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What does FACT stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
FACTFamily and Community Trust
FACTFirst Amendment Cyber Tribune
FACTFuture Applied Computer Technology
FACTFamilies and Communities Together
FACTFoundation for ART Creative Technology
FACTFine Art Care and Treatment
FACTFinancial Analysis and Compliance Team
FACTFaith And Community Together
FACTFood Agriculture Conservation and Trade
FACTFoundation Against Continuing Terrorism
FACTFilm Art and Creative Technology
FACTFamily and Child Treatment
FACTFirst Aid for Children Today
FACTFatality Assessment and Control
FACTFarm and Community Tree
FACTFood Animal Concerns Trust
FACTFighting Against Corporate Tobacco
FACTFine Arts for Children Teens
FACTFor the Florida Coastal
FACTFinance Access the Chart
FACTFandom Association of Central Texas
FACTFaculty Access to Computing
FACTFamily AIDS Caring Trust
FACTFor the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy
FACTFoundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy
FACTFaculty Access to Computing Technology
FACTFertilisers and Chemicals Travancore
FACTFighting AIDS Continuously Together
FACTFight Against Coercive Tactics
FACTFocus Altern Complement Ther
FACTFriends of Alternative Complementary Therapies
FACTFalsely Accused Carers and Teachers
FACTFood and Culinary Technology
FACTFisheries Action Coalition Team
FACTFaculty Assistance Center for Teaching
FACTFamilies and Children Together
FACTFatal Alcohol Crash Team
FACTFertilizers and Chemicals Travancore
FACTField Assessment and Coordination Teams
FACTFully Automated Compiling Technique
FACTFlorida Anti Car Theft
FACTForum on the Advancement of Court Technology
FACTFreethinkers Association of Central Texas
FACTFair Application of Cigarette Taxes
FACTFair Accurate Credit Transactions
FACTFriends of Alum Creek Tributaries
FACTFilm Art Creative Technology
FACTFair and Accurate Transactions
FACTFamilies Achieving Change Together
FACTFriends of Alley Cats of Tucson
FACTFood and Cash Transfer
FACTfuels and combustion technologies
FACTFoundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy
FACTForensic Assertive Community Treatment
FACTFisheries and Angling Conservation Trust
FACTFilipino Americans Coming Together
FACTFreshwater Anglers Council of Tasmania
FACTFocus Area Core Team
FACTFiber Assignment by Continuous Tracking
FACTFor Administration Commerce and Trade
FACTFacility for Animal Care and Treatment
FACTfor advanced computer technology
FACTFayette Area Coordinated Transportation
FACTFoundation Appraisers Coalition of Texas
FACTfumaric acid compound therapy
FACTFunctional Assessment Cancer Therapy
FACTFamily and Community Together
FACTFriends of Alternative and Complementary Therapies
FACTFamily-aided assertive community treatment
FACTFunctional Assessment Cancer Therapy Scales
FACTFunctional Assessment of Cancer Treatment
FACTfamily and child training
FACTFlorida Assessment of Coastal Trends
FACTFoundation for Accreditation of Cellular Therapy
FACTFountain Area Community Team
FACTFamilies Against Crime by Terrorism
FACTForward Air Control Trainer
FACTfull access coordinated transportation
FACTFradley Against Curborough Town
FACTFor Film Art and Creative Technology
FACTFinancial Advisory Client Team
FACTFletcher Allen Coordinated Transport
FACTFraternity for AIDS Cessation in Thailand
FACTFederation of Automated Coding Technology
FACTFibrin Assay Comparison Trial
FACTFort Atkinson Community Theatre
FACTFunctional Assessment of Cancer Therapy Scale
FACTFunctional Assessment of Cancer Therapy--General
FACTFaculty Access to Computing Technologies
FACTForum Against Continuing Terrorism
FACTFunctional Acuity Contrast Test
FACTFarm Animal Conservation Trust
FACTfelony animal cruelty training
FACTForensic Association of Computer Technologists
FACTFisheries Angling Conservation Trust
FACTFamily and Communities Together
