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What does CD stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
CDCounseling and Development
CDConstruction Demolition
CDChina Direct
CDComo Discography
CDCollision Domains
CDCentre for the Development
CDClient Date
CDConsulting Digital
CDCompanion Dogs
CDCenter for Devices
CDConference Director
CDChanger Driver
CDColonial Drive
CDCanadian Dimension
CDCables Drivers
CDCarlos David
CDCompare Discount
CDCease Desist
CDCatalyst Development
CDChronic Disorder
CDColor Dragon
CDCanadian Dollar Euro
CDCivil Divisions
CDControls Don't
CDCase Digest
CDClarion Dcz
CDCitometria De
CDContent Deployment
CDCome To Dance
CDCover Dylan
CDCalifornia Discover
CDComponent Deployment
CDClimate Diagnostics
CDChristmas Days
CDCharles Dodge
CDCarol Doak
CDCharlie Delta
CDChess Databases
CDcrash damage
CDCore Document
CDComplejo Deportivo
CDCampus Day
CDCH Diamond
CDCharge Distributions
CDCaptain Dan
CDCasarett and Doull
CDCommittee Drafts
CDcontrast detail
CDCanada Disc
CDcomputer with disks
CDCards Diskette
CDCatellus Development
CDCollection Duke
CDComputer Dynamics
CDCommunications Distribution
CDCredit Deposit
CDCanada Division
CDCyClone Duplication
CDCrushing Day
CDCarolina Death
CDCow Davenport
CDConditions Display
CDcytosine deaminase
CDCrazy The Demo
CDCombat Developments
CDCreation Dream
CDCountry Dawn
CDChris Dede
CDConvert Double
CDControl Director
CDContracting Division
CDcytochalasin D
CDChimes Doorbells
CDCuts Downtown
CDCrash Dummy
CDCentral Developer
CDComputers Documentation
CDcycle duration
CDCatalog Directories
CDCottage Door
CDcook drums
CDCliff Dweller
CDChicago Days
CDChobits Dragonball
CDChris Demetral
CDChallenge Develop
CDCall of Darkness
CDComplexity Digest
CDChillout Downtempo
CDCalifornia Daniel
CDCollection District
CDComment Digital
CDCharles Dennis
CDConnor She Who Dwells
CDCommission on Dietetic
CDChildren of the Dragon
CDChris Double
CDCritical Discography
CDClips Delivered
CDcatalog distro
CDCataloging Documentation
CDClass Director
CDCanada Downloadable
CDCentral Distribution (Kansas City, MO)
CDCoimbatore Delhi
CDCollection Districts
CDClairieres Dans
CDCoding Document
CDCool N Dre
CDCanada Distributors
CDChristain Dior
CDCongress Dates
CDClimate Division
CDCallans DJ
CDCeramics Division
CDCommodore Dreamcast
CDCrashing Dreams
CDCombat Developers
CDConvention Data
CDCampaign for Democracy
CDClan Division
CDCalifornia Dive
CDCoke Drinkers
CDCollection Deck
CDCouncil for Developmental
CDCool Decadence
CDContract Deliverable
CDCurrent DL
CDColdplay Dont
CDCoordinate Description
CDcomplex demodulation
CDCrusher Death
CDChild by David
CDCommerce A Declaration
CDCasa do Douro
CDChangeable Drive
CDCaucasian Dagestani
CDChronic Death
CDCol Dennis
CDChevrolet Drive
CDCalifornia Dolphin
CDClub No Description
CDCertified Deaf
CDClarion DISC
CDChristmas Dead
CDCommunity By Dr
CDCall To The Deep
CDCalifornia Defendants
CDCheap Dorm
CDCompare Diana
CDControl Degree
CDChandan Das
CDCrave Demand
CDChanger Database
CDChecks Der
CDCeramic Decoratives
CDCrawling DVD
CDCultural Drumming
CDCC Different
CDChronic by Dr
CDCrystal Dye
CDChrist Devotional
CDChangers Disc
CDcircular dichroic
CDCompany Scuba Diving
CDconjugated dienes
Cdcadmium chloride
Cdcaudate nucleus
CDcervical dystonia
CDcircular dichroism spectroscopy
CDCaltech Division
CDcollecting duct
CDcommunication deviance
CDCivilian Defence
CDCalibration Demo
CDCoulter Doug
CDComplement Depletion
CDConfession Drama
CDcluster designation
CDCollections Donald
CDcontact dermatitis
CDCH Diotima
CDChubby Double
CDCompton by Dre
CDCyberspace Date
CDColor Doppler
CDcolorectal distension
CDChina Dresden
CDCafer Dursun
CDCoollist Directory

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Note: Acronym Finder has 250 verified definitions for CD

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