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What does DART stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
DARTDublin Area Rapid Transport
DARTDutch Adventure Racing Team
DARTData Access in Real Time
DARTDrug and Alcohol Rehabilitation and Treatment
DARTDemonstration for Autonomous Rendezvous Technology
DARTDirect Action and Research Training
DARTDrug Abuse Research and Treatment
DARTDirect Analysis in Real Time
DARTDigital Anthropology Resources for Teaching
DARTDesigners Augmented Reality Toolkit
DARTDisaster Animal Response Training
DARTDomestic Abuse Response Team
DARTdisaster assistance response teams
DARTDual Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
DARTDisabilities Academic Resource Tool
DARTDigital Audio Reconstruction Technology
DARTDrowning Accident Rescue Team
DARTDorset Action for Rural Transport
DARTDisaster Assistance and Rescue Team
DARTData Analysis and Reporting Tool
DARTDynamic Assembly Reconfiguration and Type
DARTDowntown Assessment Resource Team
DARTDevelopmental and Reproductive Toxicity
DARTDisplay for Advanced Research and Training
DARTDomestic Abuse Reduction Team
DARTData and Research Team
DARTDisability Action Research Team
DARTDive and Recovery Team
DARTDog Agility Racing Team
DARTDepression Awareness Recognition and Treatment
DARTDinnington Area Regeneration Trust
DARTDiego Area Rocket Team
DARTDrug Adverse Reaction Target
DARTDomestic Appliance Retail Traders
DARTDrug and Alcohol Resource Team
DARTDevelopment and Reproductive Toxicology
DARTDisaster Animal Rescue Team
DARTDisaster Assistance Responce Team
DARTdata-adaptive ray tracing
DARTdeliver accurate, rapid technology
DARTDynamic Adjustable Rotational Tip
DARTDeutsches Ascalon Reserve Team
DARTDevelopmental Assessment Resource for Teachers
DARTDakota Area Rocket Thunder
DARTDeath Adders Road and Track
DARTDutch adult reading test
DARTDeath Analysis Review Team
DARTData Access and Reporting Tool
DARTDigital Archive of Research Theses
DARTDisaster Action Response Team
DARTDisaster Aid Response Team
DARTduta anggada realty tbk
DARTDispute Avoidance and Resolution Task
DARTDisaster Area Response Teams
DARTDeveloping Alaska Rural Tourism
DARTDemonstration of Autonomous Rendezvous Technologies
DARTDisaster Assessment and Response Team
DARTData Analysis Reduction Tool
DARTDays Away Restricted and Transferred
DARTDisabled Adults Resource Team
DARTDays Away and Restricted Time
DARTDays Away Restricted or Transferred
DARTDivision of Applied Research and Technology
DARTDouglass Alumnae Recruitment Team
DARTData Access Reporting Tool
DARTDevelopmental and Reproductive Toxicant
DARTDocument Analysis and Recognition Team
DARTData Acquisition in Real Time
DARTDatabases Active and Real Time
DARTDoylestown Area Regional Transit
DARTDynamic Advertising Reporting and Targeting
DARTDelaware Authority for Regional Transit
DARTDomestic Assault Review Team
DARTDemand and Response Transit
DARTDomite and Related Technologies
DARTDynamic Advertising Reporting Targeting
DARTData Applications Reports and Transactions
DARTDowneast Acadia Regional Tourism
DARTDecorative Arts Round Table
DARTDelano Area Rapid Transit
DARTDuke AIDS Research and Treatment
DARTDrug Abuse Research Training
DARTDelaware Administration for Regional Transit
DARTDown Armagh Rural Transport
DARTDrug Alcohol Random Testing
DARTDatabase for Assessment of Requirements and Tactics
DARTDirectorate of Agricultural Research and Training
DARTDisaster Assessment Response Team
DARTDynamic Avionics Real Time
DARTData Analysis Risk Technology
DARTDirect Access to Regional Transit
