engineer FOF First Orbital Flight FOF First Operational Flight FOF Flight Operations Facilities FOIH Flight Operations Integration Handbook FOM R Flight Operations management Room FOP Flight Operations Plan FOP Flight Operations Panel FOP Follow on Production FOPG Flight Operations Planning Group FOPP Follow on Parts Production FOPS Flight Operations Planning Schedule FOR Flight Operations Review FOR Force FORTRAN Formula Translation FOS Flight Operations Support FOSDIC Film Optical Sensing Device for Input to Computers FOSO Flight Operations Scheduling Officer FOSP Flight Operations Support Personnel FOST Flight Operations SUPPOrt Team FOT Flight Operations Team FOV First Orbital Vehicle FOV Field of View (Vision) FP Fuel Pressure FP Function Path FP Fine Pointing FP Fixed Point FP Flight Plan FP Freezing Point FPB Fuel Preburner FPBOV Fuel Preburner and Oxidizer Valve FPC Forward Power Controller FPC Fluids Pressure Control FPCA Forward Power Control Assembly FPCA Forward power controller assembly FPE Functional Program Element FPEG Fast Pulse Electron Gun FPHB Flight Procedures Handbook FPIF Fixed Price Incentive Fee FPL Full Power Level FPL Full Power Load FPM Folding Platform Mechanism FPM Feet per Minute FPOV Fuel Preburner Oxidizer Valve FPP Freon Pump Package FPPR Fixed Price with Price Revision FPR Flight Performance Reserve FPS Feet per Second FPS2 Feet per second squared FPS Flight per Second FPS Forward Power Supply FPS Frames Per Second FPU Floating Point Unit FPV Flow Proportioning Valve FQ Flight Qualification FQI Flight Qualification Instrumentation FQR Flight Qualification Review FQR Flight Qualification Recorder FQT Formal Qualification Test FR Flight Rule FR Firing Room FR Frame FRAGNET Fragmented Network FRB Failure Review Board FRC "Flight Research Center, California" FRCI Fibrous refractory composite insulation FRCS Forward Reaction Control System (Subsystem) FRCS Forward reaction control system FRD Flight Requirements Document FRE Flight Related Element FRE Format Request Element FREO DIV FrequencY Divider FREQ Frequency FREQ CONV Frequency Converter FRF Flight Readiness Firing FRFT Flight Readiness Firing Test FRJD Forward Reaction Jet Driver FRL Fuselage Reference Line FRL Frame Reference Line FRMT Format FRP Fuselage Reference Plane FRR Flight Readiness Review FRRID Flight Readiness Review Item DescriPtion FRRID Flight Readiness Review Item DisPosition FRSI Felt Reusable Surface Insulation FRSI Flexible reusable surface insulation FRT FrequencY ResponseTest FRT Flight Readiness Test FRT Flight Readiness Training FRZR Freezer FS Functional Schematic FS Freon Servicer FS Fail-Safe FS Flight System FS Fault Summary FS Federal Specification FS Fire Suppression FS Fail to Sync FS Full Scale FS Fuselage Station FSAA Flight Simulator for Advanced Aircraft FSC Federal Stock Classification FSCM Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers FSCP Fire Sensor Control Panel FSD Flight Simulation Division (JSC) FSD Full Scale Development FSE Flight Simulation Engineer FSF First Static Firing FSGS Flare/Shallow Glide Slope FSI Final Systems installation FSIM Functional Simulator FSIWG Flight System Interface Working Group FSK Frequency Shift Keyed (Keying) FSL Flight Systems Laboratory FSL Flight Simulation Laboratory FSLO First Spacelab Payload FSLT First Sea Level Test FSM Fuel Supply Module FSN Federal Stock Number FSO Functional Supplementary Objective FSOH Flight Support Operations Handbook FSP Fault Summary Page FSR Final System Release FSR Flight Specific Requirements FSRR Flight System Readiness Review FSRR Flight Software Readiness Review FSRS Flight System Recording System FSS Field Spectrometer System FSS Flight Systems Simulator FSS Flight Support System FSS Fire Suppression System FSS