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What does CDR stand for?

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CDRChild Development Review
CDRCultural Diversity Resources
CDRCD Data Recovery
CDRComedy Death Ray
CDRCouncil for Democratic Reform
CDRClock Data Recovery
CDRCommittee for the Defense of the Revolution
CDRCompact Disc Raw
CDRCall Data Records
CDRConsiglio Di Redazione
CDRCenter on Diversity
CDRCardiovascular Drug Reviews
CDRCause of Death Registry
CDRCentral Directory of Resources
CDRChecklist for Drafting
CDRCampaign for Digital Rights
CDRCompact Disk Recordable
CDRClinical Data Review
CDRContract Data Requirements
CDRContinuing Disability Reviews
CDRCareer Development Resources
CDRCongo Democratic Republic
CDRCenter for Diesel Research
CDRCost Data Report
CDRChildren at Risk
CDRCognitive Drug Research
CDRCreative Dispute Resolution
CDRCalled the December
CDRCouncil for Development Reconstruction
CDRChild Death Review
CDRCentrum Doradztwa Rolniczego
CDRCenter for Dispute Resolution
CDRCommun De Recherche
CDRCompact Disc Recorders
CDRCredit Deposit Ratio
CDRCreative Digital Research
CDRCentre for Dialogue and Reconciliation
CDRCompact Disk Rewritable
CDRConsulting and Dispute Resolution
CDRCanadian Defence Review
CDRCountry Dancers of Rochester
CDRCall Detailed Records
CDRCanada Dominion Resources
CDRCommission of Dietetic Registration
CDRCraig D Roberts
CDRCompromiso De Resultados
CDRCenter for Disability Rights
CDRCommittee Defense Review
CDRCrude Death Rates
CDRCentral Diagnostic and Referral
CDRCalifornians for Disability Rights
CDRCommission on Dispute Resolution
CDRCommittees for Defense of the Revolution
CDRConceptual Design Review
CDRCritical Design Reviews
CDRCall Details Records
CDRComplete Debris Removal
CDRConsistent Data Replication
CDRCorporate Data Resource
CDRComplementary Determining Regions
CDRChambers Dunhill Rubin
CDRCollateralized Depository Receipt
CDRChief of Departments
CDRControl Data Register
CDRCommunity Designs Regulation
CDRCollegio Dei Revisori
CDRCall Detail Recorder
CDRCost Distribution Report
CDRCrankcase Depression Regulator
CDRCamp Deeny Riback
CDRCenter for the Development of Recycling
CDRCentre for Dance Research
CDRCentral Data Recording
CDRCentral Data Request
CDRConcept Development Report
CDRCall Data Recording
CDRConsortium De Ralisation
CDRCommittees for the Defence of the Revolution
CDRConformity Determination Report
CDRClinical Data Repositories
CDRComputer Dealers Recyclers
CDRCentre for Display Research
CDRCommunity Development Resources
CDRCompact Disc Reader
CDRComplex Diverse Risk
CDRCommercial Dispute Resolution
CDRChicago Dirt Riders
CDRContainer Depot Repair
CDRComputational Dispersion Rheology
CDRCommunicative Disorders Review
CDRContents of the Decrement Register
CDRCopy Density Range
CDRCamp Dale Resler
CDRCommittee to Defend the Revolution
CDRCounty Donegal Railways
CDRCharacter Data Representation
CDRCyclin D Related
CDRCerebellar Degeneration Related
CDRCorrect Dynamic Range
CDRCooperative Development Research
CDRCall Detailed Record
CDRChild Development Research
CDRCentre for Documentation and Research
CDRChild Death Rate
CDRClinical Document Repository
CDRCompact Disc Rewriteable
CDRCorfu Donkey Rescue
CDRCentral Deputation Reserve
CDRCoalition for the Defence of the Republic
CDRCompensated Dual Resistivity
CDRCompact Disc Recorder
CDRContract Data Research
CDRCroatian Danubian Region
CDRCompact Disk ROM
CDRComplementary Determining Region
CDRCoalition for Democratic Reform
CDRCurrent Differential Relaying
CDRConflict Detection and Resolution
CDRCarpe Diem Residence
CDRCrash Data Recorders
CDRCoalition for the Defense of the Republic
CDRCa2+-dependent regulator
CDRcalcium-dependent regulator
CDRCarbon dioxide reduction
CDRcardiac defense response
CDRcartridge discharge residue
CDRCervical dorsal rhizotomy
CDRchronic ductopenic rejection
CDRClinical Database Repository
CDRclinical dementia ratings
CDRClinical Deterioration Rating
CDRCohen diabetic rat
CDRcomparative drug resistance
CDRcomplementarity-defining region
CDRcomplementarity-determing region
CDRcomplementarity-determing regions
CDRcomplementarity-determining region
CDRcomplementarity-determining regions
CDRcomplementarity-determining residue
CDRcomplimentarity determining regions
CDRCompulsory Disease Reports
CDRcomputed dosimetric reconstruction
CDRComputerized Drug Research
CDRconditioned defensive reflex
CDRconfluence dependent resistance
CDRconfluence-dependent resistance
CDRconplementarity-determining region
CDRconserved duplicated region
CDRcoronary dilatation reserve
CDRcorrect diagnosis rates
CDRCrash Data Recorder
CDRcumulative dose-response
CDRcurrent density reconstruction
CDRcutaneous drug reactions
CDRCystic duct remnant
CDRTCR-complementarity-determining region
CDRVH-complementarity-determining region
CDRCalcium Dependent Regulator
CDRComputer Digital Radiography
CDRCentre for Documentation on Refugees
CDRCalifornia Department of Rehabilitation
CDRCenter for Demographic Research
CDRCloser Defence Relations
CDRChild Development and Rehabilitation
CDRCover Density Ranking
CDRCommittee of Defense of the Revolution
CDRCompliance Data Review
CDRCentral Digital Resources
CDRCenter for Dermatology Research
cdrcellebellar degeneration related
CDRCritical Decision Review
CDRCache Data Recovery
CDRCatch Disposal Record
CDRCa2+-dependent regulator protein
CDRcalcium-dependent regulator protein
CDRcalcium-dependent regulatory protein
CDRClinical Dementia Rating Scale
CDRclinical dementia rating score
CDRClinical Dementia Rating scores
CDRClinical Dementia Rating-scale
CDRcoeliac disease in remission
CDRcompensation for detector response
CDRcomplementary determining region 3
CDRculture insert DNA retention
CDRcup/optic disc ratio
CDRcurrent-density reconstruction methods
CDRCommonly Deleted Region
CDRCapacity Deficiency Rate
CDRCase Detection Rate
CDRClinical Decision Rules
CDRCommun Dis Report
CDRCivil Dispute Resolution
CDRClimate the Democratic
CDRCentre for Democratic Renewal
CDRChurches for Disaster Relief
CDRClock Detect Register

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Note: Acronym Finder has 124 verified definitions for CDR

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