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What does FAD stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
FADFarmed and Dangerous
FADFood and Agriculture Division
FADFranchise Appreciation Day
FADFonds Africain de Developpement
FADFuerza Aerea Dominicana
FADFinal Agency Determinations
FADForeign Animal Diseases
FADFilter and Detector
FADForeign Affairs Department
FADFoundation for Adolescent Development
FADFish Aggregating Devices
FADFashion Awareness Direct
FADFlavin Adenin Dinukleotid
FADFamilial Alzheimer Disease
FADFlavine Adenine Dinucleotide
FADFinancial Awareness Day
FADFlesh Asia Daily
FADFamily Assessment Device
FADFrequency And Duration
FADFoundation for African Development
FADfood agriculture division
FADFund for Agricultural Development
FADFisheries Aquaculture Department
FADFlea Allergic Dermatitis
FADFiltration Avoidance Determination
FADFish Aggregation Devices
FADForum for African Development
FADFinancial Advisor Division
FADFor Acronyms and Definition
FADFond Africain De
FADFine Arts Department
FADFinal Agency Decision
FADFinancial Analyst Designate
FADFinance and Administrative Division
FADFar Ace Digital
FADFlavin Adenosine Dinucleotide
FADFoto Archief Dienst
FADFirst Aid Dressing
FADFish Aggregation Device
FADFashion Art Design
FADFiltered Arc Deposition
FAD14C-flavin adenine dinucleotide
FADdelta9-fatty acid desaturase
FADFamily Assessment Devise
FADfatty acid desaturase
FADfavin adenine dinucleotide
FADfemoral artery diameter
FADfetal acceleration determination
FADFirst Aid departments
FADflavin adenin dinucleotide
FADflavin adenosine diphosphate
FADflavokinases/(flavin adenine dinucleotide
FADflavoprotein--flavin adenine dinucleotide
FADfleabite allergic dermatitis
FADfluorescence anisotropy decay
FADfluorescence array detector
FADfolic acid deficient
FADfunctioning arterial duct
FADFinance and Administration Department
FADFocal Acantholytic Dyskeratosis
FADFinance and Accounting Division
fadfatty acid degradation
FADFedora Ambassador Day
FADFrecuencia Al Dia
FADFamilial Alzheimer's disease
FADFamilial Autoimmune and Diabetes
FADfamiliar Alzheimer's disease
FADfermented and amylase-digested
FADfetal activity acceleration determination
FADfetal activity-acceleration determination
FADflavin adenine dinucleotide cofactor
FADfocal areas of dysplasia
FADfoci of acantholytic dyskeratosis
FADfollowing methods: alkali denaturation
FADform of Alzheimer disease
FADFaculty Article Delivery
FADFord Authorized Distributor
FADField Application Document
FADFund for the Advancement of the Discipline
FADFish Around Drifting
FADflow associated vasodilation
FADflow-associated vasodilation
FADFashion Attitude Doll
FADFunctional Area Document
FADFinance and Accounting Director
FADFuerza Aérea Dominicana
FADFamilial Alzheimers Disease
FADFacilities Assessment Database
FADfinancial accounting data
FADFetal Anomaly Database
FADFlorida Aviation Database
FADForce Air Defense
FADFair Access for the Deaf
FADFirst Aid for Divers
FADForward Automatic Differentiation
FADFashion Apparel Design
FADFunding Authorization Documents
FADFantasy Analysis Draft
FADFire and Aviation Directorate
FADFinancial Authorization Document
FADFood Against Diseases
FADFront Ahead Design
FADFamilies Against Drugs
FADFamily Alternatives Diversion
FADFanEx Analysis Draft
FADFestival from Adam
FADFinal Audit Determination
FADFoaming Agent Description
FADFoundation African Development
FADFallen Angels Digest
FADFault Activity Database
FADForce Application Division
FADFunctional Analysis Document
FADFamilial Alzheimer Dementia
FADField Accounting Divisions
FADFoundation of Art and Design
FADFacility Access Determination
FADFreeze Alarm Deluxe
FADFacility Access Digroup
FADFinancial Administration Decree
FADFirst Appearance of Date
FADFree of Axle Detector
FADFast Assemble Deploy
FADFondo Africano De
FADFalsely Accused Deviant
FADFaculty Assignment by Department
FADFriendly Adult Driver
FADFunctional Access Domain
FADFamilial Autonomic Dysfunction
FADFarmer Association Development
FADFederation for Development
FADFishing Aggregate Devices
FADFlavin Adenine Dinucleotides
FADFoundation of African Development
FADFoundations Abu Dhabi
FADFuldt Ansvarlige Deltagere
FADFeature Analysis Data
FADFederal Assistance Division
FADFederation Attack Division
FADFieldston Awareness Day
FADFighter Aircraft Division
FADFinal Army Decision
FADFunctional Allocation Diagram
FADFund Authorization Documents
FADField Accounting Division
FADFinal Approach Display
FADFinal Administrative Decision
FADFinancial Accounting Division
FADFinancial Administration Department
FADFleet Advanced Demonstrations
FADFriable Accessible and Damaged
FADfriable accessible or damaged
FADFunding Action Directive
FADField Automated Data
FADFinal Acquisition Date
FADFrance Action Directe
FADFunding Allowance Documents
FADFachbereich Anglistik Deutschland
FADFachbereich Architektur Deutschland
FADFailure to Admit or Deny
FADFighter Air Defence
FADFood is an Addictive Drug
FADForensic Accounting Demystified
FADFormation of Acidic Drainages
FADFourth Assistant Deputy
FADFoxcroft Academy Dover
FADFundaci=n el Amor de Dios
FADFundacion el Amor de Dios