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What does HYMV stand for?

HYMV stands for Horsegram Yellow Mosaic Virus


This definition appears very rarely

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Whiteflies (Bemisia tabaci) transmitted yellow mosaic, yellow vein mosaic and leaf curl diseases of economically important crops. Horsegram yellow mosaic virus and cowpea mild mottle virus have been isolated and characterised in India. Except these two viruses the causal agents of other whitefly transmitted diseases are not known.
A diversity of diseases including but not limited to: African soybean dwarf agent, alfalfa enation virus, azuki bean mosaic virus, bean golden mosaic virus, cowpea mild mottle virus, French bean mosaic virus, groundnut chlorotic leaf streak virus, groundnut chlorotic spotting virus, groundnut rosette agents, groundnut witches broom MLO, horsegram yellow mosaic virus.