DARTdirect audience reaction testing
DARTDivision of Applied Research Technology
DARTDairy Advocacy and Resource Team
DARTDirect Access to Records by Telephone
DARTDade Animal Rescue Team
DARTDepartment Accessible Region for Transactions
DARTDetection and Recovery Toolkit
DARTDisaster Assistance Relief Teams
DARTData Analytics Research Team
DARTDefense Awareness Response Training
DARTDeveloping Areas Research and Teaching
DARTDevelopment Alternatives Research and Training
DARTDigital Anthropological Resources for Teaching
DARTDisability Advisory Resource Team
DARTDisaster Assessment Recovery Team
DARTDowney Area Recycling and Transfer
DARTData Access Radio Transceiver
DARTDigital Automated Radar Tracking
DARTDrug Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment
DARTDrug Alcohol Resistance Training
DARTData Analysis and Reporting Toolkit
DARTDefensive Avionics Receiver Transmitter
DARTDepartmental Accounting Reporting and Tracking
DARTDetection Action and Response Technique
DARTDisability Advisory and Resource Team
DARTDocument Archive Retrieval Transport
DARTDrug and Alcohol Resistance
DARTDigital Audio Radio Transfer
DARTDryden Aerospike Rocket Test
DARTDutch Accident Research Team
DARTDallas Area Rapit Transit
DARTDesign and Risk Tool
DARTDexter Area Regional Team
DARTDocumentation Assistance Review Team
DARTDodger Area Rapid Transit
DARTDouglas Area Rural Transit
DARTDrug Asset Recovery Team
DARTDynamic Air Release Technology
DARTData Assimilation Research Testbed
DARTDefense Assistance Response Team
DARTDesign Applications for Robotics Technology
DARTDixie Aquatic Racing Team
DARTDynamic Analysis Replanning Tool
DARTData Acquisition and Reduction
DARTData Administration Reporting Team
DARTDays Absent Restricted or Transferred
DARTDental Article Review and Testing
DARTDrug and Alcohol Resistance Training
DARTDryden Aquatic Racing Team
DARTDubois Aquatic Racing Team
DARTDump and Restore Table
DARTDynamic Applied Regional Trade
DARTDelaware Administration for Regional Transportation
DARTDeterding Arts Resource Team
DARTDistributed Ada Ray Tracer
DARTDog Alert Rescue Team
DARTDrug Alcohol Registry of Treatment
DARTDamage Assesment and Recovery Team
DARTData Acquisition Real Time
DARTData Analysis Recording Tape
DARTDedicated Armada Round Table
DARTDelaware Authority for Regional Transportation
DARTDeveloping Aerospace Research and Technology
DARTDevelopment Area Research and Teaching
DARTDisappearing Automatic Retaliatory Target
DARTDischarge and Rehabilitation Team
DARTDoor Aperture Refinish Tape
DARTDrowning Accident Response Team
DARTDrug Activities Response Team
DARTDuke Affiliated Rheumatology Trials
DARTDust Accumulation and Removal Test
DARTDynamic Analytical Replanning Tool
DARTDefense Acquisition Review Team
DARTData Analysis and Reconciliation Tool
DARTDevelopment Approach by Rapid prototyping based on visual programming and software reuse Techniques
DARTDisplay for Advanced Research and Technology
DARTData Assimilation and Rapid Transition
DARTDigital Data Recorder Terminal
DARTDevices for Acceleration and Rapid Turning
DARTdigital audio receiver terminals
DARTDigital Art Replay Technology
DARTDamage Assessment and Response Team
DARTDeployable Aerial Reflective Target
DARTDesign Accelerated Remedial Target
DARTDetect Action Response Technique
DARTDevelopmental And Reproductive Toxicology (database / base de données)
DARTDevelopmental And Reproductive Toxicology [database / base de données]
DARTDrowning Accident Recesue Team
DARTDynamic Awareness Raising process Regarding Telematics in the framework of NATURA