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What does HIP-55 stand for?

HIP-55 stands for HPK1-interacting protein of 55 kDa


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Here, we report the functional characterization of hematopoietic progenitor kinase 1 (HPK1)-interacting protein of 55 kDa (HIP-55)/Drebrin-like (DBNL), which was identified in a 14-3-3γ affinity resin-based proteomic approach using lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells. HIP-55 is a multi-domain adaptor protein with an established role in endocytosis and immune responses[12-14]. By manipulating the levels of HIP-55 in cells and in a xenograft animal system, our studies reveal a role of HIP-55 in cell growth control, and suggest the potential importance of dysregulated HIP-55 in tumorigenesis and tumor progression through a mechanism involving the 14-3-3 binding phospho-sensor sites, S269 and T291.
Rabbit anti-HIP55 Antibody, Affinity Purified Cervical SH3P7, Drebrin-F, HIP-55, DBNL, CMAP, PP5423, drebrin-like, ABP1, drebrin-F, cervical SH3P7, Drebrin-like protein, Cervical mucin-associated protein, HPK1-interacting protein of 55 kDa, SH3 domain-containing protein 7, drebrin-like
Protein also known as: HPK1-interacting protein.
HPK1 interacts, through its proline-rich domains, with growth factor receptor-bound 2 (Grb2), CT10-regulated kinase (Crk), and Crk-like (CrkL) adaptor proteins. We identified a novel HPK1-interacting protein.