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What does EPIC stand for?

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EPICEducational Policy Improvement Center
EPICEuropean Public Information Centres
EPICEnding Piracy of Integrated Circuits
EPICExmoor Ponies in Conservation
EPICElectronic Profile Information Center
EPICEuropean Prospective Investigation of Cancer
EPICElection Process Information Collection
EPICElectronic Plant Information Centre
EPICEducational Programs in the Community
EPICExtended Programmable Input Controller
EPICExplicit Parallel Instruction Computing
EPICEnergy Performance and Indoor Climate
EPICEmergency Preparedness Information Center
EPICEstates and Protected Individuals Code
EPICElder Prescription Insurance Coverage
EPICEngineering Procurement Installation and Commissioning
EPICElectronic Privacy and Information Center
EPICEngineering Procurement Installation and Construction
EPICEuropean Property Italian Conference
EPICEnhanced Programmable Ircii Client
EPICEthanol Promotion Information Council
EPICEquatorial Processes Including Coupling
EPICEuropean Preservation Information Center
EPICEnergy Policy Initiatives Center
EPICElectronic Publishing Initiative at Columbia
EPICExhibition Park in Canberra
EPICEuropean Parahuman Intervention Coalition
EPICEcho Persantine International Cooperative
EPICEnvironmental Protection Indicators for California
EPICExplicitly Parallel Instruction Computers
EPICEliot Park Innovation Centre
EPICElectors Photo Identity Cards
EPICEuropean Public Information Centre
EPICElectron and Positron Induced Chemistry
EPICEuropean Prospective Investigation on Cancer
EPICEuropean Pain in Cancer
EPICExplicit Planetary Isentropic Coordinate
EPICEarly Postmenopausal Intervention Cohort
EPICEducation and the Public Interest Center
EPICElectro Pyrotechnic Initiator Chip
EPICElectron Probe Instrumentation Center
EPICEnterprise Platform Integration Contract
EPICEdgewood Partners Insurance Center
EPICEvolutionary Process for Integrating COTS
EPICExecutive Process Interactive Control
EPICEastern Pacific Industrial Corporation
EPICExpert Preceptor Interactive Curriculum
EPICEarth Polychromatic Imaging Camera
EPICEnhanced Performance Implanted CMOS
EPICElectronic Purchasing in Collaboration
EPICEducational Partnership for Instructing Children
EPICExplicity Parallel Instruction Computing
EPICElectromagnetic Personnel Interdiction Control
EPICElectronic Privacy Info Center
EPICEmployee Partnership for Insurance Coverage
EPICEuropean Prototype for Integrated Care
EPICEnterprise for Progress in the Community
EPICElectoral Photo Identity Card
EPICExplicit Parallelism Instruction Computing
EPICEnsemble Personal Image Consulting
EPICEinstein Polarization Interferometer for Cosmology
EPICehime prefectural international center
EPICEvoked Potentials International Conference
EPICEdinburgh Protein Interaction Centre
EPICElectrical Power in Canada
EPICEducational Planning and Information Center
EPICEmergency Procedures Information Centre
EPICEarly Postmenopausal Interventional Cohort
EPICearly postoperative intraperitoneal chemotherapy
EPICelastase proteinase inhibitor complex
EPICelastase-proteinase inhibitor complex
EPICexon-primed, intron-crossing
EPICExpanded Prostate Index Composite
EPICexternal pneumatic intermittent compression
EPICEducators Personal Insurance Center
EPICEnvironmental Protection in the Caribbean
EPICEuropean Preservation Information Centre
EPICEast Pacific Investigation of Climate
EPICEffective Parenting Information for Children
EPICEmergency Public Information and Communications
EPICEuropean Photon Imaging Cameras
EPICEthics and Policy Issues Centre
EPICEnvironmental Permit Information Center
EPICEcho Persantine Italian Cooperative Study
EPICetoposide, prednisolone, ifosfamide and carboplatin
EPICEtoposide, Prednisolone, Ifosfamide and Cisplatin
EPICEuropean Partners in Christ
EPICEnvironmental Policy Information Center
EPICelectoral photo identity cards
EPICEvaluation of 7E3 for the Prevention of Ischemic Complications
EPICEducational Program Innovations Centre
EPICElectronic Photonic Integrated Circuits
EPICEngineering Procurement Installation Commissioning
EPICEast Plano Islamic Center
EPICElectronic Processes Initiatives Committee
EPICElectronic Publishing Innovation Centre
EPICEquity Partnership Investment Company
EPICEudora Pool Ice Center
EPICElectronic Policy Information Center
