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What does FRAP stand for?

Acronym Finder has 24 verified definitions for FRAP

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
FRAPFaculty Research Abroad Program
FRAPFerric Reducing Ability of Plasma
FRAPFederal Rule of Appellate Procedure
FRAPFraser River Action Plan
FRAPFKBP Rapamycin Associated Protein
FRAPFaculty Research Awards Program
FRAPFerric Reducing Antioxidant Power
FRAPFKBP12 Rapamycin Associated Protein
FRAPFluorescent Recovery After Photobleaching
FRAPFluorescence Redistribution After Photobleaching
FRAPFaculty Research Assistant Program
FRAPFast Re Authentication Protocol
FRAPFaculty Recruitment Allowance Program
FRAPferric reducing/antioxidant power
FRAPfluorenscence redistribution after photobleaching
FRAPfluorescence recovery are photobleaching
FRAPfluorescence return after photobleaching
FRAPfluoride resistant acid phosphatase
FRAPfluoride-resistant acid phosphatase
FRAPkinase)-FKBP-rapamycin-associated protein
FRAPFor FKBP12 Rapamycin Associated Protein
FRAPferric reducing antioxidant power assay
FRAPfluorescence recovery after photobleaching method
FRAPfluorescence recovery after photobleaching technique
FRAPFluorescence redistribution after photo-bleaching
FRAPfluorescence redistribution after pulse photobleaching
FRAPFluorescent Recovery After Photo-bleaching
FRAPForest Resource Assessment Project
FRAPFinal Remedial Action Plan
FRAPFinancial Recovery Action Plan
FRAPFaculty Research Assistance Program
FRAPForest Resource Assessment Policy
FRAPFGF receptor-1 to alkaline phosphatase
FRAPFK506-binding protein rapamycin-associated protein
FRAPFamily Risk Assessment Protocol
FRAPferric reducing capacity of plasma
FRAPFire Resource Assessment Program
FRAPFerric Reducing Antioxidant Potential
FRAPFamily Rental Assistance Program
FRAPFalintil Reinsertion Assistance Program
FRAPForest Resource Assessment Program
FRAPFree Routes Airspace Project
FRAPFamily Risk Assessment Program
FRAPForest Revenue Audit Program
FRAPFort Ross Archaeological Project
FRAPFALINTIL Reinsertion Assistance Programme
FRAPFirst Responders Awareness Program
FRAPFaculty Research Award Program
FRAPFunctional Recurrent Abdominal Pain
FRAPFernald Risk Assessment Project
FRAPFire Resources Assessment Program
FRAPForest and Resource Assessment Program
FRAPFaculty Research Allowance Program
FRAPFinancial Restructuring Assistance Program
FRAPfire rated access panels
FRAPFlourescence Recovery After Photobleaching
FRAPFreight Route Analysis Project
FRAPFerric Reducing Antioxidation Power
FRAPFlorida Resident Annual Pass
FRAPFloating Rate Asset Program
FRAPFrequent Rapid Activity Period
FRAPFlexible Response Alert Posture