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What does GAN stand for?

GAN stands for Gemeinschaft der Anwender Niederrhein


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V. , Koeln GGSN –> Gateway GPRS Support Node GHC –> Glasgow Haskell Compiler GHF –> Grosshandels-Flatrate GHN –> Get Hold Next GHT –> Geographic Hash Table GHU –> Get Hold Unique GI –> Gesellschaft fuer Informatik e. V. GIAC –> Global Information Assurance Certification GIBN –> Global Interoperability for Broadband Networks GID –> Group Identifier/Identification GIF –> Graphics Interchange Format GIFT –> GNU Image Finding Tool GIG –> Global Information Grid GIGO –> Garbage In, Garbage/Gospel Out (Slang) GII –> Global Information Infrastructure GIIS –> Grid Index Information Service GILC –> Global Internet Liberty Campaign GILS –> Government Information Locator Service GILT –> Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, Translation GIMP –> GNU Image Manipulation Program GIMPS –> Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search GIOP –> General Inter-ORB Protocol GIP –> Global Internet Project GIP –> GPS/GSM Interworking Profile GIPS –> Giga-Instructions Per Second GIS –> Geographic Information System GISC –> Generic Intelligent System Controller GIT –> GNU Interactive Tools GITMM –> Government Information Technology Infrastructure Maangement Methodology GIWIST –> Gee I Wish I’d Said That (Slang) GIX –> Global Internet Exchange GK –> Gatekeeper GKP –> Global Knowledge Partnership GKP –> Group Key Packet GKMP –> Group Key Management Protocol GKS –> Graphical Kernel System GKV –> Geschaeftskundenvertrieb (Telekom) GL –> Graphics Language GLA –> Generalized Lloyd Algorithm GLAM –> Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (Wikipedia) GLASS –> Globally Accessible Services GLDV –> Gesellschaft fuer Linguistische Datenverarbeitung GLIN –> Global Legal Information Network GLL –> Geographic Position – Latitude/Longitude (message) GLONASS –> Global Navigation Satellite System GLP –> Government License Program GLS –> Generalized Least Squares GLSL –> OpenGL Shading Language GLT –> Gebaeudeleittechnik GLU –> General Logic Unit GLUE –> Global User Environment GLV –> Global Line Vectorization GLX –> OpenGL Extension for the X Window System GM –> General MIDI (GM1, GM2, GM Lite) GMC –> Global Motion Compensation GMCH –> Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (Intel) GMD –> Gesellschaft fuer Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung GMDS –> Global Managed Data Services GMDSS –> Global Maritime Distress and Safety System GME –> Gesellschaft Mikroelektronik im VDE GMF –> Global Media Forum GMHS –> Global Message Handling System GMII –> Gigabit Media Independent Interface GML –> Generalized/Geographic Markup Language GMM –> Gamut Map Model GMM –> Generalized Method of Moments GMMP –> Global Memory, Message Passing GMO –> Gadolinium-molybdate GMO –> Generic Managed Object GMOS –> General Motors Operation System GMP –> GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library GMPLS –> Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching GMR –> Giant Magneto Resistance/Resistive (Head) GMRP –> GARP Multicast Registration Protocol GMS –> Global Messaging Service (Novell) GMSC –> Gateway Mobile Switching Centre GMSK –> Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying (Modulation) GMSV –> Global Memory, Shared Variables GMT –> Generic Mapping Tools GMT –> Greenwich Mean/Meridian Time GMX –> Global Message Exchange GN –> Group Ad-hoc Network Point GNA –> Globewide Network Academy GNATS –> GNATS’s A Tracking System GND –> Ground GNF –> Greibach Normal Form GNI –> Gesellschaft fuer Angewandte Neuroinformatik GNI –> Grenoble Network Initiative GNKSA –> Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval GNN –> Global Network Navigator GNOME –> GNU Network Object Model Environment GNS –> Global Name Service/Space GNS –> Global/GPS Navigation Satellite/System GNS –> Global Network Security/Services/Simulation/Solutions GNS –> Grid Network Service GNSS –> Global Navigation Satellite System GNU –> GNU’s Not UNIX GO –> Geek of Other GOB –> Group Of Blocks GOBS –> Grundsaetze ordnungsgemaesser DV-gestuetzter Buchfuehrungssysteme GOC –> General Operators Certificate GOCC –> Government Open Code Collaborative GOD –> Global Out Dial GOEP –> Generic Object Exchange Profile (Bluetooth) GOES –> Geostationary/Geosynchronous Operational/Orbiting Environmental Satellite(s) GOK –> God Only Knows (Slang) GOL –> Game Of Life GOMS –> Goal, Operators, Methods, Selection GOP –> Group Of Pictures GOS –> Global Overseas Service GOS –> Grundsaetze ordnungsgemaesser Speicherbuchfuehrung GOSIP –> Government OSI Profile GOSPL –> Generalized Open Source Programmable Logic GOST –> Gosudarstvennyy Standart (EASC) GOT –> Global Offset Table GOUV –> Grizzled Old Unix Veteran (Slang) GOV –> Government; Internet-Domain: Behoerden in USA GP –> Game Port GP –> Gas Plasma GP –> General Purpose GP –> Green Pages