Fixed Service Structure FSS Flight Support Station (for MMU) FSS Flight Support Structure FSS Fixed service structure FSSR Functional Subsystem Software Requirements FSSR Flight Systems Software Requirements FSTE Factory Special Test Equipment FSU Freon Servicing Unit FSW Flight Software FT Feet FT Flight Team FT Flight Test FT Formal Training FT Functional Test FT/SEC Feet per Second FT&C Formal Training and Certification FTA Flight Test Article FTA Fault Tree Analysis FTA Fatigue Test Article FTC Flight Test Conductor FTC Florida Test Center (MDAC) FTE Factory Test EquiPment FTE Flight Test Engineer FTE Forced Test End FTIS Flight Test Instrumentation System FTO Functional Test Objective FTO Flight Test Objective FTOH Flight Test Operations Handbook FTOH Flight Team Operations Handbook FTP Flight Test Procedure FTP Functional Test Program FTP Function Test Progress FTP Full Throttle Position FTR Functional Test Requirement FTR Flight Test Requirement FTRD Functional Test Requirements Document FTRD Flight Test Requirements Document FTS Federal Telecommunications System FTS Flight Test Station FTS Flight Test System FTS Functional Test Specifications FU Flight Unit FU Fuel FUB Forward Utility Bridge FUD First Use Date FUNC Function FUNCT Functional FUO Follow-up Output FUS Fuselage FUS/LF "Fuselage, Lower Forward" FUS/UF "Fuselage, Upper Forward" FUSLG Fuselage FV Front View FV FlighL Version FVF First Vertical Flight FVMS Fluid Volume Measurement System FVV Facility Verification Vehicle FW Flag Word FW Fuel Wasting FWB Fahrenheit Wet Bulb FWD Forward FWD HT SHLD Forward Heat Shield FWG Facility Working Group FWW "Food, Water, and Waste" FWWM "Food, Water, and Waste Management" FWWMS "Food, Water, and Waste Management System (Subsystem)" FXD Fixed FY Fiscal Year Fl Fault Identification [G] G Giga (Billion) G Gravity G Units of Gravitational Force G IWG Ground Interface Working Group G LOW Gross Lift-Off Weight G LOW Ground Lift-Off Weight G CCC Ground Control Computer Center G F&P "Gases, Fluids, and Propellants" G&A General and Administrative G&C Guidance and Control G&N Guidance and Navigation G&NGuidanc and navigation G&NS Guidance and Navigation Subsystem G-11 Gulfstream 11 (Shuttle Training Aircraft) G-A Ground-to-Air G-G Ground-to-Ground G-MEM General Memory G-MEM GPC-Memory G-V Gravity-Velocity G/A Ground-to-Air G/E Graphite Epoxy G/G Ground-to-Ground G/S Guided steering G/T Antenna Gain-to-Noise Temperature Ratio G02 Ga G02 Gaseous Oxygen GA Gage GA General Assembly GA Glide Angle GA Gyro Assembly GA&CS Ground Acquisition and Command Station GAC Ground Attitude Control GAC Grumman Aerospace Corporation GACU Ground Air Conditioning Unit GACU Ground Avionics Cooling Unit GAIN Graphic Aids for investigating Networks GAM Gamma GAO General Accounting Office GAP GOAL Automatic Procedure GAPL Group Assembly Parts List GAS Get-Away Special GASPI Guidance Attitude Space Position Indicator GATP Ground Acceptance/Article Test Procedure GATT Gate Assisted Turnoff Thyristor GBI Grand Bahama Island GBL Government Bill of Lading GBR Glass Bead Rating GBS Ground Based Software GC Gigacycles (1000 Megacycles) GC Ground Control GC Guidance Control GC Gyrocompassing GCA Ground Controlled Approach GCC Ground Communications Coordinator GCC Ground Control Center GCCO Ground Control Checkout GCD "Gyrc)-Compass, Desired Cluster Orientation" GCDC Ground Checkout Display and Control GCDCS Ground Checkout Display and Control System GCE Ground Checkout Equipment GCF Ground Communications Facility GCHX Ground Cooling Heat Exchanger GCI Ground Controlled Interception GCIL Ground Control Interface Logic GCIL Ground command interface logic GCILC Ground Command Interface Logic Controller GCILU Ground Control Interface Logic Unit GCL Ground