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What does C6CM stand for?

C6CM stands for C6 glial cell-conditioned medium


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Northern blot analysis of C6 RNA demonstrated the presence of IGF-I mRNA and undetectable IGF-II mRNA. IGF-I and IGF-binding protein(s), but not IGF-II, were detected in C6 glial cell-conditioned medium. The level of IGF-I was 1-4 ng/ml in conditioned medium based on a human IGF-I standard. The immunoreactive IGF-I inhibited [125I]IGF-I binding to the IGF-I receptor on chick embryo fibroblasts and stimulated [3H]thymidine incorporation into chick embryo fibroblast DNA.
In the filtration experiments, HA 24h CM was subjected to ultrafiltration through polyethersulfone membranes (nominal molecular weight limit: 10 kDa; Millipore, Bedford, MA), and then the filtered CM was incubated with GT1–7 cells to assess its LHRH releasing activity. In the immunoneutralization studies, various doses of a panspecific TGF-ß neutralizing polyclonal antibody (Oncogene Research Products, Cambridge, MA) was added to HA 24h CM, and then the CM was incubated with GT1–7 cells and its LHRH-releasing activity assessed. To determine whether 3a,5a-THP may be involved in mediating the stimulatory effect of C6 glial cell conditioned medium.