GP –> Green Phy GPA –> GNU Privacy Assistant GPA –> Ground Plane Antenna GPC –> General Purpose Computer GPF –> General Protection Fault/Failure GPFS –> General Parallel File System (IBM) GPGPU –> General Purpose Computation on Graphics Processing Unit GPI –> General Purpose Interface GPI –> Graphics Programming Interface GPIB –> General Purpose Interface Bus GPIM –> Gigabit Interface Module GPL –> General Public License (GNU) GPL –> Graphics Programming Language GPNV –> General Purpose Non-Volatile (Area) GPON –> Gigabit(-capable) Passive Optical Network GPP –> Generic Packetized Protocol GPR –> Global Position Receiver GPRS –> General Packet Radio Service GPS –> General Problem Solver GPS –> Generalized Processor Sharing GPS –> Global Pizza Service GPS –> Global Positioning Satellite/System GPS –> Graphical Process Statistics GPSR –> Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing GPSS –> General Purpose Simulation System GPT –> GUID Partition Table GPU –> Graphic/Graphical Processing/Processor Unit GQL –> Graphical Query Language GQM –> Goal, Question, Metric GQOS –> Guaranteed Quality Of Service GRA –> Group Random Access GRACCE –> Grand Challenge Computational Environment GRAM –> Globus Resource Allocation Manager GRASP –> General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception GRD –> Grinning, Running + Ducking (Slang) GRE –> Generic Router/Routing Encapsulation (CISCO) GRE –> Graphics Engine GREAT –> Graphical Environment And Desktop GREP –> Global Regular Expression and Print GRETL –> GNU Regression, Econometric and Timeseries Library GRH –> Global Route Header GRIB –> Gridded Binary (code, data format) GRID –> Global Resource Identifier GRIO –> Guaranteed Input Output Bandwidth GRIS –> Grid Resource Information Service GRJ –> Gatekeeper Reject GRL –> Global Revocation List GRO –> Generic Receive Offload (infrastructure) GRP –> General Registration Protocol GRPS –> General Radio Packet System GRQ –> Gatekeeper Request GRS –> Generic Record Syntax GRSC –> Global Radio Standardization/Standards Collaboration GRUB –> Grand Unified Bootloader GS –> Geek of Science GS –> Gepruefte Sicherheit (TUeV) GS –> Global Store GS –> Group Separator GSA –> Global Mobile Suppliers Association GSA –> Global Security Architecture GSC –> General System Characteristic GSC –> General System Connect GSC –> Global Standards Collaboration GSC –> Global System Cache GSC –> Gridlock System Computer GSC –> Grooming Switch Card GSC –> Group Switching Centre GSE –> Graphical Setup Environment GSF –> Ghostscript Font GSFDL –> GNU Simpler Free Documentation License GSH –> Geringe Schoepfungshoehe (Wikipedia) GSI –> Generic Software Interface GSI –> Grid Security Infrastructure GSID –> Global Server Identifier GSL –> GNU Scientific Library GSL –> Graphics Subroutine Library GSLB –> Global Server Load Balancing GSM –> Global Shared Memory GSM –> Global System for Mobile Communications GSM –> Group Speciale Mobile GSM450 –> GSM-450: Global System for Mobile Communications 450 MHz GSM850 –> GSM-850: Global System for Mobile Communications 850 MHz GSM900 –> GSM-900: Global System for Mobile Communications 900 MHz GSM1800 –> GSM-1800: Global System for Mobile Communications 1800 MHz GSM1900 –> GSM-1900: Global System for Mobile Communications 1900 MHz GSMA –> Global Scheduling Multiple Access GSMP –> General/Generic/Global Switch Management Protocol GSNW –> Gateway Services for Netware GSO –> Generic Segmentation Offload GSO –> Geosynchronous Orbit GSOC –> German Space Operations Center GSPN –> Generalized Stochastic Petri Net GSR –> Gigabit Switching Router GSS –> Generic Security Services GSS –> Group Support System GSSAPI –> Generic Security Service Application Program Interface GST –> Gebaeudesystemtechnik GST –> Greedy String Tiling (Algorithm) GST –> Greenwich Sidereal Time GSTN –> General/Global Switched Telephone Network GSUG –> German Smalltalk Users Group GSX –> Graphics System Extension GT –> Global Teach GT –> Globus Toolkit GT –> Group Technology GTE –> Geometry Transfer Engine GTF –> General Timing Formula (VESA) GTL –> Gunning Transceiver Logic GTLD –> Generic Top Level Domain GTO –> Gate Turn Off GTP –> Go Text Protocol GTR –> Grafikfaehiger Taschenrechner GTS –> Global Telecommunication System GTS –> Global Time Server/Service GTT –> Global Title Translation GTUBE –> Generic Test for Unsolicited Bulk Email GU –> Gabelumschalter GU –> Geek Undecided GUD –> Grand Unified Debugger GUI –> Graphical User Interface GUID –> Globally Unique Identifier GUL –> Groupe d’Utilisateurs de Linux GULM –> Global Universal Lock Manager GULM –> Grand Unified Lock Manager GULP –> Graph Unification Logic Programming GUMM –> Gurus of UNIX Meeting of Minds GUN –> Gemeinschaft der UNIX-Anwender Niederrhein.
GUN Gemeinschaft der UNIX-Anwender Niederrhein GUP Generic Ultimate Protocol GURN GNSS Upper Rhine Graben Network GUS Ground Uplink System GUS Guide to the Use of Standards (OSI) GUUG German/Galactic Unix User Group.