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What does FIS stand for?

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FISFacilities in Saudi
FISFruit in Schools
FISFlight Inspection Services
FISFood and Income Security
FISForest Information Systems
FISFDA Industry Systems
FISFuzzy Inference Systems
FISfed integr svces
FISForestry Information System
FISFunds Investor Services
FISFederazione Italiana Sport
FISFood Inspection Service
FISFederazione Italiana Shiatsu
FISFiber Instrument Sales
FISFinancial Information Strategy
FISFinancial Information Systems
FISFederazione Internazionale Sci
FISFormazione Integrata Superiore
FISFrom Intermediate Skiers
FISFoundation of International Studies
FISFinancial Information Services
FISFlight Information Services
FISFood Ingredients Specialities
FISFahrer Informations System
FISFranconian International School
FISFlight Information System
FISFreeport Intermediate School
FISFor the International Ski
FISFood Information Service
FISFrom the International Ski
FISFlash Image System
FISFujifilm Image Service
FISFamilies in Society
FISFinancing Information Services
FISFreight Investor Services
FISFirst International Ski
FISFraud Investigation Section
FISFabbrica Italiana Sintetici
FISFarm Improvement Scheme
FISFlood Insurance Studies
FISFreeport Intermediate School (Freeport, TX)
FISFactor for Inversion
FISFinancial Information Survey
FISField Instrumentation System
FISFile Interchange System
FISForeign Instrumentation Signals
FISFinancial Insight Systems
FISFactor for Inversion Stimulation
FISField Information Services
FISFoundation for International Services
FISFamily Intervention Services
FISFull Integrated Solutions
FISFashion Innovation Service
FISFlying Instructor School
FISfederation internationaler ski
FISFrance International Ski
FISFacilities Information Systems
FISFitness Instructor Specialist
FISFinancial Institution Services
FISFeed Innovation Services
FISFlight Instructor School
FISFraud Investigations Section
FISFlexible Information Service
FISFoundation for International Studies
FISFacility Information Systems
FISFrame Inform Systems
FISFactory Information Systems
FISFinancial Industry Studies
FISFondode Investigaciones Sanitarias
FISFluorescent in Situ
FISFoundations of Information Systems
FISFront Islamic Salvation
FISFinance Information System
FISForeign Information System
FISForensic Investigative Sciences
FISFacilities Information System
FISFeelings of Inadequacy Scale
FISforum insulin schweiz
FISFoolproof Identification System
FISForschungs Informations System
FISFifth International Symposium
FISFree Infrastructure Software
FISfederation internationaler skiverband
FISFree in and Stowed
FISFacilities Infrastructure Service
FISFatigue Impact Score
FISFederation of International Skiing
FISForce Information System
FISfertilization independent seed
FISFlight Instrument System
FISFlying Instructors School
FISField Information System
FISFinancial Intelligence Service
FISFederation of Irish Societies
FISForensic Identification Services
FISFaculdades Integradas Simonsen
FISForm Input System
FISFIFE Information System
FISForeign Intelligence Services
FISFoundation for Iranian Studies
FISFederation of Infection Societies
FISFondode Investigacion Sanitaria
FISFondation Internationale pour la Science
FISFocused Implementation Sites
FISFacilitating immune sera
FISfactor inversion stimulation
FISFamily Income Study
FISFamily Interaction Survey
FISFat Intake Scale
FISfixed interval scale
FISfloppy infant syndrome
FISformal immune system
FISfunctional improvement score
FISFungal Identification System
FISFederal Information Systems
FISFunds Information System
Fisfor inversion stimulation
FISFormation of the International Skiing
FISFamilies In Schools
FISFinancial Incentives Scheme
FISFederation of Irish Sport
FISForce Intelligence System
FISfactor of inversion stimulation
FISFinance and Investment Society
FISfour-item symptom score
FISfreshly isolated symbiotic algae
FISfruiting body-inducing substances
FISFilm for Schools
FISFederazione Italiana Snowboard
FISFlight Instrument Service
FISFlexion in Standing
FISFederation of Skiing
FISFinancial Info Sys
FISFacial Image Scale
FISFreight Insurance and Shipping
FISFor Financial Information System
FISFuture Information System
FISFinance Investment Society
FISFinancieel Informatie Systeem
FISFirst in Service
FISFoundry Information Systems
FISFamily Interest Survey
FISFauna Impact Study
FISFiji Intelligence Service
FISF-insensitive reactions
Fisfactor-for-inversion stimulation protein
FISFirewalls and Internet Security
FISFear of Intimacy Scale
FISFleet Imagery Support
FISField Information Systems
FISFaculty Info System
FISFraser Information Society
FISFiji Institute of Surveyors
FISFirst Internet Solutions
FISField Identification System
FISFlora Information System
FISFuerst Internet Solutions
FISFast Internet Service
FISFederal Inspection Site
FISFederated Information Systems
FISFirefighters Integrated Suit
FISFranklin Information Systems
FISFernerkundung in Schulen
FISFilipino Inventors Society
FISFailure Indication Signal
FISFortune Information Systems
FISFriends International Services
FISFreight Information System
FISFamily Index System
FISFaulkner Information Services
FISFauna Impact Statement
FISFederal Inspectorate Services
FISFive Island School
FISFlexible Impeller System
FISFluss Informations System
FISFondo Investigaciones Sanitarias
FISFactoring Information System
FISFahrweg Informations System
FISFinancial Interest Service
FISFarm Identification Survey
FISFloating Instruction Set
FISFreshman Interest Survey
FISFacilities Inventory System
FISFinancial Inventory Subsidiary
FISFixed Interest System
FISFunction Interface Specification
FISFuzzy Inferencing Systems
FISFingerprint Image Submission
FISFamily Interaction Scales
FISFast Ion Sensor
FISForensic Integration Strategy
FISFormed the International Seed
FISFederazione Imprese Sociali
FISFighter Intercept Squadron
FISFighter Intercepter Squadron
FISFinacial Information System

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Note: Acronym Finder has 70 verified definitions for FIS

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