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What does C4 stand for?

C4 stands for F trinervia


This definition appears very rarely

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Drosera trinervia { Bainskloof near Wellington.
These findings may have economic importance. P. edulis fruit rinds, by-products of passion fruit juice production, may provide an economical source of alkaloids. 22 Flavonoids from P. trinervia and P. sanguinolenta also have been reported. 23 A review of the chemical constitution of Passiflora species is available. 24 Uses and Pharmacology.
Myrtaceae Melaleuca trichophylla Lindl. Myrtaceae Melaleuca trichostachya Lindl. Myrtaceae Melaleuca trinervia Dum. Cours. , nom. illeg. Myrtaceae Melaleuca trinervia Sm.
Urtica melastomoides, Pilea trinervia.
(Chaetochloa aurea, Chaetochloa glauca, Panicum aureum, Panicum chrysanthum, Panicum rudimentosum, Panicum sphacelatum, Pennisetum aureum, Pennisetum rudimentosum, Setaria almaspicata, Setaria alpestris, Setaria anceps, Setaria angustifolia, Setaria aurea, Setaria bussei, Setaria cana, Setaria chrysantha, Setaria decipiens, Setaria flabellata, Setaria flabelliformis, Setaria glauca, Setaria homblei, Setaria laxispica, Setaria myosuroides, Setaria neglecta, Setaria perennis, Setaria planifolia, Setaria rudimentosa, Setaria scalaris, Setaria splendida, Setaria stenantha, Setaria stolzii, Setaria tenuispica, Setaria torta, Setaria trinervia.
Mimosaceae Acacia celsiana Ser. , nom. illeg. Mimosaceae Acacia centrinervia Maiden & Blakely. Mimosaceae Acacia chalkeri Maiden. Mimosaceae Acacia chapmanii R. S. Cowan & Maslin subsp. chapmanii.