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What does C-BC stand for?

C-BC stands for C-type bipolar cells


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Combined morphological and physiological studies of individual ON and OFF type ganglion cells revealed different inner plexiform layer stratification patterns (Nelson et al 1978, Peichl and Wässle, 1981; Amthor et al, 1989a) and suggested a basis in retinal circuitry for these types (Fig. 4). The dendrites of OFF type ganglion cells branch in the inner plexiform layer zone close to the amacrine cell bodies. Here they come in synaptic contact with the axon terminals of OFF type bipolar cells.
Using antibodies to the glycine extended form of cholecystokinin, Marshak and colleagues were able to demonstrate the presence of two different morphological types of amacrine cell and a single morphological type of bipolar cell in the monkey retina (Marshak, 1989; Kouyama and Marshak. 1992). The amacrines come as pairs that are either bistratified in the strata 2 and 4 and a larger bodied monstratified pair, again branching in either stratum 2 or 4 (Fig.