FACTFuture Alliance of Communication and Technology
FACTFarm Community and Tree
FACTFuels from Agriculture in Communal Technology
FACTFuture Application of Communication Technology
FACTFamilies and Agencies Coming Together
FACTFamilies and Community Together
FACTFarming and Conservation Together
FACTFilter and Coating Technology
FACTFor the Fair Application of Cigarette Taxes
FACTFlorida Aviation Career Training
FACTFramework Architecture for Communication Technologies
FACTFamily Advocacy and Community Training
FACTFast and Comfortable Trains
FACTFederation Automatic Coding Technologies
FACTFresno Area Congregations Together
FACTFamilies for Acceptable Care and Treatment
FACTFirst Amendment Cyper Tribune
FACTFoundation for Accreditation of Cellular Therapies
FACTFriends of Alachua County Talk
FACTFerret Association of CT
FACTFICCI Arbitration and Conciliation Tribunal
FACTFighting Against Cancer Together
FACTFirst Axiom of Consciousness and Thought
FACTFoundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapies
FACTFishery Action Coalition Team
FACTFair Agricultural Chemical Taxes
FACTFor All Cranhill Tenants
FACTFriday Afternoons at the Cafe Talking
FACTFertiliser and Chemicals Travancore
FACTFor Families Against Corporate
FACTFully Automatic Calibration Technology
FACTFacilitators of Applied Clinical Trials
FACTFacilities Assignment and Control
FACTFellowship Afloat Charitable Trust
FACTFraud Abuse Certification Test
FACTFamily Action Coalition Team
FACTFault Adaptive Control Technology
FACTFayette Area Coordinated Transit
FACTFlight Acceptance Composite Test
FACTFoundation for Accreditation of Cell Therapy
FACTFrederick Area Committee on Transportation
FACTFaculty Access to Computer Technology
FACTFaculty Advisory Committee on Teaching
FACTFair Access Coalition for Testing
FACTFairport Area Community Television
FACTFlorida Association of Chemical Testers
FACTForensic Assertive Community Team
FACTFamily and Childrens Trust
FACTFeminists Anti Censorship Taskforce
FACTFighting Arts Company Toronto
FACTFoundation to Assist California Teachers
FACTFreely Available Community Texts
FACTFreshwater and Aquaculture Contents Tables
FACTFunding Agency Coordinating Team
FACTFuture Active Christian Teachers
FACTFaculty Advisory Committee for Technology
FACTFinder as the Central
FACTFine Arts Council of Tracy
FACTFocus on All Child Therapies
FACTFreshman Advising Contact Term
FACTFertilizers and Chemicals Tranvancore
FACTForensic Arrest Community Team
FACTForum Against Corruption and Turmoil
FACTForum for Arms Control Technology
FACTFriendship Agency for Community Training
FACTFugitive Apprehension Coordination Team
FACTFamilies Accessing Computer Technology
FACTFamilies Agencies and Community Together
FACTFamily Assistance Coalition Team
FACTFarmers Against Climate Treaty
FACTFarmers Agriculture Conservation and Technology
FACTFellowship and Catering Team
FACTFighting Arts Collective Toronto
FACTFormative automated computer testing
FACTFoundation for Advocacy Conservatorship and Trust
FACTFranco American Cinema Theatre
FACTFresno Area Construction Team
FACTFull Action Collection Tool
FACTFacility for Analysis of Chemical Thermodynamics
FACTFederal Access Control Technology
FACTFinancial Accountability and Control Tools
FACTFinancial Advice Corporate Transactions
FACTFive Area Community Telecommunications
FACTFlint Area Citizens Together
FACTFolsom and Cordova Taskforce
FACTFor Film Art Creative Technology
FACTForeign Academic Consultancy Training
FACTFreezone Air Cargo Terminal
FACTFacility for Atmospheric Corrosion Testing
FACTFilm and Automated Camera Technology
FACTFast Actuated Control Thruster
FACTFuture Air Combat Tool
FACTFeasibility studies for the Creation of global Cardiovascular multimedia databases (Consensus Conference)
FACTFlexible Automatic Controllable Tool-changer
FACTFortran Analytical Cross Tabulation