Coolant Loop GCL Ground Control Landing GCN Ground Control Network GCN Ground Communications Network (A/G Worldwide Net) GCO Ground Checkout GCOS General Computer Operational System GCOS Ground Computer Operating System GCR Ground Controlled Radar GCS Guidance Cutoff Signal GCS Ground Communications System GCTS Gas Component Test Stand GCTS Ground Communication(s) Tracking System GCU Gyro Coupling Unit GCU General Control Unit GCU Generator Control Unit GCU Ground Cooling Unit GCV Gaseous Oxygen Control Valve GD Guard GDA Gimbal Drive Actuator/Assembly GDBS Generalized Data Base System GDC General Dynamics Convair GDC Gyro Display Coupler GDP Generalized Documentation Processor GDS "Goldstone, California (STDN)" GDS GNC Dynamic Simulator GDSD Ground Data SYstems Division GDSM Ground Data Systems Manager GDSO Ground Data Systems Officer GDSSR GDSD Staff Support Room GDX "Goldstone, CA (STDN Site, 2nd Antenna)" GE General Electric GECALL GCOS Program Element Name GEDAC General Electric Detection and Automatic Correction GEN "Generate, Generator" GENOPAUSE Geodetic Satellite in Polar Geosynchronous Orbit GEOD Geodetic GEOSEPS General Summary Edit Program GEOSEPS Geosynchronous Solar Electric Propulsion Stage GERT Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique GES Goddard Experiment SuPport System GESYOT GCOS Program Element Name GET Ground Elapsed Time GETI Ground Elapsed Time of Ignition GETIL Ground Elapsed Time of Landing (for TIG of GETIL Abort Burn) GETS Ground Equipment Test Sets GF Gage Factor GFAE Government Furnished Aircraft Equipment GFAE Government Furnished Aerospace Equipment GFD Government Furnished Data GFE Government Furnished Equipment GFM Government Furnished Material GFP Government Furnished Property GFRP Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics GFRP Graphite Fiber Reinforced Plastics GFS Government Furnished Software GFY Government Fiscal Year GG Gravity Gradient GG Gas Generator GH2 Gaseous Hydrogen GH2 Gaseous hydrogen GHA Greenwich Hour Angle GHA General Housekeeping Area GHC Ground Half Coupling GHX Ground Heat Exchanger GHe Gaseous Helium GHz Gigahertz GIA GPC Interface Adapter GIDEP Government-industry Data Exchange Program GIE Ground Instrumentation Equipment GIM Generalized Information Management GIRD Ground Integration Requirements Document GITG Ground Interface Technical Group GLAADS Gun Low Altitude Air Defense System GLC Generator Line Contractor GLD Glide Slope GLL Galileo GLP Goal Language Processor GLRSHLD Glare Shield GLS Ground Launch Sequence (Sequencer) GLY Water-Glycol Mixture GLY Glycol GM Gaseous Mixture GM Geometric Mean GMAL General Electric Macro Assembly Language GMBL Gimbal GMCL Ground Measurements Command List GMIL Sp GMIL Spaceffight Tracking and Data Network (STDN) GML Ge GML General Measurement Loop GMMC Gr GMMC Ground Master Measurements List GMN Go GMN Gorman (TACAN Station) GMT Greenwich Mean Time GMT Gr GMT Greenwich Mean Time GN Ga GN Gain GN&C "Guidance, navigation and control" GN&C Gu "GN&C Guidance, Navigation, and Control" GN2 Gaseous nitrogen GN2 Ga GN2 Gaseous Nitrogen GNC Gu GNC Guidance and Navigation COmPuter GNCFTS GN GNCFTS GN&C Flight Test Station GNCIS GN GNCIS GN&C Integration Simulator GNCS Gu GNCS Guidance and Navi-oation Control System GNCTS GN GNCTS GN&C Test Station GND Gr GND Ground GND C/0 Gr GND C/0 Ground Checkout GNP Gr GNP Gross National Product GO Ge GO General Order GO2 Gaseous oxygen GOAL Gr GOAL Ground Operations Aerospace Language GOC Gr GOC Ground Operations Coordinator GOCA Gr GOCA Ground Operations Control Area GOE Gr GOE Ground Operating EquiPMent GOES Ge GOES Geostationary Operational Environment Satellite GOM KS GOM KSC Ground Operations Manager at DFRC or WSMR GOMMS Gr GOMMS Ground Operations and Material