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What does BLAAM stand for?

BLAAM stands for Bunkers Light Armour and Masonry


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The laser and magnetic fuze work together to detect the height profile and the large metal mass of a tank, detonating the warheads exactly above the target. The guidance system is also updated, flying the missile at a preset height above the operator's line of sight, so that the latter can still point his cross-hairs directly at the target. The BGM-71F does not replace but supplement the BGM-71E. The designation BGM-71G was allocated to variant of the BGM-71F with a different armour-piercing warhead, but this version was apparently not produced. In 1996, Hughes offered to retrofit some existing TOWs with a new warhead against Bunkers, Light Armour And Masonry.
The TOW BLAAM (Bunkers Light Armour and Masonry) warhead has been developed to the prototype stage by Raytheon Systems Company and Aerojet and has been optimised to defeat targets behind concrete and masonary walls, and in bunkers, at extended ranges using existing TOW launchers. The warhead is retrofittable to existing TOW missiles with no changes required to the guidance system.
BGM-71G - byl projektowana odmiana pocisku BGM-71F wyposazona w inny typ przeciwpancernej glowicy bojowej, ale nie podjeto jego produkcji. W 1996 roku planowano zastosowac w czesci pocisków TOW glowice BLAAM (od Bunkers, Light Armour And Masonry - bunkry, cele lekko opancerzone i kamien) przystosowane do niszczenia umocnien. Przetestowano ten typ glowicy, ale równiez nie wprowadzono do produkcji.