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What does E-S stand for?

E-S stands for EPSP-population spike


This definition appears rarely

Samples in periodicals archive:

176 BIOL PSYCHIATRY 1990;27:174-182 Y. Higashitani et ai. All B. field EPSP st. /7 population spike intraceUular recording._11my 10ms
r = -.74, p <.001) with LTP of the extracellular population excitatory postsynaptic potential (EPSP), but not the population spike (PS).
An algorithm for real-time extraction of population EPSP and population spike amplitudes from hippocampal field potential recordings. Ghassan Gholmieh a...
long-term potentiation (LTP); to a population EPSP/population spike is unclear. What per- centage of pyramidal neurons must show a potentiated response