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What does DIP stand for?

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DIPDetailed in Process
DIPDatabase Is the Property
DIPDiabetes Intervention Program
DIPDocument Information Panel
DIPDialup Internet Protocol
DIPDirect Investment Plans
DIPDigital Imaging Products
DIPDevelop in Peace
DIPDe Información Pública
DIPDefence Industry Policy
DIPData Information and Process
DIPDistal Interphalangeal Joint
DIPDiari Interactiu Personal
DIPDistrict Improvement Plan
DIPDevelopment Infrastructure Program
DIPDrug Interventions Programme
DIPDeutsch Israelische Projektkooperation
DIPDesquamative Interstitial Pneumonitis
DIPderecho internacional publico
DIPDieppe Industrial Park
DIPDephosphorylation of P
DIPDisclosure and Investor Protection
DIPDialup IP Protocol
DIPDrug Induced Psychosis
DIPDrowning Is Preventable
DIPDrug Intervention Programme
DIPDissemination Information Packages
DIPDistrict Implementation Plans
DIPDirectorate for International Programs
DIPDigital Imaging Processing
DIPDirector in Progress
DIPDynamic Information Presentation
DIPDrug Induced Parkinsonism
DIPDual Inline Packages
DIPDefending Immigrants Partnership
DIPDepartment of Intellectual Property
DIPDrip Infusion Pyelography
DIPDeparture Incentive Program
DIPDeferred Interest Program
DIPDocument Import Processor
DIPDubai International Properties
DIPDenver International Program
DIPDireito Internacional Privado
DIPDesign Information Package
DIPDigital Information Packages
DIPDelta Improvements Package
DIPDistributed Information Processing
DIPDocument Imaging Processing
DIPDirect Insertion Probe
DIPDaftar Isian Proyek
DIPDevelopment Issues Program
DIPDigital Inclusion Panel
DIPDigital Interface Processor
DIPDevice Independence Principles
DIPDevelopment Information Program
DIPDigital Industry Promotion
DIPDigital Image Processor
DIPDevon Improvement Programme
DIPDilution of Precision
DIPDual Inline Pins
DIPDrug Intervention Programmes
DIPDebtor in Position
DIPDie Individuelle Partnervermittlung
DIPDebtor in Posession
DIPDiagnostic Instruments Products
DIPDistributed Ion Pumps
DIPDyslexia Intervention Program
DIPDirectorate of Information Publicity
DIPDictionary of Interfaces in Proteins
DIPDistributed Ion Pump
DIPDiscretionary Incentive Plan
DIPDe Inking Plant
DIPDefence Industrial Participation
DIPDistance Information Protocol
DIPDissolved Inorganic Phosphate
DIPDisability and Impact Profile
DIPDactylis inhibitory protein
DIPdangerous industrial products
DIPdata-interpretation period
DIPdecontrolled-iron pathogen
DIPdegradable intake protein
DIPdegranulation inhibiting protein
DIPdegranulation inhibitory protein
DIPDelayed infectivity panning
DIPdemyelinating inflammatory polyradiculoneuropathy
DIPDepression Impact Profile
DIPdifferentiation-inhibiting protein
DIPdiffuse interstitial pneumonia
DIPdiffuse interstitial pneumonitis
DIPdiffuse interstitial pneumopathy
DIPdisease internal picture
DIPdissolved in polyvinylpyrrolidone
DIPdistal inter-phalangeal
DIPdownward incisural point
DIPdrip infused pyelography
DIPdrip infused pyeloureterography
DIPDrip infusion pyelogram
DIPdrip intravenous pyelography
DIPdriver intervention program
DIPdrug induced photodermatitis
DIPdrug-induced PA
DIPdrug-induced parkinsonian
DIPdrug-induced pathology
DIPdrug-induced pneumonitis
DIPdual incisor proclination
DIPDirect Inlet Probe
DIPdriver intervention programs
DIPDowntown Implementation Plan
DIPDrug Intervention Project
DIPDesign and Innovation Project
DIPDefective Interfering Particles
DIPdiagnostics information profiling
DIPDepartment of International Protection
DIPDiffusione Italiana Preziosi
DIPData Integration Processor
DIPDiscussion of Instructional Practices
DIPDepartment of Irrigation and Power
DIPDivision of International Programs
DIPDefective interfering virus particles
DIPDelft Internet Panel
DIPdexamethasone, insulin and prolactin
DIPdexamethasone, insulin, and PRL
DIPdexamethasone, insulin, and prolactin
DIPdiastolic isovolumic period length
DIPDietary intake of potassium
DIPdigital image processing method
DIPDisability & Impact Profile
DIPN-dodecyl 2-imidazole-propionate
DIPDaily Interest Payout
DIPDiagnostic Interview for Psychoses
DIPDistrict Induction Plan
DIPDiagnostic Interview for Psychosis
DIPDiversified Innovative Products
DIPDatabase Interface Process
DIPDecentralisation Implementation Plan
DIPDecentralization Implementation Plan
DIPDepartmental Improvement Plans
DIPDouble Ionization Potential
DIPDrainage Interpretation Plan
DIPDynamic Inclined Plane
DIPpeptide immunoreactive peptide
DIPDial in Protocol
DIPDeletion Insertion Polymorphisms
DIPDubai Investment Park
DIPData Interchange Plc
DIPDocument Interchange Protocol
DIPDynamic Interviewing Program
DIPDirect Investment Plan
DIPDust Ignition Proof
DIPDistrict Information Portal
DIPDisability Insurance Plan
DIPData Imaging Process
DIPDetailed Implementation Plans
DIPData Interpretation Procedures
DIPDrugs Interventions Programme
DIPDigital Industry Park
DIPDissolved Inorganic Phosphorous
DIPData Information Packet
DIPDesigners in Progress
DIPDigital Inclusion Partnership
DIPDMA in Progress
DIPDiscriminating Irritant Projectile
DIPDefault Insurance Program
DIPDisability Initiatives Programme
DIPDistribution Information Package
DIPdortmund intelligence project
DIPDAPK Interacting Protein
DIPDeserter Information Point
DIPDefence Industry Productivity
DIPDemocratic Institutions Programme
DIPDouble Inline Package
DIPDry Ice Production
DIPDual Inline Packaging
DIPducrocq ingenierie process
DIPdelaware insurance plan
DIPDesign Image Photos
DIPDigital Insurance Package
DIPDecentralisation Implementation Programme
DIPDistal Into Proximal
DIPDominican Internship Program
DIPDatabase Interacting Proteins
DIPDevelopment Innovation and Practices
DIPDevices and Plug
DIPDiabetes Improvement Plan
DIPDigital Input Point
DIPDistrict Improvement Programme
DIPData Interchange Protocol
DIPDirect Insert Probe
DIPDistrict Intern Program
DIPDevice Interface Processor
DIPDirect Imported Products
DIPDanish Industrial Property
DIPDMA Interrupt Pending
DIPDual Inline Plug
DIPData Interface Processes
DIPDecentralized Intelligent Peripheral
DIPDental Impact Profile

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Note: Acronym Finder has 78 verified definitions for DIP

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