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What does FAO stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
FAOFamily Assistance Office
FAOFood Agriculture Organisation
FAOFood and Agricolture Organization
FAOFutures and Options
FAOFood and Agricolture
FAOFood Agricultural Organization
FAOFire Alarm Office
FAOFood Agriculture Organization
FAOFinancial Aid Officers
FAOFood and Agriculture Organization, United Nations
FAOFood Aid Organization
FAOFood and Organization
FAOFood Agricult Org
FAOFinance an Ongoing
FAOFood and Agriculture Organisations
FAOFigures and Any Other
FAOFire Academy Online
FAOFlux and Oxidation
FAOFood Agricultural Organisation
FAOFor Action Organization
FAOFederation for Organic
FAOFrente Amplio Opositor
FAOFood and Agriculture Organizations
FAOFoodand Agriculture Organization
FAOFor Adults Only
FAOFinal Advisory Opinion
FAOFord Automotive Operations
FAOFood and Agricolture Organisation
FAOFood Alimentation Organization
FAOFoundation for Appalachian Ohio
FAOField Acquisition Office
FAOFisheries Administrative Order
FAOFood an Agriculture Organization
FAOForeign Area Officers
FAOFinance And Accounting Office
FAOForeign Agricultural Office
FAOFDA for Approval
FAOFamily Advocacy Officer
FAOFood and Agriculture Orgnization
FAOForeign Affairs Offices
FAOFood and Agriculure Organization
FAOfatal antidepressant overdose
FAOfatty acid -oxidation
FAOfatty alcohol oxidoreductase
FAOfibrous airway obliteration
FAOlong-chain-fatty alcohol oxidase
FAOFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FAOFinancial Advisers Office
FAOFood and Agricuture Organization
FAOfatty acid beta-oxidation
FAOfatty acid oxidation capacity
FAOFatty acyl CoA oxidase
FAOfatty acyl-CoA oxidase
FAOfatty alcohol NAD+ oxidoreductase
FAOfatty alcohol:NAD+ oxidoreductase
FAOFood & Agricultural Organization
FAOFood and Agricoltural Organization
FAOforming the anal orifice
FAOfrequent anger directed outward
FAOproliferation-fatty acyl-CoA oxidase
FAOWHO)/Food and Agricultural Organization
FAOFinancial Assistance in Organizing
FAOFood and Agriculture Office
FAOFood and Agriulture Organization
FAOFinancial Aids Office
FAOFood and Agric Organ
FAOFor Food and Agricultural Organization
FAOFrom Food and Agriculture Organization
FAOFinance and Accounting Officer
FAOFunctional and Operational
FAOFor Agriculture Organization
FAOFermi Area Office
FAOFarmers Advocate Office
FAOFamily Assistance Order
FAOFinance and Administration Officer
FAOFood and Argriculture Organization
FAOFoundation and Organic
FAOFood and Agriculture Oganization
FAOFamily Alliance Ontario
FAOFar Advanced Otosclerosis
FAOfirst aid officers
FAOFood Additive Order
FAOFood and Alimentation Organization
FAOFinance Aid Office
FAOFinance and Accountancy Outsourcing
FAOFood and Agricutural Organization
FAOFor Asia Organized
FAOForestry Administrative Order
FAOFisheries Aquaculture Other
FAOFormatted Ascii Output
FAOFree Angle Optics
FAOFederation of Astrobiology Organizations
FAOFisheries and Agriculture Organization
FAOFood and Agriculture Oraganization
FAOFisheries Administrative Orders
FAOFaculty Administration Officer
FAOForeign Agriculture Organization
FAOFree Allegiance Organization
FAOFood and Agricultures Organization
FAOFood and Agrigulture Organization
FAOFungal Anatomy Obo
FAOFood and Agriculture Oganisation
FAOFinancial Aid Operations
FAOFood and Agriculature Organization
FAOFatty Amine Oxides
FAOField Audit Offices
FAOFinancial Administrative Officer
FAOFinancing Administration Organization
FAOFood and Agriculture Organised
FAOFinance Accounting Officer
FAOFood and Agriculture Oragnisation
FAOFriendly Armies Ogged
FAOFrossard A Oberson
FAOFind Another Owner
FAOForestry and Agriculture Organisation
FAOFederal Agency Order
FAOFellowship Advising Office
FAOFinished All Over
FAOFiscal Audit Office
FAOFisheries Administration Orders
FAOFodd and Agriculture Organization
FAOFood and Agriculture Operation
FAOFort Albany Ontario
FAOFood and Agricultural Organizaton
FAOFood and Agriculutre Organisation
FAOFor Americans Only
FAOForestry and Agriculture Organization
FAOFrom and Observer
FAOFunding Advisory Opinions
FAOFinance and Accounting Officers
FAOFuels Allocation Officer
FAOFor Account Owner
FAOfinance and accounting office/officer
FAOFine Art of Oakham