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What does GAG stand for?

GAG stands for Galactic Alliance Guard


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Upon reaching the planet, several Fondorian starfighters steadily approached the GAG Star Destroyer. Caedus then ordered the bridge crew to deactivate the vessel's shields, at which point he presented Veila with two choices—give the order to have the Anakin's weapons destroy the starfighters before they could attack, or withhold fire and risk getting many GAG personnel killed if the Fondorians chose to make the first strike. Veila hesitated at first, but then gave the order to kill the approaching enemy fighters. Once the Anakin Solo returned to Coruscant via hyperspace, Admiral Cha Niathal was displeased that her colleague had placed a military warship under the command of a civilian, despite the fact that Veila was a trained Jedi. At Niathal's suggestion, Caedus officially recruited Veila into the Galactic Alliance Guard.
Some more independent worlds, especially those with strong industries and patriotic streaks saw themselves as above the legal requirements, began viewing the government as a resurrected Galactic Empire. By 40 ABY, relationships between the Alliance and several local governments had deteriorated to the point that the Alliance decided to show a preemptive display of military might at Corellia. When the Corellians launched a counterstrike at the show of force, full scale galactic war once again loomed. As both sides struggled to find a diplomatic solution to the crisis, mysterious acts of treachery and sabotage threatened to derail peace efforts. To combat the mounting terrorism on Coruscant, Chief of State Omas was forced to institute the Galactic Alliance Guard.