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What does DOD stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
DoDDownload and Demo
DODDaughter of Darkness
DoDDepartment of DOT
DODDay of Delivery
DoDDivision of Death
DODDirect Outward Dialing
DoDDepartement of Defence
DODDemons of Death
DODDomestic Operations Division
DoDDept of Defence
DoDDevils of Destiny
DODDeals on Demand
DODDestruction of or Damage
DODDepartment of the Defense
DODDefenders of Darkness
DoDDays of Defense
DoDDepartement of Defense
DODDate of Diagnosis
DODDegree of Damage
DODDiscussion and Downloads
DoDDirector of DLA
DoDDead of Disease
DoDDepartment of David
DODDisaster Operations Directorate
DODDisciples of Dirt
DoDDirectory of Design
DODDead on Delivery
DODDriver Overdrive Distortion
DoDDecision of Defense
DoDDenizens of Darkness
DoDDocument on Dealing
DODDegree of Dominance
DODDivision on Deafness
DODD O Description
DoDDepartment of Defenses
DODDay of Discharge
DODDepartment of Design
DODDaggers of Darkness
DODDepartment of Disabilities
DODDemons of Darkness
DODDc Org Documents
DODDocument the Dot
DODDevelopmental Orthopedic Disorders
DoDDweebs of Death
DODDead Object Detection
DODDaughters of Divination
DODDisbursed Outstanding Debt
DoDDevelopment to Date
DoDDefinition of Death
DODDisciples of Destruction
DODdepartment on disability
DODDirectie Overleg Dans
DoDDatabase of Databases
DoDDaughters of Darkness
DoDDivision of Deafness
DODDeadlines on Demand
DoDDagger of Distraction
DoDDocument on Demand
DoDDirective on Detainee
DODDevelop the DON
DODDocument Order Desk
DoDDynamics of the Defense
DoDDTIC organization DTIC
DoDDefinitions of the Day
DODDevelopment Operations Division
DODdeath of disease
DODDepartment of Defense
DODdevelopmental orthopaedic disease
DODdextromethorphan O-demethylation
DoDduration of disease
DoDVA)-Department of Defense
DODDepartment of Disarmament
DoDDoc 2 Documents
DODDiscrepancies or Deviations
DODDocument Order and Delivery
DODDesign Objective Document
DODData in Optical Domain
DODDepartment of Defense's
DoDDepartment of Divestment
DODdied of their disease
DODduration of work disability
DODsyndrome of depression
DODDude or Dudette
DODDestruction Or Disruption
DODDegree of Dissociation
DoDDocuments and Development
DODDeployment and Disposal
DODDetector Outline Document
DODDynamic Object Designer
DoDDesign of Designs
DODDepartment of Denfense
DoDdata operations division
DoDDealers of Destruction
DoDDpartment of Defense
DODDate of Disruption
DODDisability Operations Division
DODDiscrepancies or Deficiencies
DODDenziens of Doom
DODDirect Outward Dialling
DODDirector of Operations Division
DoDData of Defense
DODDeveloping the DHS
DoDDigital Optical Data
DODDefinition of DID
DODDetermination Or Decision
DODDeveloped by DISA
DoDDocuments for Distribution
DoDDocument of Defense
DODDental Officer of the Day
DoDDiversion of Defense
DODDefense on Development
DODDirective on Determining
DoDDisciples of Destiny
DoDDigital Optical Disc
DODDocument for Developing
DoDDirect Out Dial
DoDDeveloped at the Direction
DODDatabase of Directives
DODDepartment of Destruction
DODDepartment of Defensewide
DODDamage Over Dose
DoDDocument of the Day
DODDavidson from Denver
DODDebt Outstanding and Disbursed
DODDirector of Decoys
DODDepeartment of Defense
DoDDifference of Differences
DODDigital Optical Disk
DODDirect the Operation and Defense
DoDDoMiNaTioN of DeAtH
DODDream of Desdemona
DODDepartment od Defense
DODDirectives and Other Directives
DODDollars On Demand
DoDDeparatment of Defense
DODDiabetes Open Directory
DODDichromate Oxygen Demand
DODDimensions of Difficulty
DoDDisciples of Divia
DODDivision of Organizational Development
DODDelay on Dropout
DoDDepartment of Defenseb
DODDanger Or Damage
DODDOT and Defense
DoDdanger or detriment
DODdevelopment and designed
DODDamage Or Diminution
DoDDPDB operated by the Department
DODDate Of Departure
DODDay Offers Dental
DoDDecentralization of Department
DODDecision Of Department
DODDegree Of Difficulty
DODDelbarton Online Directory
DODDeparment of Defense
DODDepartaent of Defense
DODDepartment Of Defence
DODDepartment of Defenne
DoDDepartment of Defense (US)
DODDepartment of Defense (USA)
DODDepartment Of Dermatology
DODDepartment of Development
DODDepartment of Ocean Development
DoDDepartrnent of Defense
DoDDeptartment of Defense
DODDevelopment of Defense
DODDigital Order of Dagon
DoDDirection of Data
DoDDirector of Declassification
DODDirector of Defense
DoDDirector of the Defense
DoDDirector of the DLA
DoDDirectors of Defense
DoDDirectors of the Defense
DODDiscovery Of Documents
DODDivision of Defense
DODDoctor Of Divinity
DODDuquoin Operating Davis
DoDduties of domain
DODHDBK Department of Defense Handbook