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What does EPP stand for?

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EPPEffective Personal Productivity
EPPEclipse Packaging Project
EPPEngineering Plastic Products
EPPEngineering Professional Programs
EPPenvironmentally preferred products
EPPEncrypted Pin Pad
EPPEuropean Political Parties
EPPExtract of Propolis
EPPEllesmere Port Pioneer
EPPenvironmental permitting programme
EPPExpert Patient Programme
EPPExtended Parallel Port
EPPEnvironmental Planning Programme
EPPEuropean Panel Products
EPPExtended Protection Program
EPPEuropean Peoples Party
EPPExperimental Particle Physics
EPPEducation Purchase Program
EPPEfficiency Power Plants
EPPEuropean Parliament Programme
EPPEnhanced Productivity Programme
EPPEasy Photo Print
EPPemployment policy practice
EPPEducation Partners Program
EPPElectronic Payment Processing
EPPEncrypting PIN Pads
EPPEcole Primaire Publique
EPPElementary Particle Physics
EPPEnhanced Parallel Ports
EPPElectricity Pricing Policy
EPPEnergy Performance Program
EPPEuropean Pig Producers
EPPEquipment Protection Policy
EPPEstuary Policy Plan
EPPExecutive Partnership Program
EPPEscontrias Pre-K Primary (El Paso, TX)
EPPEverest Peace Project
EPPeuropean precision plastic
EPPElection and Political Processes
EPPExhibit Promotions Plus
EPPEnvironmental Protection Policies
EPPECP Printer Port
EPPElectronic Pedestrian Protection
EPPEnvironmental Protection Policy
EPPElectronic Prescription Processing
EPPEducation Personal Purchase
EPPEmployee Purchase Plan
EPPEastern Pacific Panama
EPPEnvironmental Professional Program
EPPEnvironmentally Preferable Procurement
EPPEqual Pay Program
EPPEmergency Preparedness Partnerships
EPPExecutive Planning Process
EPPElectric Partnership Program
EPPEmergency Power Program
EPPEnvironmentally Preferable Power
EPPEstate Protection Plan
EPPEntomology and Plant Pathology
EPPE Prom Programmer
EPPearth partnership program
EPPEfficient Products Program
EPPExisting Practice Payment
EPPEnvironmental Preferable Purchasing
EPPEngineering Program Plans
EPPEnglish for Professional Purposes
EPPEnhanced Printer Port
EPPExpectations of Professional Practice
EPPEngineering Pathways Program
EPPEducational Proficiency Plan
EPPExport Partnering Program
EPPExecutive Pension Plans
EPPEysenck Personality Profiler
EPPEastern Prairie Population
EPPElectronic Production Partners
EPPEuropean Parliament Press
EPPExploratory Projection Pursuit
EPPEnforcement Program Plan
EPPEnvironmentally Preferable Paper
EPPExclusive Provider Plans
EPPExpectant Parent Program
EPPEmpowered Partner Program
EPPE PDF Programme
EPPEnvironmentally Preferred Power
EPPEngineering Public Policy
EPPEnterprise Privacy Program
EPPExecutive Performance Program
EPPEmployment Preparation Program
EPPEcoles Primaires Publiques
EPPEnhanced Pensioner Premium
EPPEnterprise Personality Profile
EPPElectronic Pedigree Program
EPPExtended Physiological Proprioception
EPPExcalibur Partner Program
EPPElispot Proficiency Panel
EPPEmployment Planning and Preparation
EPPEnvironment Protection Policy
EPPExtensible Pre Processor
EPPEducational Publishing Pavilion
EPPEmployers Pension Provision
EPPEnergy Partnership Program
EPPEuropean Political Party
EPPearly pregnancy protocol
EPPectopic posterior pituitary
EPPend plate potentials
EPPepithelial planar polarity
EPPequal pressure points
EPPethyl phenyl propiolate
EPPexchangeable phosphate pool
EPPexcitatory postsynaptic potentials
EPPexpiratory pleural pressure
EPPexpiratory positive-pressure
EPPexposure-prone procedures
EPPExtended Physiologic Proprioception
EPPextension peak power
EPPextra-pair paternity
EPPEnvironmental Protection Programs
EPPEthernet Packet Processor
EPPEquipment Provision Program
EPPEducational Policy and Planning
EPPEffective Perl Programming
EPPEngineered Polymer Products
EPPEuropean Popular Party
EPPETSI Partnership Projects
eppend-plate potentials
EPPEnvironmental Public Policy
EPPpromoters--ethyl phenylpropiolate
EPPEarly Partner Program
EPPEntry Professional Program
EPPEuropean Parliament Party
EPPecho-guided percutaneous puncture
EPPend-plate potential amplitude
EPPendometrium of proliferative phase
EPPenzootic pneumonia of pigs
EPPepidermo-peritoneal electrical potential
EPPextract of posterior pituitary
EPPNTP]/exchangeable phosphate pool concentration
EPPEnvironmental Program Policy
EPPEqualized Payment Plan
EPPElite Player Programme
EPPEnhanced Performance Pretreatment
EPPEuro Paddle Pass
EPPExpected Performance Profile
EPPEmerging Plant Pest
EPPExport Partnership Program
EPPElectronic PIN Pad
EPPEnfield Partners Panel
EPPElectronic Payment Protocol
EPPEmployee Personnel Page
EPPExecutive Personal Pension
EPPEvaluation Partnership Project
EPPEconomic Partnership Programme
EPPEditPad Pro Project
EPPEnergy Partnership Programme
EPPEmpirical Pseudo Potential
EPPElektroniczna Platforma Przetargowa
EPPEducational Priorities Panel
EPPEnvironmental Placement Programme
EPPEconomics and Public Policy
EPPExclusive Provider Program
EPPthe practice population
EPPEdukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan
EPPElectron Positron Pair
EPPEngineering Production Planning
EPPEnivronmental Policy and Planning
EPPExchange Point Platform
EPPEnsemble Pre Processor
EPPEnterprise Planning and Policy
EPPEducational Purchase Program
EPPEmployer Protection Program
EPPEnglish for Polytechnic Preparation
EPPEnvironmentally Preferable Purchases
EPPEnhanced Parallel Protocol
EPPEuropean Parliament as Part
EPPEnhance Productivity Program
EPPEmory Payment Plan
EPPEnterprise Platform Programme
EPPEnglish Paper Piecing
EPPEpidemic Projection Package
EPPEvaluation Policies and Procedures
EPPEye Pigment Precursor
EPPElectrolytic Plasma Processing
EPPEmplois Postes Personnels
EPPEmployee Purchasing Program
EPPenglish proficiency programme
EPPEnterprise Platform Programmes
EPPEject Printer Paper
EPPEnterprise Protection Program
EPPEntire Production Process
EPPenvironmental partnership program
EPPEstimation and Projection Package
EPPETSI Partnership Project
EPPElectrical Power Plant
EPPEnergy Pathway Program
EPPEntrepreneurial Partnership Program
EPPExpected Percentage of Protection
EPPEnvironmental Profiles Project

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Note: Acronym Finder has 83 verified definitions for EPP

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