Management System GOMS Gr GOMS Ground Operations Management System GOP Gr GOP Ground Operations Panel GOPG Gr GOPG Ground Operations Planning Group GOR Gr GOR Ground Operations Review GORP Gr GORP Ground Operations Requirements Plan GORS Gr GORS Ground Observer RF System GOSS Gr GOSS Ground Operations Support System GOWG Gr GOWG Ground Operations Working Group GOX Ga "GOX Gaseous Oxygen (GO,)" GP Group GP General Purpose GP Ge GP General Publication (RSC) GPA General Purpose Amplifier GPAS General PurPose Airborne Simulator GPBIM General Purpose Buffer interface Module GPC General Purpose Computer GPC Gel Permeation Chromatograph GPC General-purpose computer GPCB GOAL Program Control Block GPD Gimbal Position Display GPH Gallons per Hour GPI Gimbal Position Indicator GPI Ground Position Indicator GPL General Purpose Laboratory GPL Goal Processing Language GPM Gallons per Minute GPME General Purpose Mission Equipment GPRN GOAL Test Procedure Release Notice GPS Global Positioning System GPS Gallons per Second GPS General Processing Subsystem GPS Global Positioning Satellite GPS Ground Power Supply GPS Ground Processing Simulation GPSS General Purpose System Simulator GPTE General Purpose Test Equipment GPU Ground Power Unit GPUR GOAL Test Procedure Update Request GR Ground R@le GRE Gamma Ray Explorer GRID Graphic Retrieval and Information Display GRN Green GRO Gamma Ray Observatory GRTLS Glide Return to Launch Site GRTLS Glide Return to Landing Site GS Ground Station GS Ground System GS Ground Speed GS Gas Servicer GS Glide Slope GS Glide slope GSA General Services Administration GSAT General Satellite (STS) GSCU Ground Service Cooling Unit GSDL Ground Software Development Laboratory GSE Ground Servicing Equipment GSE Ground Support Equipment GSE Ground support equipment GSEL Ground Support Equipment List GSFC "Goddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt, MD)" GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center GSI Government Source Inspection GSI Glide Slope Indicator GSI Glide slope indicator GSIU Ground Standard Interface Unit GSO Ground Support Office GSO Ground Support Operations GSO Ground Systems Operations GSS Ground Support System GSS Ground Support Software GSSA Ground Support Systems Activation GSSC Ground Support Systems Contractor GSSC Ground Support Simulation Computer GSSI Ground Support System Integration GST Ground System Test GSTAR General Satellite (ELV) GSTDN Ground Spacecraft Tracking and Data Network GSTDN Ground Space Flight Tracking and Data Network GSTDN Ground space flight tracking and data network GSTF Ground Systems Test Flow GSU Gas Servicer Unit GSVP Ground Support Verification Plan GT Gyro Torque GT Ground Test GT Greater Than GT Ground Team GT&A Ground Test and Acceptance GTA Ground Test Access GTA Ground Test Article GTA Gas Tungsten Arc GTA Ground Torquing Assembly GTC Glycol Trim Console GTC Ground Test Conductor GTCU Ground Thermal Conditioning Unit GTI Ground Test Instrumentation GTI Grand Turk Island GTM Ground Team Manager GTM Ground Test Motor GTS General Test Support GTS GN&C Test Station GTS GNS Test Station GTU Glycol Trim Unit GUCP Ground Umbilical Carrier Plate GUID Guidance GUIDO Guidance Officer GUL GSE Utilization List GUSB Guided Unified S-Band GVA GOX Vent Arm GVO Gaviota (TACAN Station) GVT Ground Vibration Test GVTA Ground Vibration Test Article GW Gross Weight GWA General Work Area GWM Guam (STDN) GWT Ground Winds Tower GYM "Guaymas, Mexico (Remote Site)" GYRO Gyroscope GYROA Gyro A GYROCOMP Gyrocompassing Geosynchron Geosynchronous Operational Environmental Satellite Ground Oper Ground Operations Review Panel [H] H Al H AlHazardous (Task Classification) H Al H Altitude H Al H AlAltitude Rate H Al H AlHead H Al H AlHenry (Si Unit) H Al H