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What does GRP stand for?

Acronym Finder has 54 verified definitions for GRP

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
GRPGender Research Project
GRPGreen Rating Project
GRPGross Rating Points
GRPGlass Reinforced Plastics
GRPGastrin Releasing Peptide
GRPGiant Robot Printing
GRPGross Ratings Points
GRPGroup Risk Plan
GRPGene Related Peptides
GRPGovernment of the Republic of the Philippines
GRPGlobal Research Programmes
GRPGlobal Research Programs
GRPGeneral Research Plan
GRPGovernment Resource Planning
GRPglass fiber reinforced plastic
GRPGlass Reinforced Products
GRPGlobal and Regional Programs
GRPGambling Research Panel
GRPGirls Rock Philly
GRPGas Release Programme
GRPGround Reference Points
GRPGrasslands Reserve Program
GRPGSR Route Processor
GRPGandini Racing Production
GRPGlycine Rich Protein
GRPGlobal Routing Pool
GRPGreg Rike Productions
GRPGeneral Renewal Process
GRPGovernment of the Philippines
GRPGiant Radio Pulses
GRPGeoenvironmental Research Park
GRPGlass Reinforced Polymer
GRPGibbon Rehabilitation Project
GRPGlassfibre Reinforced Polyester
GRPGroundwater Reduction Plan
GRPGreater Richmond Partnership
GRPGovt Railway Police
GRPGeographic Response Plans
GRPGroup Research Projects
GRPGrievance Review Panel
GRPGazelle Restoration Project
GRPGloor Ruggli Partner
GRPGamete Recognition Proteins
GRPGateway Review Process
GRPGroup Risk Protection
GRPGlassfiber Reinforced Plastic
GRPGraduate Research Project
GRPGross Regional Products
GRP125I]gastrin-releasing peptide
GRPAc-gastrin-releasing peptide
GRPanti-gastrin releasing peptide
GRPBB)/gastrin-releasing polypeptide
GRPBBS)/gastrin-releasing peptide
GRPBBS/gastrin releasing peptides
GRPBN)/gastrin releasing peptide
GRPBN)/gastrin-releasing peptide
GRPBN/gastrin releasing peptide
GRPBN/gastrin-releasing peptide
GRPbombesin/gastrin releasing peptide
GRPbombesin/gastrin releasing-peptide
GRPbombesin/gastrin-releasing peptide
GRPbombesin/gastrin-releasing polypeptide
GRPD-Phe25]gastrin-releasing peptide
GRPgastrin receptor protein
GRPgastrin-related peptide
GRPgastrin-releasing peptides
GRPgelatin-reactive protein
GRPgeneric research protocol
GRPGeriatric Rehabilitation Program
GRPglial-released protein
GRPglial-restricted precursor
GRPglucose-related protein
GRPglutamate/glutamine-rich protein
GRPglutamic/glutamine-rich proteins
GRPGlx-rich proteins
GRPgreen rod pigment
GRPguanidine-releasing products
GRPmortalin/glucose-regulated protein
GRPprepro-gastrin-releasing peptide
GRPpro-gastrin releasing peptide
GRPrabbit-anti-gastrin-releasing peptide
GRPtripotential-glial restricted precursor
GRPVIP/gastrin-releasing peptide
GRPGroundwater Recovery Program
GRPGroup Rekey Package
GRPGorman Rupp Pumps
grpglucose regulated proteins
grpglucose-regulated proteins
GRPGroup Resource Persons
GRPGroundwater Replenishment Project
GRPGlobal Resources Projects
GRPgastrin-releasing peptide-27
GRPgastrin-releasing peptide/bombesin
GRPgastrin-releasing peptide1-27
GRPglass-fibre-reinforced plastics
GRPglial-restricted precursor cell
GRPglucose-regulated stress protein
GRPglucose-regulated stress proteins
GRPglutamine/glutamic acid-rich protein
GRPglutamine/glutamic acid-rich proteins
GRPglutamine/glutamic-acid-rich protein
GRPguanyl nucleotide-releasing protein
GRPLys0]gastrin-releasing peptide-27
GRPpreprogastrin-releasing peptide
GRPGlass Reinforced Polyesters
GRPGood Review Practices
GRPGeneric Research Project
GRPGrusin Rosen Productions
GRPGender Rights Project
GRPGolden Retriever Puppies
GRPGood Retail Practices
GRPGraphite Reinforced Plastic
GRPGuanyl Releasing Protein
GRPGenetic Reference Populations
GRPGlasgow Research Partnership
GRPglutamate rich protein
GRPGlycine Rich Proteins
GRPGlial Restricted Progenitors
GRPGlobal Repository Platform
GRPGreater Romania Party
GRPGuideline Review Panels
GRPGastrin Releasing Polypeptide
GRPGrowth Regional Product
GRPGrowth Related Protein
GRPGreen Rainbow Party
GRPGVA Grant Prideco
GRPGroup Role Profile
GRPGeneral Routing Problem
GRPGeographic Reference Point
GRPGlobin Reduction Protocol
GRPGroup Rating Program
GRPGeorectified Radiance Product
GRPGeorge Ribeiro Products
GRPGovernance Reform Program
GRPGaming Research Panel
GRPGeneral Registration Protocol
GRPGenomics Research Program
GRPGeriatric Resource Persons
GRPGroup Rating Points
GRPGuiding Restoration Principles
GRPGuard Rail Post
GRPGroundwater Recharge Project
GRPGrupo Radioescuchas Platense
GRPGuatemala Relief Project
GRPGlial Restricted Precursors
GRPGlucose Regulating Protein
GRPGuided Reading Practice
GRPGeorge Rogers Park
GRPGroundwater Remediation Project
GRPGuided Region Prefetching
GRPGeodesy and Regional Planning
GRPGlobal Radiation Point
GRPGalbraith Rock Products
GRPGary Recovery Page
GRPGasman Realm of Pandemonium
GRPGenealogy Resources Page
GRPGeneral Reclamation Plan
GRPGeography and Regional Planning
GRPGeography Resources Page
GRPGeologic Resources Program
GRPGeology Resource Page
GRPGeopolitical Research Project
GRPGeovariances Reference Page
GRPGeovariances References Page
GRPGideon Rat Page
GRPGideons Rat Page
GRPGold Rush Photos
GRPGolden Retriever Putter
GRPGolden Rule Printing
GRPGoodwill and Rights to Patents
GRPGordon Ralph Page
GRPGraduate Rotational Programs
GRPGrand Rapids Pacers
GRPGreg Ransom Page
GRPGres Rajona Padome
GRPGroundwater Remediation Page
GRPGroundwater Resource Planning
GRPGroundwater Resources and Protection
GRPGroupe de Recherche Physique
GRPGuerra Revolucionaria Popular
GRPGulbenes Rajona Padome
GRPGunny Ragg Place
GRPGunny Ragg Productions
GRPGunny Ragg Products
GRPGuns Roses Page

Note: Acronym Finder has 54 verified definitions for GRP