EPICEnvironmental Policy and Information Center
EPICEducational Program Innovations Charity
EPICEffects of Public Information in Cancer
EPICExpedited Processing at International Crossings
EPICEconomic Policy Initiative Consortium
EPICExperimental Probe of Inflationary Cosmology
EPICEnvironmental Protection and Information Center
EPICEuropean Product Information Centre
EPICEducation Program for Infants and Children
EPICelastase alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor complex
EPICEuropean Prospective Investigation of Cancer study
EPICEast Phillips Improvement Coalition
EPICEnvironmental and Plastics Industry Council
EPICElectronic Procurement and Invoicing Center
EPICEdora Pool and Ice Center
EPICEnvironment and Plastics Institute of Canada
EPICEuropean Partnering and Investment Conference
EPICEncapsulated Protection Inside Clothing
EPICEuropean Packaging Institutes Consortium
EPICemerging producers in community
EPICEthics Policy Integration Centre
EPICEcono Power International Corporation
EPICelectronic product information co
EPIC7E3 in Preventing Ischemic Complications
EPICc7E3 in Preventing Ischemic Complications
EPICEletronic Privacy Information Center
EPICEnding Poverty in Community
EPICEnglish Plus Information Clearinghouse
EPICExon Primed Intron Crossing
EPICeuropean policy information centre
EPICElectronic Pricing Information and Catalogs
EPICElectronics Privacy Information Center
EPICEnhancing Perceptions in Culture
EPICEducation Prevention of Impaired Crashes
EPICEnvironmental Policies and Institutions for Central
EPICEnvironmental Products for Important Causes
EPICEnvironmental Planning Information Council
EPICEuropean Privatization Investment Corporation
EPICEx Prisoners Interpretative Centre
EPICEastern Plains Independent Conference
EPICEveryday People Initiating Change
EPICExtended PCM Interface Controller
EPICEl Pueblo Interdevelopment Corporation
EPICEngineered Panels in Construction
EPICEnvironmental Performance Improvement Club
EPICEquatorial Pacific International Co
EPICEurope Pakistan India Consortium
EPICExperiential Participatory Interactive and Communal
EPICEastern Pacific Investigations of Climate
EPICExult Process Intelligence Center
EPICenterprise performance improvement centre
EPICEducational Participation in Communities
EPICEldercare Project in Cornwall
EPICEmployment Pathways for Interns and Co
EPICEngineer Procure Install Commission
EPICEthical and Professional Issues in Computing
EPICEducation Practice Industry Connection
EPICEmu Producers International Co
EPICEnergy Production and Industrial Construction
EPICEarly Participatory Intervention for Catastrophe
EPICElectronic Privacy Info Ctr
EPICEnvironment Policy Integration and Coordination
EPICEquestrian Partners in Conservation
EPICEuropean P I Correspondents
EPICEuropean Photonic Industry Consortium
EPICEAO Project Information Centre
EPICEducation and Prevention in Communities
EPICEngaging People Inspiring Change
EPICEqual Partners in Change
EPICEquipping People in Church
EPICEstablish People in Christ
EPICEvery Person in Community
EPICExcellent Performance in Communications
EPICExplicit Parallel Instruction Code
EPICEasy Polychaete Identification Classification
EPICEducational Political Industrial Consumer
EPICElectronic and Photonic Integrated Circuits
EPICElectronic Product Integration Corporation
EPICElectronic Profile Information Centre
EPICEmployment Potential Improvement Corporation
EPICEmu Producers International Cooperative
EPICEuropean Poetry Information Centre
EPICEastern Paranormal Investigation Center
EPICEducating Practices in the Community
EPICElectronic Properties Information Center
EPICEmergency Physicians Integrated Care
EPICEmployees Political Information Committee
EPICEnhanced Pathways Into Care
EPICEnhancing Practice Improving Care
EPICEnterprise Process Improvement Community
EPICEnvironmental Product Information Consortium
EPICEuropean Perspectives on International Communication
EPICExchange Price Information Code
EPICEastern Panhandle Inter County
EPICEfficient Protocol Independent Compression
EPICElector Photo Identity Card
EPICEntry Program Into College
EPICEnvironmental Protection Info Center
EPICEuropean Project for Ice Coring
EPICExceptional People in Camden
EPICEmergency Physicians Insurance Company

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Note: Acronym Finder has 89 verified definitions for EPIC

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