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What does DOC stand for?

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DOCDepartment of Command
DOCDirectory of Charitable
DOCDivision of Correction
DOCDeveloping Our Community
DOCdevelopment of correct
DOCDimensions of Clinical
DOCDepartment of Citizen
DOCDefining the Outcomes
DOCDirectory of Central
DOCDeterminants of Cardiovascular
DOCDynamics of Commodity
DOCDescription and Comparative
DOCDirectory of Conferences
DOCdirectory of cancer
DOCDisclosure of Children
DOCDevelopment of an Online Course
DOCDirectory of Clinical
DOCDirectory of Council
DOCDepartment of Contracts
DOCDirectory of the County
DOCDevelopment of Chain
DOCDiscussion on Creating
DOCDepartment of Conversation
DoCDefense of Command
DOCDeveloping Our Communities
DOCDescription of Capability
DOCDe Origen Controlada
DOCDreaming of Christmas
DOCDenomination of Controlled
DOCDept of Cybernetics
DOCDetermination of the Core
DOCDate of Commitment
DOCDevelopment of Coarse
DOCDays of Community
DOCDiocese of Charleston
DOCDirectory of Official
DOCDevelopments in Car
DOCdeclaration of covenants
DOCDeterminant of Capital
DOCDeadline to Object
DOCDecision on Canadian
DOCDirectory of Charter
DOCDissertations of China
DOCDepending on Conditions
DOCDemocrat and Chronicle
DOCDegree of Curing
DOCDivision of Compliance
DOCDefinition of Chaos
DOCDirectors of Church
DOCDigital Online Content
DOCDiagnosis and Complications
DOCdepartment of coal
DOCdetails of curriculum
DOCdivision of chemical
DOCDestruction of the Churches
DOCDate of the Conquest
DOCDevelopments in Czechoslovakia
DOCDictionary of Canadian
DOCDe Origen Calificada
DOCDirectory of Community
DOCDegrees of Colour
DOCDragons of Chaos
DOCDepart of Commerce
DOCD Origine Controllata
DOCDirector of Office
DOCDescription of the Chairman
DOCDivision of Contracts
DOCDepartment of Customs
DOCDescription of Careers
DOCDepartment of Cardiovascular
DOCDelivery Order Contracting
DOCDemonstrating the Case
DOCDivision of Career
DOCDepartment of Colloid
DOCDirectory of Consultants
DOCDaniel O Connell
DOCDirectory of Commercial
DOCDescription of the Consortium
DOCDefinitions of Common
DOCDirectory of Churches
DOCDelete on Close
DOCDevelopment of Organic
DOCDepartment of Corporate
DOCDefinition of Collections
DOCDirectory of Canadian
DOCDirect Operating Costs
DOCdescription of courses
DOCDesperados 2 Cooper
DOCDemonstration of Compliance
DOCdefense orientation conference
DOCDepartment of Comparative
DOCDistribution of CORE
DOCDept of Communications
DOCdirectory of computer
DOCDistribution of Clinically
DOCDisplacement of Concepts
DOCDirectory of Cities
DOCDirectory of Contact
DOCDivision by Constant
DOCDirectory of Companies
DOCDesign of the Coupling
DOCDisposal of Contraband
DOCDeclaration of Convictions
DOCDirectory of Christian
DOCDirectorate of Customs
DOCDissolved Organic Compounds
DOCDepartment of Chinese
DOCDiesel Oxidation Catalysts
DOCDevelopment of the Cal
DOCData Output Control
DOCDynamics of Conflicts
DOCDraft Organizational Chart
DOCDay of Champions
DOCDogs in Connecticut
DOCDemocracy and Citizenship
DOCDuties on Canadian
DOCDirectory of Cambridge
DOCDied of Other Causes
DOCDefinition of Collective
DOCDate of Commissioning
DOCDoorway to Change
DOCDiscovery of Communication
DOCDream of Children
DOCDinitro O Cresol
DOCDraft OIG Compliance
DOCDirectory of Colorado
DOCDraft Opinion of the Committee
DOCDissolved Oxygen Concentration
DoCDeclaration on the Conduct
DOCDirection of the Correctional
DOCDefenders of the Crown
DOCDelaware Otsego Corporation
DOCDepartment of Christian
DOCdemonstration of coal
DOCDeployment Operations Center
DOCDifference of Conditions
DOCDeterminants of Control
DOCDirector of Contracting
DOCDetails of Campsites
DOCDiversity and Occupational
DOCDemographics and the Changing
DOCDynamic Orthotic Cranioplasty
DOCDisaster Operation Center
DOCDecisions of the Corporate
DOCDialogue and the Construction
DOCDirector at the Centre
DOCDesign Optimization Control
DOCDiocese of Colorado
DOCDivision of Colloid
DOCDevelopments in Cork
DOCDecoupling and Cross
DOCDynamics of Orogenic
DOCDirectorate for Command
DOCdetails of consolidation
DoCDefenders of Cologne
DOCDirectory of Cuba
DOCDaigle Oil Company
DOCDepression and Obstructive
DOCDegradable Organic Carbon
DOCDesigning Our Community
DOCDamage_Control OF Course
DOCDictionary of Organic Compounds
DOCdiary of claudine
DOCDelta Omega Chi
DOCDucati Owners Club
DOCDurango Owners Club
DOCDevelopment of Chief
DOCDisk Orchestra Collection
DOCDistrict Operations Committee
DOCDiving Officers Conference
DOCDays of Calculating
DOCDonate to College
DOCDisciples on Campus
DOCderby owner club
DOCDepartment of Citywide
DOCDictionary of Classical
DOCDatabases and Online Catalogs
DOCDegree of Constraint
DOCDestruction of Civil
DOCDissolved and Colloidal
DOCDreemyn Ourfreewebhosting Com
DOCDeferral of Charges
DOCDecision Outreach Central
DOCDischarge of Contaminated
DOCDunavant of California
DOCdistribution of cancer
DOCDivision of Computing
DOCDissemination the Commission
DOCData Output Clock
DOCDiatom and Chironomid
DOCDate of Correction
DOCDigest of Comments
DOCDepartment of Computers
DOCDepartment of OR the Center
DOCDataPower and Contivo
DOCDesk of Christopher
DOCDevelopment and Characteristics
DOCDissolve Organic Carbon
DOCDistrict Org Chart
DOCDirectory of Contracting

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Note: Acronym Finder has 95 verified definitions for DOC

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