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What does FAB stand for?

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FABFood and Behaviour
FABFlavored Alcoholic Beverages
FABFirst American Bank
FABForest Alliance of British
FABFourth Avenue Building
FABFast Action Battle
FABFood and Behavior
FABFertility Awareness Based
FABFacilities Advisory Board
FABFidia Advanced Biopolymers
FABFeline Advisory Bureau
FABFlavoured Alcoholic Beverages
FABFull Access Brokerage
FABFifty and Beyond
FABFee Advisory Board
FABFuerza Aerea Boliviana
FABField Advisory Board
FABflour and bread
FABFear Avoidance Beliefs
FABField Assistance Bulletin
FABFleeman Anderson Bird
FABFarm Assured British
FABFaculty of Built
FABFilm Advisory Board
FABFinance and Administration Branch
FABFinancial and Business
FABfile access block
FABFirecracker Alternative Book
FABFee Arbitration Board
FABFinancial Asset Building
FABforward and back
FABFat Ammons Band
FABFashion Advisory Board
FABFellowship Advisory Board
FABForest Advisory Board
FABFellow Advisory Board
FABFine Arts Blount
FABFive Against Bond
FABFragment Antigen Binding
FABFeminist Approaches to Bioethics
FABFormation Advisory Board
FABFood Animal Biotechnology
FABFakulti Alam Bina
FABFederated Array of Bricks
FABFeatures Advantages Benefits
FABFisheries and Aquaculture Branch
FABFirst American BanCorp
FABFine Arts Brass
FABForestry and Beautification
FABFrosty Acres Brands
FABFive and Better
FABFlorida Association of Benthologists
FABFirstFed America Bancorp
FABFamily of Advanced Beyond
FABFrontal Assessment Battery
FABFear Avoidance Behaviour
FABFuerza Aérea Boliviana
FABFlorida Alternative Breaks
FABFamily of Beyond
FABFreaks Association Bremen
FABFine Arts Boosters
FABFilm Actors Boot
FABFeature Advantage Benefit
FABFederation of Bulgarian
FABFinal Adjudication Branch
FABForecast and Analysis Branch
FABFederal Aid Billing
FABFaculty Administration Building
FABFemoral Artery Blood
FABFinderscope Adapter Bracket
FABFirst Aid Basics
FABForeningen Af Byplanlaeggere
FABForum of Accreditation Bodies
FABFinancial Advisory Board
FABFunctional Airspace Blocks
FABFrench American and British
FABFreshman Activities Board
FABFonda Altschul Bang
FABFiber Arts Boutique
FABFreeze Alarm Basic
FABFourth Arts Block
FABFinancial Aid to Business
FABFirst Australians Business
FAbFailure due to Absences
FABFifties and Beyond
FABFirst Associations Bank
FABFriends Against Bullying
FABFrauen Arbeit Bildung
FABFederation of Awarding Bodies
FABFullerton Advanced Balance
FABfirstfed american bancorp
FABchromatography/fast atom bombardment
FABchromatography/frit-fast atom bombardment
FABfemoral artery bifurcation
FABFixed Ankle Brace
FABFlorida Affect Battery
FABfood-acquisition behaviour
FABFrench, American, British
FABFrit-fast atom bombardment
FABFunctional autonomic blockade
FABHPLC)-fast atom bombardment
FABHPLC)/fast atom bombardment
FABtechniques--fast atom bombardment
FABTLC)/fast atom bombardment
FABfriday all business
FABForum Art Business
Fabfragments antigen binding
Fabfragments, antigen-binding
FABFlu Advisory Board
FABForce Aerienne Belge
FABFly Ash in Building
FABFunding Allocation Board
fabfatty acid biosynthetic
FABFinancial Assessment and Benefits
FABFaugh A Ballagh
FABFinancial Audits Branch
FABFutons and Beyond
FABFighting AIDS on Bikes
FABFinesse Assocaiates Bath
FABFrenchay After Burns
FAB5-fluorouracil , adriamycin, and BCNU
FAB5-fluorouracil , doxorubicin , and BCNU
FAB5-fluorouracil, adriamycin and BCNU
FAB5-fluorouracil, adriamycin, and BCNU
FABfatty acid binding protein
FABFemoral arterial blood pressure
FABfibre-optic assisted bougie
FABfine needle aspiration biopsy
FABfine-needle aspiration biopsy
FABFrench American British classification
FABFrench, American and British
FABFrench-American-British classification
FABFrench-American-British criteria
FABFrench-American-British group
FABFalls Area Bicyclists
FABFederation of Belarusian
FABField Advisory Bulletin
FABFirearms Appeal Board
FABfirstfed amer bancorp
FABFisheries and Aquaculture Board
FABFunctional Architecture of the Body
FABFarm Apprenticeship Board
FABForestry Association of Botswana
FABFinesse Associates Bath
Fabantigen-binding fragment
FABfibrinopeptides A and B
FABFor Features Advantages and Benefits
FABFrench-American-British Co-operative group
FABFrench-American-British Cooperative group
FABFinal Assembly Building
FABForum Applied Biotechnology
FABFraud Awareness Briefings
FABFire Alarm Bell
FABFerries and Buses
FABFinancial Advisors Brokerage
FABFuture Alumni of Brandeis
FABFinance Audit and Budget
FABFoundation Appaloosa Breeders
FABFarmer Arsenault Brock
FABFast Atomic Bombardment
FABfirst aid bandages
FABFunctional Analysis of Behavior
Fabfragment, antigen-binding fragment
Fabfree antigen binding fragment
Fabfully immunoreactive, bivalent
FABFan Andrew Beal
FABFinally A Bride
FABFinance and Budget
FABFunctional Advisory Board
FABFIPA Architecture Board
FABFamily Action Benchill
FABFleshart Art Brut
fabfell, air-breathing frequency
FABFeminist Audio Books
FABFine Art Binaries
FABFacilitated Allergen Binding
FABFarmville Area Bus
FABFederal Advisory Board
FABFinance Advisory Board
FABFederation of Anarchists in Bulgaria
FABFrankfurt Art Bar
FABFashion Art Bank
FABFontbonne Activities Board
FABFulton Area Business
FABFactors and British
FABFarm Acreage Base
FABFore Aft Bracing
FABFood and Beauty
FABFamily of Airborne
FABFlorida Association of Beauty
FABFarm Advisory Board
FABFilipino Association of Bradford
FABFacility Advisory Boards
FABFall Alternative Break
FABFibreboard Awarding Body
FABFacility Advisory Board
FABFood Attitudes and Behavior

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Note: Acronym Finder has 72 verified definitions for FAB

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