AlHigh H Al H AlHorizontal H Al H AlHot H Al H AlHours H Al H AlMomentum H 2 Hydrogen H 20 Water H M Hinge Mount H /'E Heat Exchanger H 1ST History H EPA High Efficiency Particle Air (Filter) H EPA High Efficiency Particle Accumulator H LTL High Level Test Language H-CITE Horizontal-Cargo Integration Test Equipment H/L Hardline H/O Handover H/S Heat Shield H/S IR Hardware/Software Integration Review H/T Heat Treat H/W Hardware H2 Hydrogen HA Hazard Analysis HA Apogee Altitude HA High Altitude HAA High Altitude Abort HAB Habitation HAC Heading Alignment Cylinder HAC Heading Alignment Circle HAC Heading Alignment Cone HAC Heading alignment cylinder HAD Heat Actuated Device HAFB Holloman Air Force Base HAINS High-accuracy inertial navigation system HAK Horizontal Access Kit HAL High Order Assembly Language HAL High Order Articulated Language HAL Houston Aerospace Language HAL/S High Order Programming Language for Spacelab Usage HAL/S High Order Assembly Language/Shuttle HAL/S Computer HAL/S High Order Assembly Language for Shuttle Flight HAL/S High-order assembly language/ shuttle HAM Height Adjustment Maneuver HAP Hardware Allocation Panel HAS Hydrogen Actuation System HAS Hydraulic Actuation System HAS Holddown Alignment Support HAST High Altitude Supersonic Target HAW Hawaii (STDN) HB High Bay HB Handbook HBR High Bit Rate HBT Heflex Bio-Engineering Test HBW Hot Bridge Wire HC Hybrid Computer HC Head Count HC Hand Controller HCED Hand Controller Engage Driver HCF High Cycle Fatigue HCF HIM Configuration File HCL Horizontal Centerline HCM Hard Copy Module HCMM Heat Capacity Mapping Mission HCR High Cross Range HCSI "Hughes Communications Services, Inc. " HCSL Hybrid Computation and Simulation Laboratory HCU Hydraulic Charging Unit HCV Hydrogen Check Valve HD Hoiddown HD Horizontal Drain HD Hydrogen Drain HD Highly Desirable HD Heavy Duty HDA Housekeeping Data Acquisition HDC HYbrid Device Controller HDC Hasselblad Data Camera HDDR High-Density Digital Recorder HDG Heading HDP Holddown Post HDQ Headquarters HDR High Data Rate HDR High data rate HDRA High Data Rate Assembly HDRM High Data Rate Multiplexer HDRR High Data Rate Recorder HDRR High-data-rate recorder HDRSS High Data Rate Storage System HDS Hardware DescriPtion Sheet HDST Headset HDW Hardware HDWE Hardware HE High Energy Astrophysics HE Heat Exchange (Exchanger) HEAO High Energy Astronomy Observatory HEAP High Energy Aim Point HECV Helium Check Valve HEG Helium Gage HEGV Helium Gage Valve HEM Hitchhike Experiment Module HEMI Hemispherical (S-Band Antenna) HEMV Helium Manual Valve HEO High Energy Orbit HER HIM EquiPment Rack HERSCP Hazardous Exposure Reduction and Safety Criteria Plan HESS High Energy Squib Simulator HETM Hybrid Engineering Test Model HEX Heat Exchanger HEX Hexadecimal HEX Hexagon HF High Frequency HF Horizontal Flight HF Hot Firing HF Hydrogen Fill HF Hyperfiltration HF Hard Failure HFA High Frequency Accelerometer HFC Heat Flow and Convection HFC Hydraulic Flight Control HFCT Hydraulic Flight Control Test HFCV Helium Flow Control Valve HFDS Hydrogen Fluid Distribution System HFE High Frequency Executive HFM Hollow Fiber Membrane HFMU High Fidelity Mockup HFO High Frequency oscillator HFS Horizontal Flight Simulator HFT Horizontal Flight Test HFTF Horizontal Flight Test Facility HFTS Horizontal Flight Test Simulator HFX High Frequency Transceiver HG High Gain HGA High Gain Antenna HGDS Hazardous Gas Detection System HGM Hot-Gas Manifold HGR Hangar HGR&SPTFAC Hangar and Support Facility HGS Hydrogen Gas Saver HGV Hydrogen Gas Valve HGVT Horizontal Ground Vibration Test HHC Hammer Head Crane HHMU Hand Held Maneuvering Unit HI High HI "Honeywell, Inc. " HIC "Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii (Deorb OPT site)" HID Hardware