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What does DCT stand for?

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DCTDynamic Contour Tonometry
DCTDual Coding Theory
DCTDiscrete Cosine Transformation
DCTDepartment of Culture and Tourism
DCTDutchess County Tourism
DCTData Circuit Terminating
DCTDigital Cable Tuners
DCTDevice for Computing
DCTDeath Certificate Transcription
DCTDirect Coupled Transistor
DCTDigital Capture Technology
DCTDiscovery Channel Telescope
DCTDiscrete Cosine Transforms
DCTDigital Cafe Tour
DCTDepartment of Creative Technologies
DCTDale Carnegie Training
DCTDigital Communication Technologies
DCTDescribes the Term
DCTDual Clutch Transmissions
DCTDream Coders Team
DCTDigital Cordless Telephones
DCTDundee College of Technology
DCTDevelopmental Counseling and Therapy
DCTData Compression Technology
DCTDiscrete Cosinus Transformation
DCTDiversified Cooperative Training
DCTDa Cunha Travel
DCTDivision of Career and Technical
DCTDual Clutch Transmission
DCTDiploma Course Tutor
DCTdiscovery challenge thrusts
DCTData Communication Terminal
DCTDesign Concept Team
DCTDacorum Community Trust
DCTDirect Connect Terminal
DCTDamage Cleanup Template
DCTDiagnostic Counseling and Testing
DCTDow Corning Trust
DCTDiscreet Cosine Transform
DCTDementia Care Trust
DCTDigital Component Technology
DCTDisposable Cuffed Tube
DCTDefense Commercial Telecommunications
DCTDirector of Clinical Training
DCTDiscrete Cosine Transfer
DCTData Collection Terminal
DCTDissector Camera Tube
DCTData Collection Terminals
DCTDeveloped in the Convention
DCTDoes the Current
DCTDust Compression Technology
DCTDepartment of Communications
DCTDangoria Charitable Trust
DCTDaly City Titans
DCTDrift Chamber Trigger
DCTDivision of Cancer Treatment
DCTDirect Coombs Test
DCTDust Collector Timer
DCTDemocratic Centrist Tendency
DCTData Collection Tool
DCTDouble Cone Technology
DCTDeepwater Container Terminal
DCTDistributed Computing Toolbox
DCTDiscourse Completion Tests
DCTDutch Clinical Trial
DCTDepression Connection Team
DCTDistrict Communications Team
DCTDeferred Company Tax
DCTDirect Contact Test
DCTDirks Car Tuning
DCTdeposited check truncation
DCTDanieli Centro Tube
DCTDiscourse Completion Tasks
DCTDream Came True
DCTDestination Control Tables
DCTDirection and Then
DCTDrive Configuration Table
DCTDeputy Commissioner of Taxation
DCTDistal Convoluted Tubules
DCTDustbowl Clan Tools
DCTDouble Clutch Transmissions
DCTDevice Control Table
DCTDigital Communication Technology
DCTdecisional conflict theory
DCTdecompensated cardiac tamponade
DCTdefinitive cardiac treatment
DCTdelayed computed tomography
DCTdensa--distal convoluted tubule
DCTDevelopmental Care Teams
DCTdiaphragmatic central tendon
DCTDigit cancellation task
DCTDigit Cancellation Test
DCTDigit Copying Test
DCTdigital copying test
DCTdirect compression technique
DCTdirect Coombs' test
DCTdirect current treatment
DCTdiscontinuous cranial traits
DCTdiscrete cosine transformed
DCTdisposable chemical thermometer
DCTdistal circuit temperature
DCTdistal convoluted tubular
DCTDistraction-consolidation time
DCTdouble cytometric test
DCTdouble-dose computed tomography
DCTdry-cow therapy
DCTDynamic circle traction
DCTdynamic coagulation test
DCTdynamic computed tomographic
DCTdynamic computerized tomography
DCTDynamic Cruciate Tester
DCTTAL)/distal convoluted tubule
DCTDynamic Computed Tomography
DCTDiscret Cosinus Transformation
DCTDomestic Container Terminal
DCTdemir celik tel
DCTDiocese of Central Tanganyika
DCTData Channel Transfer
DCTDivalent Cation Transporter
DCTDigital Cellular Time
DCTDeepak Charitable Trust
DCTDigital Core Technology
DCTDomestic Container Terminals
DCTData and Computing
DCTDiscrete Cosine Tansform
DCTdirect Coomb's tests
DCTdisease concept of treatment
DCTDry-cow antibiotic therapy
DCTdynamic computerized tomography scanning
DCTdysplasia of connective tissue
DCTDisplay Compatibility Tests
DCTDrive Code Table
DCTDelaware Center for Transportation
DCTDiversified Chemical Technologies
DCTData Communication Transmitter
DCTdistal convoluted segment
DCTl-DOPAchrome tautomerase
DCTDevon Care Training
DCTDisplay Compression Technology
DCTDirectors of Clinical Training
DCTDisplay Compatibility Test
DCTDual Cyclo Trial
DCTDirector Control Towers
DCTDerby Community Transport
DCTDivine Command Theories
dctC4-dicarboxylate transport
DCTdainichi color thailand
DCTDeclarations of Conformity
DCTDigital Cordless Telephony
DCTDamage Cleanup Templates
DCTDivision of Chemical Toxicology
DCTDigital Communication and Technology
DCTDu Cabinet Technique
DCTDigital Cable Terminals
DCTDirect Commodities Trading
DCTDirectly Connected Terminals
DCTenhanced computed tomography
DCTDiscreet Cosine Transforms
DCTDakota Community Telephone
DCTDiagnostic Counselling and Testing
DCTDiscrete Cosine Tranform
DCTDirect Conversion Tuner
DCTDamage Control Teams
DCTDiploma in Computer Technology
DCTDistrict Coordinating Team
DCTDuplicate Certificate of Title
DCTdepartmental command team
DCTDistrict Coordination Teams
DCTData Collection Tools
DCTDepartment of Communication Technology
DCTDisk Compact Tension
DCTDublin Core Terms
DCTDiverse City Theater
DCTDucts of the Cortex
DCTDamage Control Trainer
DCTData Conversion Tools
DCTDetroit Center Tool
DCTDrop Cards Triple
DCTDead Cycle Time
DCTDefense Consultative Talks
DCTDevelopment Consulting and Training
DCTDigital Communications and Technology
DCTDigital Cassette Tape
DCTDoncaster Community Transport
DCTDuisburger Container Terminal
DCTDiscounted Conference Ticket
DCTDisorder Control Team
DCTDirect Current Transmission
DCTDisrete Cosine Transform
DCTDistributed Computing Technology
DCTData Communications Technologies
DCTDataset Cutting Tool
DCTDeployable Cockpit Trainers
DCTDesign Code Test
DCTDigital Communications Technologies
DCTDigital Communications Technology
DCTDigital Cordless Telecommunication
DCTDisciplinary Cases Task
DCTDurable Coating Technology

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Note: Acronym Finder has 62 verified definitions for DCT

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