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What does G2M stand for?

G2M stands for G2 + M fraction


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Thus, we decided to inhibit the effects of p53 in wild-type p53-expressing MCF-7 cells. We used irradiation to activate p53 function in MCF-7 cells and to induce G2/M arrest (Figure 4c). To ascertain p53-dependent and -independent consequences of JNK inhibition, p53 activity was inhibited using siRNA with the p53SUPER construct (Brummelkamp et al. , 2002). As seen in Figure 4c, MCF-7 cells that were transfected with p53SUPER, but not irradiated, experienced only a small decrease in the fraction.
I now have 28, 45 and 90 mm lenses. The autofocus and autoexposure work flawlessly, with easy compensation and overide control. I carry the body and all 3 lenses in LowePro S&F 60 AW Pouch, very compact, convenient and inconspicuous. A friend who regularly views my slides says they are like medium format in a 35 mm size. I'm pleased as punch with this equipment; I have high quality at a fraction.
The meter's K factor is 1. 3, per the service manual. I find that I prefer the results set manually to ISO 64 with ISO 50 Fuji Velvia 50. Both my G2 bodies agree within a tiny fraction.
In astronomy, stellar classification is the classification of stars based on their spectral characteristics. Light from the star is analyzed by splitting it with a prism or diffraction grating into a spectrum exhibiting the rainbow of colors interspersed with absorption lines. Each line indicates an ion of a certain chemical element, with the line strength indicating the abundance of that ion. The relative abundance of the different ions varies with the temperature of the photosphere.