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What does AsA stand for?

AsA stands for Fe2+/ascorbic acid


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Vitamins, across the board (A, B, C, D,E) are powerful antioxidants. An additional powerful antioxidant identified in the research is that of glutathion. The role of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in the inhibition of the culture growth has already been described. There remain many additional anti-oxidants of importance in human health94.
Positive results have been reported for Ginkgo biloba extracts in the treatment of cerebral insufficiency. The clinical evidence is similar to that of a registered product which is prescribed for the same indication. However, further studies should be conducted for a more detailed assessment of the efficacy. Kleijnen J Knipschild P The comprehensiveness of Medline and Embase computer searches. Searches for controlled trials of homoeopathy, ascorbic acid.
The tetrathionate ion is actually a dimer consisting of two thiosulfate ions connected through a disulfide (–S–S–) linkage. In the same fashion, I3– can be used to titrate mercaptans of the general formula RSH, forming the dimer RSSR as a product. The amino acid cysteine also can be titrated with I3–. The product of this titration is cystine, which is a dimer of cysteine. Triiodide also can be used for the analysis of ascorbic acid.
The Ascorbic Acid Test Kit was designed for measuring ascorbic acid in beverages. The kit measures reducing agents in general, and the chemical reactions are similar to those for sulfite titrations. In the Ascorbic Acid kit, sulfuric acid is added to acidifiy the sample, and a starch solution is added as an indicator. The titrant contains a potassium iodide-iodate standard solution. When the titrant is added to the acidified sample, iodine is released.