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What does FPI stand for?

Acronym Finder has 115 verified definitions for FPI

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FPIFlow Packaging International
FPIFederal Prison Industry
FPIFinancial Partners International
FPIFabricated Products Inc
FPIFoodservice Packaging Institute
FPIFellow of the Physical
FPIFisheries Products International
FPIfluorescent penetrant inspection
FPIFuel Poverty Indicator
FPIFood Processors Institute
FPIFabry Perot interferometers
FPIfujitsu philippines inc
FPIFocal Point Inc
FPIFinancial Performance Initiative
FPIForms Processing Inc
FPIFederal Partnership for Interoperable
FPIFoundry Products Inc
FPIFacility Planners Inc
FPIFirst Piece Inspection
FPIFrancisella Pathogenicity Island
FPIFloating Point Instructions
FPIFinancial Page International
FPIFamily Partnership Institute
FPIFrankfurter Psychoanalytisches Institut
FPIFire Potential Index
FPIFundación Pablo Iglesias
FPIFaith Philanthropy Institute
FPIFennell Phase Inventory
FPIFloat Panel Interface
FPIFloating Panel Interface
FPIFrancophonie Pongiste Internationale
FPIFreeway Performance Initiative
FPIFamily Partnership Intervention
FPIFront Populaire Ivorien
FPIFilter Products Inc
FPIForest Products Industry
FPIFraud Prevention and Investigation
FPIfamilial protein intolerance
FPIfasting plasma insulin
FPIfemoral pulsatility index
FPIfield profile index
FPIfirst palmar interosseus
FPIFish protein isolates
FPIfish-processing industry
FPIflexion-producing interneuron
FPIFlock Parasitism Index
FPIFlorence Psychiatric Interview
FPIflow persistence index
FPIfluid-percussion injury
FPIFluorescence polarization imaging
FPIfluorescence polarization immunoassay
FPIfluorescent polarization immunoassay
FPIfluosol-perfused injury
FPIForensic Psychiatric Institute
FPIforensic psychiatric investigation
FPIformula protein intolerance
FPIFractional Pyruvate Inhibition
FPIfreshly produced insulation
FPIfringe pattern interferometry
FPIFunctional Performance Inventory
FPIFixed Point Iteration
FPIFor Public Interest
FPIFlorida Pain Initiative
FPIFoundation for Public Interest
FPIFederasi Pilot Indonesia
FPIFuzziness Performance Index
FPIfasting plasma insulin levels
FPIfetal placental-tissue incubations
FPIfirst phase insulin response
FPIFirst-phase insulin secretion
FPIfluid percussion brain injury
FPIfluid-percussion head injury
FPIFreiburg personality identification questionnaire
FPIFreiburger Pers+¦nlichkeits Inventar
FPIFood Processing Initiative
FPIFountain Powerboat Inds
FPIFunctional Process Improvements
FPIFront Preman Indonesia
FPIFire Protection Inc
FPIFoundation Partnership Initiative
FPIforum pacific inc
FPIFlat Panel Imager
FPIFederal Prisons Industries
FPIFast Probability Integrator
FPIFront Pembela Inul
FPIFood Producers of Idaho
FPIFlexible Peripheral Interface
FPIFront Populaire Ivorienne
FPIFamily Planning Inspectors
FPIFed Pugilistica Italiana
FPIFlame Prolongation of ILDM
FPIFrames per Inch
FPIFrench Power Index
FPIFor Food Packaging
FPIFairview Property Investments
FPIField Programmable Interconnect
FPIFoundation for Paranormal Investigation
FPIFunction Point Index
FPIForeign Private Investment
FPIForward Propagation Ionospheric
FPIFreeze PIC Indicator
FPIFabry Perot Interferometry
FPIFamily Programming Interface
FPIFusion Power Inc
FPIFan Power Index
FPIForest Protection Institutions
FPIFederal Prisons Industry
FPIForeign Private Issuers
FPIFraud Procedures and Instructions
FPIFishery Product International
FPIFreiburger Personality Inventory
FPIFocus Productions Inc
FPIFranklin Precision Industry
FPIFrente Politica Interna
FPIFacility Programmatics Inc
FPIForeign Portfolio Investors
FPIFritz Perls Institutt
FPIFestival Productions Inc
FPIfloating point interface
FPIFor Public Identifiers
FPIFt Pierce Inlet
FPIFirst Principals Inc
FPIFleet Purchase Incentive
FPIFresh Products Inc
FPIFlorescent Penetrant Inspection
FPIFluid Power Institute
FPIFluorescent penetrant inspections
FPIForeign Policy Insitute
FPIFamily Planning International
FPIFestival in Paris
FPIFidelity Personal Investments
FPIFire Protection Industry
FPIFlowering Plant Index
FPIFertility Planning Institute
FPIFiber Products Industrial
FPIFire Protection Industries
FPIFor Focal Plane Instrument
FPIForemost Products Inc
FPIformosa prosonic ind
FPIFrance Palette Industrie
FPIFocusing on Physicians~ Independence
FPIFuture of Public Institutions
FPIFinding Psychology Information
FPIFishing Page Illinois
FPIFlags and Poles International
FPIForderung der Padagogik der Informationstechnologie
FPIForeign Policy Influence
FPIForest Product Industries
FPIFormation Postgrade en Informatique
FPIFox Paving Incorporated
FPIFreds Page Images
FPIFun Projects Incorporated

Note: Acronym Finder has 115 verified definitions for FPI