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What does DNA stand for?

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DNADecay of Nuclear
DNADonors and Acceptors
DNADoes Not Answer
DNADesigned to Accompany
DNADepends on the Amount
DNADetection of Nucleic Acids
DNADetecting Network Attachment
DNADiscovering and Analyzing
DNADatabase and Asked
DNADepartment and the Armed
DNADiet Needs Analysis
DNADeveloping the Administrative
DNADigital News Archives
DNADeoxyribo Nucleic Acid
DNADamage and Apoptosis
DNADoubling the Available
DNAData Network Architecture
DNADesigned an Artificial
DNADietologi Nutrizionisti Associati
DNADistrict Nurses Association
DNADamage the Normal
DNADUMBO Neighborhood Association
DNADomain Names Australia
DNADirectorate of Nature
DNADynamic Network Applications
DNADigital Network Associates
DNADowntown Neighborhood Association
DNADet Norske Arbeiderpartiet
DNADamage in Neurodegeneration
DNADeparture from Nucleate
DNADomains and Application
DNADetection Nucleic Acid
DNADetection in Addition
DNADid Not Attends
DNADe Nationale Assemblee
DNADomain of the Nuclear
DNADuring the Amplification
DNADetecting and Analyzing
DNADetroit Newspaper Agency
DNADynamics of Nuclear
DNADegradation of Nuclear
DNADestination New Age
DNAD Nucleic Acids
DNADance New Amsterdam
DNADisciplines in A
DNADesire and Attitude
DNADefines and Addresses
DNADensity and Nuclear
DNAdesoxypentose nucleic acid
DNADetermine the Amino
DNADescription of Artificial
DNADetection of Anaplasma
DNADeep Network Analyzer
DNADescription Now Accepting
DNADifferent from Apes
DNADivision the National Association
DNADesign of Antisense
DNADisruption in A
DNADomain in Addition
DNADomain Name Analyzer
DNADesign Nucleic Acids
DNADetection and Assignment
DNADatabases Nucleic Acids
DNADiarist Net Active
DNADesoxyribo Nucleic Acid
DNADomain of the Arabidopsis
DNADesigned to Automate
DNADispersion in A
DNADetection of the Amplified
DNADigestion of the Amplified
DNADrink No Alcohol
DNAdie neue aktionsgalerie
DNADamage in Normal
DNADesigned for Amplification
DNADamage to Nuclear
DNADatabase the National
DnADevils and Angels
DNADescendents and Ancestors
DNADowntown Naperville Alliance
DNADigital Network Access
DNADatabase and to Assist
DNADigestion of Agarose
DNADirectorio Nacional Argentino
DNADeep Network Analyser
DNAData and the Automatic
DNADigestion of Amplified
DNADistributions of Animal
DNADatabase of Naturally
DNADistributions for A
DNADetermine the Affiliation
DNADelivery of Naked
DNADifferent the Association
DNADual Nano Architecture
DNADeletion and Amplification
DNADeoxy-Ribonucleic Acid
DNADatabase of Nuclear
DNADomains of Nfat
DNADesigned to Anneal
DNADescription the Arthur
DNADatabases of the National
DNADatabases and Automation
DNADiagnostics for A
DNAdimiourgoi neas antilipsis
DNADatabase for Near
DNADid Not Amplify
DNADatabase Network Associates
DNADetection of Network Attachment
DNADepletion in the Absence
DNADatabase of Naked
DNADepartamentul National Anticoruptie
DNADescriptions of Ancient
DNADetermination of NEPA Adequacy
DNADibromo 4 Nitroaniline
DNADirector of the Natural
DNADigital Neural Axis
DNADifferences in Nuclear
DNADomain Name Address
DNADesign of Accurate
DNADephosphorylation and Nuclear
DNADeans and Administration
DNAData Network Address
DNADatabase and the Australian
DNADepartment the Ancient
DNADefense and the National
DNADestroying the National
DNADetected by Nuclear
DNADomains of About
DNADepletion and All
DNADegradation and Nuclear
DNADonald North Audio
DNADance for National
DNADowntown North Association
DNADevelop New Algorithms
DNADivision the Analytical
DNADepartment of Navy
DNADistributed by National
DNADigital Network Alliance
DNADoes Not Augment
DNADistributed Network Application
DNADr Noel Aguilar
DNADevice Not Available
DNADurham Nuclear Awareness
DNADVD News Announcement
DNADisco Night Action
DNADomain in Adenosine
DNADiscovery of the Nature
DNADuring the Arabidopsis
DNADilution by Adding
DNADynamic Network Abstraction
DNADet Norske Arbeiderpartis
DNADiagnostic Network Audit
DNADavid Nelson Associates
DNADomain Name Accreditation
DNADomain and AraC
DNADomain of the Avian
DNADatabase Nearly A
DNADelay and Activation
DNADuring in Addition
DNADomain and an AraC
DNADehydrogenase from the Archaeon
DNAData Navigation and Analysis
DNADrugs N Alkahol
DNADesign for Automated
DNADinosaurs from Ancient
DNADelta Nucleic Acids
DNADiscovery and Analyses
DNADowntown Natomas Airport
DNADirected Nucleation Assembly
DNADegradation of Naked
DNADifferences in Alpha
DNADenatured by Alkaline
DNADivision of Nutrition Assistance
DNADilithium Networks Analyzer
DNADaily News Articles
DNADinosaurs and Alternate
DNADigestion and Analysis
DNADinamo Norge AS
DNADatabank the Nation
DNAData Niche Associates
DNADurand Neighbourhood Association
DNADestination Node Address
DNADesign of Nucleic Acid
DNADiscoveries and Advancements
DNADamage in Nearly All
DNADomain an Alpha
DNADiagnosis of Adenovirus
DNADeath and Aberrant
DNADiscovering New Artist
DNADe Nonsens Alliantie
DNADomains of an Anti
DNADirectivas Nova Abordagem
DNADiagnostiek in Nederland
DNADiffers from Native
DNADepartment to Acquire
DNADesign Network Associates
DNADisciple Nations Alliance
DNADamage in Nasal
DNADomain of the AraC
DNADaily News Agency

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