Interface Device HID HIM Interface Distributor HIM Hardware Interface Module HIP Hardware Interface Program HIP Hardware interface program HIPC High Chamber Pressure HIPO Hierarchical Input/Process Output HIPO Hierarchy Plus InPut/Process/Output HISAM Hardware Initiated Standalone Memory HITS High Rate Multiplexer InPut/Output Test System HIU Headset Interface Unit HIU Headset interface unit HIV Helium Isolation Valve HK Housekeeping HL High Level HL Hardline HL Heel Line HL Hydrogen Line HL Hinge Line HLAL High Level Assembler Language HLD Hold HLDS Hydrogen Leak Detection System HLMT Hel met HMA Hypergot Maintenance Area HMC Hypergolic Maintenance and Checkout HMC Hybrid Microcircuit HMCC Hypergolic Maintenance and Checkout Cell HMCF Hypergolic Maintenance and Checkout Facility HMCF Hypergolic Maintenance and Checkout Facility HMD Helmet-Mounted Display HMF Horizontal Mating Facility HMF Hypergot Maintenance Facility HMP Hydrozene Monopropeflant (RCS Propellant) HMS History Memory System HMU Hardware Mockup HMV Hydrogen Manual Valve HNDLER Handler HNGR Hangar HO Hydrogen-OxYgen HOL High Order Language HOLC High Order Language Computer HORIZ "Horizon, Horizontal" HOS High Order Software HOSC Huntsville Operations Support Center HP Handling Procedure HP Hewlett Packard HPF Horizontal Processing Facility (O&C) HPFT High-pressure fuel turbopump HPFTP High Pressure Fuel Turbopump HPG High Pressure Gas HPGS High Pressure Gas System HPI High Performance insulation HPOP High Pressure Oxidizer Pump HPOT High Pressure Oxidizer Turbopump HPOT High-pressure oxidizer turbopump HPOTP High Pressure Oxidizer Turbopump HPPF Horizontal Payloads Processing Facility HPR Hydrogen Pressure Regulator HPRV Hydrogen Pressure Relief Valve HPS Hydraulic Power SYstem HPT High Pressure Test HPU Hydraulic Power Unit HPU Hydraulic power unit HPV High Pressure Valve HQ Headquarters (HDQ preferred) HQR Handling Qualities Rating (Cooper-Harper) HR Historical Record HR Hour HRAA High Rate Acquisition Assembly HRC Hasselblad Reflex Camera HRD High Rate Dosimeter HRD High-rate dosimeter HRDA High Rate Data Assembly HRDM High Rate Demultiplexer HRDR High Rate Digital Recorder HRDS High Rate Data Station HRIR High Resolution Infrared Radiometer HRL Horizontal Reference Line HRM High Rate Multiplexer HRM High-rate multiplexer HRPS Hazard Reduction Precedence Sequence HRS Hours HRSI High Temperature Reusable Surface Insulation HRSI High-temperature reusable surface insulation HRT High Resolution Tracker HS Horizon Sensor HS High Speed HS Heat Shield HS-C Hamilton Standard CO Absorbent Material HSC Hardware/Software Coordination HSCU Hydraulic SUPPly and Checkout Unit HSD HoriZontal Situation Display HSD High Speed Data HSD Hamilton Standard Division HSDL High Speed Data Line HSF Hypergot Servicing Facility HSG High Sustained Gs Acceleration HSI Horizontal Situation Indicator HSI Horizontal situation indicator HSK Horizontal Sling Kit HSL Hardware Simulation Laboratory HSNG Housing HSP Health Stabilization Program HSP High Speed Printer HSR Hardware Status Register HSS High Speed Reader HSS Hydraulic Subsystem Simulator HSS High Stress Strain HSTP Hard Stop HSU Helium Service Unit HT Heat Transfer HT Height HT High Technology HTC Hybrid Technol Ogy ComPuter HTEXCH Heat Exchanger HTG Heating HTLL High Test Level Language HTM High Temperature HTPB Hydroxyl Terminated Polybutadiene (Propellant) HTR HydroxYl Terminated Polybutyiene HTR Heater HTS Heat Transfer System HTS Heat Transport Section HUD Head Up Display HUD Head-up display HUDE Head Up Display Electronics HUL Hardware Utilization List HUM Humidity HUT Hard Upper Torso HV Hydrogen Vent HV High Voltage HV High Velocity HVAC "Heating, ventilating, and Air Conditioning" HVDS Hypergolic Vapor Detection System.