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What does DUV stand for?

DUV stands for Digital Unix Version


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This problem is a result of a bug in Digital UNIX version 4.0D. In version 4.0D the limit of devsw_add is based on the size of the smallest table...
use the UNIX trademark, and has received the UNIX Brand for its current release of the operating system, now called Digital UNIX Version 3.2*.
G.2 New Features and Changes in DIGITAL UNIX Version 4.0B. The remainder of this appendix contains the new and changed features in DIGITAL UNIX Version 4.0B.
DIGITAL InfoServer Client for DIGITAL UNIX Version 1.0. April 1997
Product Version: Digital UNIX Version 4.0 or higher March 1996
The manual covers the migration to DIGITAL UNIX Versions 3.0 to 3.2 from ULTRIX and UWS Versions 4.2 to 4.4 and to DIGITAL UNIX Version 4.0B from ULTRIX and UWS...
Operating System and Version: DIGITAL UNIX Version 4.0 or higher. Future maintenance releases may require higher versions. Software Version...
I believe SYBASE version 11.0.3x and 11.5 are compatible with Digital Unix version 4.0D (Y2K compliant Unix).
Administration Guide. Version 3.6 Document Number GC09-4563-00 First Edition; AFS for Digital Unix, Version 3.6 AFS for HP-UX, Version 3.6 AFS for Linux...
List of changes of the VisualAge Pacbase 2.5 AIX, HP9000, Tandem Irix, Sun Solaris, Digital Unix version
Hi All, At Digital Unix Version 5.1B, how can I check the creation time, user id of the process by using the ps command? Thanks
consider a Digital UNIX version 3.2G system. In order to upgrade this system to V4.0D, the supported path is: Update from version 3.2G to version 4.0A...
data restoring on another server data restoring on another server gaendalf (IS/IT - Management) (OP) 28 May 09 18:18; PALcode: Digital UNIX version 1.92-74
The only modes of access each Access Control Entry (ACE) in an ACL supports are: read, write and execute; Digital UNIX Version 4.0 or higher March 1996; FTP server (Digital UNIX Version 5.60) ready. Name ( Enter your username and press the <enter/return> key.
1.2 Packaging Digital UNIX Version 4.0 is available as a base system kit, containing the operating system, windowing environment, and documentation all integrated...
Software Product Description Product Name: MAILbus 400 Application Program Interface SPD 46.90.07 for DIGITAL UNIX, Version 2.0C PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
This book contains notes on software and documentation restrictions for DIGITAL UNIX Version 4.0D and the bundled layered products that ship with the operating system.
Connected to 220 FTP server (Digital UNIX Version 5.60) ready. Name ( Type in your user name (suppose it's zz214123).
Dustin H Fu wrote: > I am trying to compile OpenSSH 3.8p1 on a Tru64 Digital Unix version 4.0f. > We are using C2 security and not using shadow password.
The Digital Unix version of the driver for the GPIB-ENET and GPIB-ENET/100 is not available for download; instead, you must purchase this driver from National...
Release Identifier Release Name Supported Processor Architecture; V4.0 1229: Digital UNIX Version 4.0F: Alpha processor: V4.0 1530: Digital UNIX Version 4.0G
called Digital UNIX Version 3.2*. To reinforce the UNIX Brand to better reflect the true nature of their standards-compliant UNIX
DIGITAL UNIX Version 3.2C and above, up to and including V4.0C: Software Product Version: Multimedia Services V2.4 for DIGITAL UNIX...
Digital UNIX, Version 3.2G, 4.0A, 4.0B, and 4.0D Note: You must have the OSFSVID2XXX (where XXX refers to the operating system release you are installing)
I'm planning to move to the Digital Unix version of Sybase 11.9.2 in few days but I absolutely need to know if the Digital Unix version of Sybase supports ESQL.
Security vulnerabilities of Digital Unix version 4.0b List of cve security vulnerabilities related to this exact version. You can filter results by cvss scores...
List of changes of the VisualAge Pacbase 3.0 AIX, HP9000, Sun Solaris, Digital Unix version
Digital Unix version 4.0e: Security vulnerabilities, exploits, vulnerability statistics, CVSS scores and references
DIGITAL UNIX Version 4.0D DIGITAL UNIX Version 4.0D is scheduled to deliver a Year 2000-ready environment during 1997, providing ample time for DIGITAL customers to...
Looking for the abbreviation of Digital Unix Version? Find out what is the most common shorthand of Digital Unix Version on! The Web's largest and...
CiteSeerX - Scientific documents that cite the following paper: Guide, Digital UNIX Version 4.0, chapter 9
Operating Systems: OpenVMS VAX Version 7.1 OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.1 Digital UNIX Version 4.0 Software Versions: DECnet-Plus for OpenVMS Version 7.1 (1996)