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What does DIC stand for?

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DICDistrict Industries Centre
DICDigital Initiatives Committee
DICDependency Indemnity Compensation
DICDifference of Conditions
DICDirectorate of Industries and Commerce
DICDecimal Interchange Code
DICDowntown Improvement Committee
DICData network Identification Code
DICD from Imperial College
DICDivision of Industrial Chemistry
DICDriver in Command
DICDetection and Correction
DICDistrict Industry Centre
DICDe Investigacion Criminal
DICDevelopment and Industrial Commission
DICDevelopment Impact Committee
DICData Interface Control
DICDrivers Information Center
DICDrug Information Centre
DICDevelopment Investment Construction
DICDesign Interior Construction
DICDefence Industries Corporation
DICDeutsche Immobilien Chancen
DICDigital Information Centre
DICDirect Ignition Cassette
DICDiploma of the Imperial College
DICDisposable Inner Cannula
DICDulwich International College
DICDistrict Industrial Centre
DICDrip Infusion Cholangiography
DICDynein Intermediate Chain
DICDipartimento Ingegneria Civile
DICDrop in Centres
DICDemocratic Indira Congress
DICDynein Intermediate Chains
DICDocument Identifier Codes
DICDiversity Inclusion Committee
DICD Imperial College
DICDistrict Industries Centres
DICDeep Inelastic Collisions
DICdigital image correlation
DICDiffuse Intravascular Coagulation
DICdomus immobilien contor
DICDisseminating Intravascular Coagulation
DICDepartment of International Cooperation
DICDigital Integrated Circuit
DICDisease Investigation Center
DICDe Icing Controller
DICData Interface Circuit
DICDavidson Italian Club
DICDiscount Investment Corporation
DICDipartimento di Ingegneria Chimica
DICDiploma in Computing
DICdays in culture
DICdeep iliac circumflex
DICdendritic interstitial cells
DICdetergent-insoluble complexes
DICdeviance information criterion
DICdifferential interference contract
DICdiffuse intravascular clotting
DICDiffuse intravascular coagulopathy
DICdilated idiopathic cardiomyopathy
DICdiphenylene iodonium chloride
DICdisseminated intervascular coagulation
DICdisseminated intrasvascular coagulation
DICdisseminated intravasal coagulation
DICdisseminated intravascular clotting
DICdisseminated intravascular coagulant
DICdisseminated intravascular coagulations
DICdisseminated intravascular coagulophathy
DICdisseminated intravascular consumption
DICDisseminated Intravasscular Coagulation
DICdisseminated intravescular coagulation
DICdisseminates intravascular coagulation
DICdissiminated intravascular coagulation
DICdrip infusion cholecystography
DICDrug information cards
DICdynamic infusion cavernosometry
DICdynamic interferential current
DICNomarski-differential interference contrast
DICpre-disseminated intravascular coagulation
DICVEC)-differential interference contrast
DICDeep Inelastic Compton
DICDirect Intellectual Capital
DICDisable Internal Cycles
DICDefence Industries Council
DICdifferential interference contrast microscopy
DICdifferential interference contrast optics
DICdifferential-interference-phase contrast
DICdimethyl triazeno imidazole carboxamide
DICdisordered intravascular coagulation syndrome
DICdisseminated intra-vascular coagulation
DICdisseminated intra-vascular coagulopathy
DICdisseminated intravascular blood clotting
DICdisseminated intravascular blood coagulation
DICdisseminated intravascular clotting syndrome
DICdisseminated intravascular coagulation defect
DICdisseminated intravascular coagulation syndrome
DICdisseminated intravascular thrombocytopenia
DICDNA-DNA interstrand cross-links
DICDouble Implication Chain
DICdrug information centre's
DICDrill in Casing
DICDuurzaam Industriepark Cranendonck
DICd in cell culture
DICDistrict Infection Control
DICDifferential Interface Contrast
DICDigital Interference Contrast
DICDistrict Implementation Committee
DICDiffusion Information Communication
DICDutch International Cooperation
DICDigital Image Collection
DICDe Investigaciones Criminologicas
DICdifferential interference optics
DICDiploma Imperial College
DICDistrict Industry Center
DICDrip Infusion Cholecystocholangiography
DICDependent Indemnity Compensation
DICDisease Investigation Centres
DICDistrict Industries Centers
DICDisseminated Intravas Cular
DICDiesel Internal Combustion
DICDubai Investments Company
DICand intravascular clotting
DICand intravenous cholangiography
DICDanse Informations Centret
DICDiploma in Commerce
DICD Inscription Complémentaires
DICDependence and Indemnity Compensation
DICDigital Imaging Camera
DICDepartment of Industry and Commerce
DICDisseminmated Intravascular Coagulation
DICDaelim Industrial Corp
DICDepartment of Industrial Cooperation
DICDiploma in Counselling
DICDrug Information Centers
DICDocumentation and Information Centre
DICDream Island Clan
DICDacarbazine Imidazole Carboxamide
DICData Interchange Code
DICDetroit Institute for Children
DICDesign Innovation Center
DICDisseminate Intravascular Coagulation
DICDouane Informatie Centrum
DICdelivery inland charge
DICDivision of Industrial Cooperation
DICDistrict Investigating Committee
DICDarfur Information Center
DICDefense Industrial Complex
DICDataskolan I Centrum
DICDepartamento de Investigaciones Criminologicas
DICDistributed Information Centres
DICDay Incarceration Centers
DICDefence Industrial Complex
DICDirect InterLATA Connecting
DICDSRC Industry Consortium
DICDaloa Ivory Coast
DICDesseminated Intravascular Coagulation
DICDevelopment Impact Consulting
DICDevelopment Information Center
DICDiagnostic Imaging Centers
DICDigital Imaging and Communations
DICDocument Identification Code
DICDrive in Classics
DICDriver Information Centers
DICDainippon Inks and Chemicals
DICDayton Improv Club
DICDeath and Indemnity Compensation
DICDrawings of Cells
DICDupondius or as CAESAR
DICData Intensive Computing
DICDairy Institute of California
DICData Input Clock
DICDigital Imaging and Communication
DICDigital Intelligence Centre
DICDiseminated Intravascular Coagulation
DICDecode ICC Color
DICDisseminated Intravascular Coagulapathy
DICDisaster Information Center
DICdissolved inorganic CO
DICDays Inn Central
DICDependency and Indeminity Compensation
DiCDesign Island Centre
DICDiamond International Corporation
DICDimminishment In Capacity
DICDrought Information Center
DICDestinations In the Caribbean
DICDinamation International Corporation
DICDiversified Industrial Company
DICDocument Imaging Consulting
DICDover Industrial Chrome
DICDark Industrial atmospheric Cine
DICDavies Information Center
DICDavis Information Center
DICDavy International Chile
DICDepartment of Information and Communication
DICDepartment of Intercultural Comm
DICDepartment of Intercultural Communication
DICDeputy Independent Counsel
DICDesenvolvimento Ind·stria e ComT

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Note: Acronym Finder has 67 verified definitions for DIC

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