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What does CAOC7 stand for?

CAOC7 stands for Combined Air Operation Center 7


This definition appears very rarely

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The strategy pursued by the United States and its coalition partners centered on overthrowing Afghanistan's Taliban government and destroying the al-Qaeda terrorist group the Taliban harbored. The United States reserved to right to engage in combat operations against any terrorist group that had the "reach" to harm the United States. Central Command Air Forces (CENTAF), the air component to United States Central Command (CENTCOM) and under the command of Lieutenant General Charles F. Wald,  was responsible for the air campaign during Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.   CENTAF's primary command and control organization was the Combined Air Operations Center.
S. Navy and/or the U. S. Marine Corps is incorporated, it is called a Joint Air and Space Operations Center (JAOC). In cases of allied or coalition (multinational) operations in tandem with USAF or Joint air and space operations, the AOC is called a Combined Air and Space Operations Center.
Although 1994 ended peacefully with the Carter ceasefire, NATO continued planning for new operations. Both NATO and UN officials believed that after the ceasefire expired in March, the fighting would resume. As such, planners at the Balkans Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) began drawing up plans for new air operations. By late December, the planners developed a plan called "Dead Eye", designed to eliminate Serb SAM capabilities, so that NATO could regain uncontested air superiority.