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What does ARF7 stand for?

ARF7 stands for Auxin Response Factor 7


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The Aux/IAA repressors provide an example of one of the pathways leading to auxin induced changes of gene expression. This pathway involves the protein families TIR1 (transport inhibitor response1), ARF (auxin response factor), Aux/IAA transcriptional repressors, and the ubiquitin ligase complex that is a part of the ubiquitin-proteasome protein degradation pathway. [12][13] ARF proteins have DNA binding domains and can bind promoter regions of genes and activate or repress gene expression.
Domain I facilitates the interaction with TOPLESS1, a corepressor of transcription (Szemenyei et al. 2008), domain II creates a cooperative auxin-binding site with TIR1 (Tan et al. 2007), and domains III and IV mediate interactions among members of the Aux/IAA protein family as well as DNA-binding proteins that belong to the AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR (ARF) transcription factors (Kim et al. 1997; Ulmasov et al.