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What does E3SG stand for?

E3SG stands for E3-3-sulfate-16-glucuronide


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Renal clearance of estriol (E3), E3-3-sulfate (E3S), E3-16-glucuronide (E316G), E3-3-glucuronide (E33G), and E3-3-sulfate-16-glucuronide (E3SG) has been measured in 13 normal and 17 abnormal pregnancies between the 33rd and 40th weeks of gestation. The methodology involved a chromatographic separation on a celite column in the presence of tritiated tracers, enzymic hydrolysis of the conjugates, and measurement of the E3 moiety by a specific RIA.
Estrogens were subjected to photocatalytic degradation using titanium dioxide immobilized on glass beads as a catalyst, whose time courses were measured by HPLC or liquid chromatography (LC)/MS/(MS). Estradiol and estrone, which have an unconjugated phenolic hydroxy group at the C-3 position, were gradually degraded by UV irradiation and nearly disappeared within 6 hr. 3-Desoxyestradiol, which does not have a phenolic hydroxy group at C-3 position, was also degraded like estradiol. The corresponding 17- or 3-glucuronide was degraded faster than the respective genin, estradiol or estrone. The double conjugate, estriol 3-sulfate 16-glucuronide.