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What does DVN stand for?

DVN stands for Dorsal Vagal Nucleus


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Abstract. Pancreatic secretion is regulated by the dorsal vagal nucleus (DVN) which is modulated by several neurotransmitters and diverse synaptic inputs.
begin in the dorsal vagal nucleus, the parasympathetic center in the; Vagus nerve fibers originating in this nucleus activate smooth muscles and mucosal
Restricted occurrence of Lewy bodies in the dorsal vagal nucleus in a patient with late-onset parkinsonism
The dorsal vagal nucleus (DMV) innervates enteric neurons, whereas the ventrolateral nucleus ambiguus (NAmb) innervates the heart. The relationship...
Glycine Microinjected in the Rat Dorsal Vagal Nucleus Increases Arterial Pressure WILLIAM T. TALMAN; the glycine injections, one in or near the DMV and one
Localization of pancreatic preganglionic neurons within the rat dorsal vagal nucleus Bashair M. Mussa and Anthony J. Verberne
Recommended Citation. Ponessa, Joseph T., "A Study of the Dorsal Vagal Nucleus in Relation to Vagal Bradycardia" (1969). Dissertations. Paper 962.
The dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus and regulation of pancreatic secretory function: Dorsal vagal nucleus and the pancreas
The dorsal vagal nucleus has been electrically stimulated in thirty decerebrate sheep, and the effect on the mechanical responses of the different parts of the...
Voltage-gated potassium (Kv) channels are essential components of neuronal excitability; In the medulla oblongata, neurons within the dorsal vagal nucleus...
Innervation of the nucleus of the solitary tract and the dorsal vagal nucleus by thyrotropin-releasing hormone-containing raphe neurons
Distribution of neurotensin-immunoreactivity within baroreceptive portions of the nucleus of the tractus solitarius and the dorsal vagal nucleus of the rat
No age-related cell loss was present in the dorsal vagal nucleus of normal brains, or in the hypoglossal nucleus in either PD or normal brains.
dorsal vagal nucleus; in situ hybridization; respiration; Industry Sectors. Biotechnology; Pharma; Authors. Jing Zhang (1) Hui Peng (2) Sigrid C. Veasey (3) (4) Jing...
Title On the distribution of the dorsal vagal nucleus and the locus caeruleus nucleus of the Primates Journal Primates Volume 2, Issue 1, pp 99-100
A preparation is described for investigating the central nervous control of gastric motility in decere brate, decerebellate sheep. The dorsal vagal nucleus was...
Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences; Immunohistochemical characterization of neurons and neuronal processes in the dorsal vagal nucleus of the pig;
medulla called the nucleus ambiguus, while those that control functions of the gastrointestinal tract arise from the dorsal vagal nucleus.
Voltage-gated potassium currents within the dorsal vagal nucleus: inhibition by BDS toxin
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Definition of dorsal vagal nucleus. Provided by Stedman's medical dictionary and Includes medical terms and definitions.
Publication » The Dorsal Vagal Nucleus; "Such perturbation presumably translates into a decrease in the synthesis of NT binding sites, reflected here by a loss...
1. A preparation is described for investigating the central nervous control of gastric motility in decerebrate decerebellate sheep. 2. The dorsal vagal nucleus has...
dorsal vagal nucleus, nucleus alae cinereae. The definition information for posterior nucleus of vagus nerve is provided by Stedman's. You can search...
Structured knowledge about Dorsal motor nucleus of vagus nerve, which is a Regional part of brain. Synonyms: dorsal vagal nucleus, nucleus alaris, dorsal efferent...
Preganglionic motor fibres (ganglionic branches) from the dorsal vagal nucleus and the special visceral efferents from the nucleus ambiguus...
Dorsal vagal nucleus: pre-ganglionic parasympathetic (GVE); Passes caudal to the glossopharyngeal nerve and rostral to the spinal accessory nerve.
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Dorsal Vagal Nucleus. Viral infection of brain nuclei (dorsal vagal nucleus, nucleus of the solitary tract, caudal raphe nuclei, A5 cell group, hypothalamic...
Dorsal vagal nucleus information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues.
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