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What does DVR stand for?

DVR stands for Darth Vader Respirations


This definition appears very rarely

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acronyms. cute AAA Armed agiated a**hole ADB c/ NAD - Acute Dirt Bag with No Acute Distress AMFYOYO Adios Mother F***er you're on your own ATLA Abbrievated TLA for two letters. BESSG Blonde emergency services sexual groupie BOHICA Bend Over Here It Comes Again BSAD Blue-shirt ambulance driver. BTFOM Beats The F* Outta Me BTHFOM Beats The Hairy F* Outta Me BTW Balls To the Wall BWS Beached Whale Syndrome CBPUT Certified bed pan/urinal tech CF Cluster F*ck CCFCCP Coo Coo For CoaCoa Puffs CHAOS Chief has Arrived on the scene CPR Come Put-em-ta Rest CRAFT Can't Remember A F___ing Thing CRI Cephalic-rectal inversion; CRS Can't remember s*** CSCC c-spine clearing canines CTD Circling The Drain (see: Close To Death) CYA Cover your *** DFDCGU Done fell down, can't get up DFO Done Fell Out (or Over) DFO-SFJ Done Fell Out Screaming For Jeezus DFU Done F**ked Up DILLIGAS - Do I Look Like I Give A Sh*t DIN Dispatcher Is (going) Nuts - too many alarms DIRTBAG Dirty Indigent Requesting Transport Because Alchohol Gives him seizures DND Damn near dead DOASTW Dead On Arrival, and Stayed That Way DRT Dead right there DRTTTT Dead Right There, There, There, and There (used after pedestrian/train altercations) DSA Dying Spoata Act (Usually accomp. with tachyLORDYa) DVR Darth Vader Respirations.