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What does DCR stand for?

Acronym Finder has 85 verified definitions for DCR

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DCRDigital Camcorder Review
DCRDesignated Community Residents
DCRDetailed Cash Record
DCRDigital Camcorder Refurbished
DCRDVD92 Camcorder Review
DCRDVD403 Camcorder Reviews
DCRDay Care Referral
DCRDigital Cyber Radio
DCRDrive Camcorder Review
DCRDaily Court Review
DCRDigital Camcorder Retail
DCRDVD Camcorder Records
DCRData Capture Report
DCRDistributed Constraint Reasoning
DCRDVD7 Camcorder Review
DCRDigital Camera Raw
DCRData Collection and Reporting
DCRDynamic Color Rendition
DCRDivision on Civil Rights
DCRDirectors of the Cambridge
DCRDemocratic Convention of Romania
DCRData Center Rating
DCRDepartment of Civil Registration
DCRData Collection Resources
DCRDiamond Chamber of Russia
DCRDept of Conservation and Recreation
DCRDividend Coverage Ratio
DCRDanmarks Commercielle Radio
DCRDirector of Community Renewal
DCRDevice and Credential Repository
DCRDocument Control Review
DCRDull City Records
DCRDelaware Cancer Registry
DCRDynamic Cache Reconfiguration
DCRDisability and Community Rehabilitation
DCRDynamic Center Reporter
DCRDivision of Conservation and Recreation
DCRDialogues in Contemporary Rehabilitation
DCRDerwent Chemistry Resource
DCRDivision of Cooperative Research
DCRDirectorate for Commodity Reserves
DCRDubai Commodity Receipt
DCRDiversity and Civil Rights
DCRDivision of Community Resettlement
DCRDevelopment Completion Report
DCRDefined Cap ReturnFd
DCRDummy Call Reference
DCRDevelops the Conservation
DCRDepartment of Commercial Registration
DCRDelphi Component Resource
DCRDave Clarke Racing
DCRDevelopment Control Rules
DCRDanish Cancer Registry
DCRdecidual cell reaction
DCRdecidual cell reactions
DCRdecidual cell response
DCRdental composite resin
DCRDiabetes Centre Rotterdam
DCRdiastolic coronary resistance
DCRdiastolic count ratio
DCRdielectrophoretic collection rate
DCRdiffuse cutaneous reticulohistiocytosis
DCRdigitized chest radiograph
DCRdirect cortical responses
DCRdisk-condyle relationship
DCRdistal control region
DCRdistance-dependent collimator response
DCRdorsal column reflex
DCRdouble cardiac rupture
DCRdual cutaneous reaction
DCRdurable complete response
DCRdynamic calibration rig
DCRNADPH-dependent-2,4-dienoyl-CoA reductase
DCRDefined Contributions Retirement
DCRDigital Cassette Recorder
DCRDefined Contribution Retirement
DCRDVD Camcorder Review
DCRDavis College Republicans
DCRDrugs and Cosmetic Rules
DCRDisabled Citizens Recreation
DCRDobermann Club Romania
DCRDifferential Color Refraction
DCRDAP IV/creatinine ratio
DCRdecidual cell response technique
DCRdental composite resin products
DCRDiagnostic Criteria for Research
DCRdiffusion, convection and reaction
DCRdigitized posteroanterior chest radiograph
DCRDivision of Cancer Research
DCRsyndrome chromosome region
DCRsyndrome critical region
DCRsyndrome-critical region
DCRData Collection and Receiving
DCRDecorative Concrete Resurfacing
DCRDVD301 Camcorder Review
DCRDevelopment Charge Reduction
DCRDigital Conversion Receiver
DCRDisk Chisel Ripper
DCRDrug Coverage Request
DCRDistribution Code Review
DCRDisarmament and Community Reinsertion
DCRDRAM Control Register
DCRDomestic Competition Regulation
DCRDelaware City Refinery
DCRDept Conservation Recreation
DCRDesign Concept Reports
DCRDecorative Concrete Resources
DCRDepartment of Civil Rights
DCRDigital Cameras Raynox
DCRDVD405 Camcorder Review
DCRICD-10 Diagnostic Criteria for Research
DCRData Connection Resources
DCRDienoyl Coa Reductase
DCRDual Combustor Ramjet
DCRDetector Concept Report
DCRDrug Consumption Rooms
DCRDVD205 Camcorder Review
DCRDepartment of Campus Recreation
DCrDCs either rostral
DCRDigital Cinema Rentals
DCRDigital8 Camcorder Review
DCRDevice Control Registers
DCRDMA Control Register
DCRDVD108 Camcorder Review
DCRDestination Call Routing
DCRDie Cast Registry
DCRDigital Concentration Readout
DCRDOTMLPF Change Recommendations
DCRDischarge Cleanup and Removal
DCRDispersion by Chemical Reaction
DCRDigital Chart Recorder
DCRDigital Classroom Resources
DCRDirect Conversion Receivers
DCRDivision of Chemical Research
DCRDubai Commodity Receipts
DCRdansk cykle ring
DCRDesign Change Requests
DCRDigital Continuum Receiver
DCRDistrict Court Reports
DCRDisaster Cleanup Repair
DCRDavy Crockett Ranch
DCRDerwent Chemical Resource
DCRDriver Control Record
DCRDaVita Clinical Research
DCRDean Canto Racing
DCRDilation and Curettage
DCRDocument Control Requests
DCRDupont Clinical Research
DCRData Capture Records
DCRDeer Creek Rattery
DCRDynamic Conformance Requirement
DCRDefence Capability Review
DCRDesignated Crisis Responder
DCRData Channel Ready
DCRData Collection Reports
DCRDischarge Current Register
DCRData Collection Ratings
DCRDawson County RACES
DCRDirectorate Conference Rooms
DCRDominant Control Region
DCRdsm cost recovery
DCRDual Combustion Ramjet
DCRDunn Corporate Resources
DCRDaily Cash Reconciliation
DCRData Conversion Receiver
DCRDecisions and Recommendations
DCRDivided Clock Receiver
DCRDouble Cold Reduction
DCRData Clarification Requests
DCRDesign and Construction Requirements
DCRDesign Certification Reviews
DCRDigital Cable Readytuner
DCRDiploma from the College of Radiographers
DCRDomino Connection Resource
DCRDouglas County Rideshare
DCRDrift City Renegades
DCRDefaulted Consumer Receivables
DCRDefine Component Registration
DCRDocument Change Requests
DCRDocumentation Change Requests
DCRDouble Cold Reduced
DCRDust Cleaning Rollers
DCRDacro Cysto Rhinostomy
DCRDal Cais Research
DCRData Cache Reset
DCRData Connection Records
DCRdefined capital return
DCRDetector Concepts Report
DCRDirect Control Register
DCRDistrict Control Rooms
DCRDual Complementary Rectifies
DCRDynamic Call Routing
DCRData Capture Record
DCRData Cash Register
DCRData Cassette Recorder
DCRData Change Request
DCRDavison Circulating Riser
DCRDirect Cortical Response
DCRDocument Change Records

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Note: Acronym Finder has 85 verified definitions for DCR