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What does FAIM stand for?

FAIM stands for Fully Analytic Ionospheric Model


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A fully analytic ionospheric model emphasizing the low-latitude F region for various seasonal and solar cycle conditions is presented. Features such as the postsunset rise in the F layer peak height and the “equatorial anomaly” maxima in plasma density near ±15° geomagnetic latitude are designed to closely approximate those in the semiempirical low-latitude ionospheric model (Anderson et al.
A Abstract The well-known Chiu ionospheric model is a global empirical model which calculates electron density profiles as a function of latitude, local time, season and solar cycle. It is extensively used by thermospheric dynamicists because its analytic formulation can quickly provide global electron density values. The model, however, has serious shortcomings. Recently, a fully analytic ionospheric model.
The Fully Analytical Ionospheric Model (FAIM) uses the formalism of the Chiu model with coefficients fitted to the SLIM model profiles. The local time variation is expressed by a Fourier series up to order 6 and the variation with dip latitude by a fourth order harmonic oscillator function (Hermite polynomial).
00, 06. 00, 12. 00 and 18. 00 were used to produce vertical profiles of electron density with the analytic procedure introduced by Giovanni and Radicella. These profiles were compared with the IRI-86 model profiles adjusted to the F2 experimental peak values and with those obtained with the Fully Analytic Ionospheric Model (FAIM). The main differences with the IRI model are related to the shape of the topside profile under certain conditions and to the presence of the F1 layer in the median values used.