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What does BAC stand for?

Acronym Finder has 136 verified definitions for BAC

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BACBusiness Angel Capital
BACBingo Advisory Committee
BACBreath Alcohol Concentration
BACBank of Commerce
BACBile Acid Conjugates
BACBeijing Arbitration Commission
BACBoulder Arts Commission
BACBiometric Access Company
BACBusiness Advocacy Committee
BACBond Advisory Committee
BACBids and Awards Committee
BACBurda Advertising Center
BACBalkan Advisory Company
BACBiological Aspects of Conservation
BACBusiness Accounting Council
BACBaltic Art Center
BACBernardus Alfrink College
BACBureau of Anti Corruption
BACBusiness Against Crime
BACBeech Aero Club
BACBelfast Activity Centre
BACBay Area Council
BACBudget Advisory Council
BACBerlin Atlantic Capital
BACBeam Attenuation Coefficient
BACBeyond A Century
BACBinary Arithmetic Coder
BACBusiness Awards Committee
BACBike Advisory Committee
BACbay area collaborative
BACBurlingtonartcentre on Ca
BACBusiness Advisory Committee
BACBiometric Access Corporation
BACBochumer Altertumswissenschaftliches Colloquium
BACBased on Common
BACBureau Administration Centrale
BACBased Access Control
BACBaltimore Aircoil Company
BACBeverly Arts Center
BACBased on A Combination
BACBillet Aluminum Construction
BACBossier Arts Council
BACBureau of Canada
BACBotswana Accountancy College
BACBenefit Administration Company
BACBusiness and Charity
BACBlack Arts Company
BACBrookline Arts Center
BACBlack Affairs Council
BACBasque Autonomous Community
BACBusiness Administration Club
BACBusiness Administration Council
BACBay Area Chapter
BACBased Array CGH
BACBusiness Advisory Centre
BACBid Adjudication Committee
BACBudget Account Codes
BACBeijing Agricultural College
BACblood alchohol content
BACBroker Advisory Council
BACBicycle Advisory Commission
BACBudget and Administrative Committee
BACBeautification Advisory Commission
BACBusiness Accreditation Committee
BACBanking Advisory Committee
BACBelleville Area College (Belleville, IL)
BACBlessed Assurance Church
BACBaraka Agricultural College
BACBritish Association of Counselling
BACBudget Advisory Committees
BACBiosafety Advisory Council
BACBlack Awareness Committee
BACBodily Alcohol Content
BACBaltimore Association of Commerce
BACBiotechnology Advisory Commission
BACBusiness Archives Council
BACBraille Access Center
BACBrowser Access Control
BACBusiness Aircraft Center
BACBraun Athletic Center
BACBritish Arts Centre
BACBristol Aircraft Company
BACBadger Aquatics Club
BACBattle Area Clearance
BACBudgetary Advisory Committee
BACBudget Allocation Committee
BACBrain Attack Coalition
BACBrewer Automotive Components
BACBroadband Access Conference
BACBlack Action Committee
BACBulgarian Air Charter
BACBehavioural and Cognitive
BACBiggleswade Athletic Club
BACBeijing Astrophysics Center
BACBoston AIDS Consortium
BACBrent Advocacy Concerns
BACBusiness Access Center
BACBoard Alumni Council
BACBroadband Access Center
BACBusiness Alumni Council
BACBuilding Assessment Coordinator
BACBrikama Area Council
BACBrookings Arts Council
BACBeer Appreciation Club
BACBicycle Adventure Club
BACBrook and Company
BACBulldog Aquatic Club
BACBad Arolsen Company
BACBrighton Arts Council
BACBristol Aeroplane Company
BACBenedict A Cucinella
BACBusiness Advancement Center
BACBiotechnology Action Council
BACBank of the Carolina
BACBurlington Art Centre
BACBicycle Advocacy Committee
BACBlack Advisory Council
BACBlind Advisory Council
BACBudget Administration Committee
BACBurke Athletic Club
BACBrotherhood of Anglican Churchmen
BACBerkeley Aquatic Club
BACBoard of Acquisition and Contract
BACboeing aircraft corporation
BACbuilding advisory council
BACBusiness Advisory Councils
BACBlack Alumni Council
BACBusiness Application Component
BACBiologically Active Compounds
BACBoeing Aircraft Company
BACBooksellers Advisory Council
BACBirdLife Asia Council
BACBarbados Accreditation Council
BACBodoland Autonomous Council
BACBrisbane Administration Centre
BACBored Again Christian
BACBenefits Advisory Committee
BACBinational Advisory Committee
BACBelleville Area College
BACBranch to Alpha Centauri
BACBandwidth Allocation Control
BACBicycle Advisory Council
BACBioinformatics Analysis Core
BACBranch Address Calculator
BACBroome Anglican Church
BACBeneficiary Advisory Committee
BACBusiness Assistance Credit
BACBenedicta Arts Center
BACBeaver Ambassador Club
BACbk austria credit
BACBowerman Athletic Club
BACBlood Alcohol Contents
BACBuilding Automation and Control
BACBrazilian Army Commission
BACBoard on Agriculture
BACBrevard Achievement Center
BACBusiness Assurance Coordinator
BACBrampton Arts Council
BACBritish Aerospace Corporation
BACBarrett Advisory Committee
BACbasal amygdaloid complex
BACbasilar artery caput
BAcbilateral acaudate cats
BACbile acid concentration
BACbiologically active carbon
BACbiologically active compositions
BACbiomembrane affinity chromatography
BACbirth arm circumference
BACbis-ammonium compounds
BACBlood Agar Cultivation
BACblood aggregation control
BACblood albumin concentration
BACblood alcohol concentration
BACblood alcohol coefficients
BACblood alcohol consumption
BACblood/alcohol content
BACbody array coil
BACBone Al content
BACbone aluminum content
BACborate affinity column
BACboronate affinity chromatographic
BACbovine adrenal cells
BACbovine adrenal chromaffin
BACbovine adrenal cortical
BACbovine adrenocortical cell
BACbovine adrenocortical cells
BACbovine articular cartilage
BACbovine articular chondrocyte
BACbovine articular chondrocytes
BACbrachial artery compliance
BACbrain alcohol concentration
BACbreast arterial calcification
BACbreast augmentation classification
BACbreath alcohol concentrations
BACbronchio-alveolar carcinoma
BACbronchiolo-alveolar carcinoma
BACbronchiolo-alveolar carcinomas
BACBroncho-alveolar cells
BACcancer--bronchiolo-alveolar carcinoma

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Note: Acronym Finder has 136 verified definitions for BAC

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